Top 5 Best Air Purifiers Under 20,000

According to the article by Economic Times, “India, the world fastest-growing major economy, makes up 22 of the top 30 most polluted cities, with five in China, two in Pakistan and one in Bangladesh.”

With the rise of pollution in India, the air quality is degrading at an alarming rate and we are constantly at the risk of exposure to diseases such as Lung diseases, cardiovascular problems, and respiratory problems.With such threats to our lives, we simply can’t ignore the need for clean and fresh air. As much as our outdoor air is polluted, the same amount of polluted air is present inside our homes. And to resolve this issue, buying an Air purifier makes much sense.

One must opt for the air purifier that not only takes care of the airborne disease but is environment friendly as well.The market is filled with several air purifiers that come from different prices and features. Some just clean the air with the help of a few buttons and some of them can be controlled by even a smartphone. Deciding the most suitable one from thousands of these is an intimidating task. If you are thinking of buying a new air purifier and are a budget constraint, you have come to the right place. After thorough research, we have listed down the best air purifiers you can purchase within the 20,000 INR.

1. Samsung AX40K3020WU/NA 34-Watt Air Purifier

Samsung AX40K3020WU/NA 34-Watt Air Purifier
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This air purifier by Samsung may look somber but it is one of the best ones launched by Amazon. And buying a Samsung product simply means after-purchase hassle-free service.

Filter Type – The purifier comes with a 3-step filtration system that is quite effective at capturing house dust and up to 99.9% of ultra-fine particles. Samsung air purifier has HEPA type filter which is good for filtering out PM 2.5 particles. It also has a charcoal filter that removes foul odor. The S-Plasma ionizer reduces bacteria and viruses.

Coverage area – With the coverage area of 420 sq. ft., the purifier is suitable for the bedroom/living room. It has a CADR rate of 325.7 m3/hour. It has an airflow of 319 cum per hour.

Easy Maintenance – The 2-in-1 PM2.5 and Deodorization filters can be replaced easily and quickly. The purifier comes with Alert icons that either light up or blink at the time of cleaning or changing of filters.

Safer To Use –   Avoid any unintended or improper use with the child lock feature. The feature makes it safe and easier to operate.

Energy-Efficient – With the power consumption of 34 watts, it becomes one of the most power-efficient purifiers.


  • Intensive triple air purification
  • Easy check on air quality with the help of 4-colored indicators
  • Easy and fast to clean pre-filter
  • Operates silently
  • Energy efficient


  • Simple looks
  • Doesn’t come with wheels for easy movement

With the convenient features of filter replacement indicator, sleep mode, air quality indicator (AQI), Good performance, and Excellent after-sales service make Samsung AX40K3020WU Air Purifier one of the best air purifiers under 15000 in India.

2. Kent Aura Portable Room Air Purifier

Kent Aura Portable Room Air Purifier amazon button

As the name suggests, this air purifier is portable and weighs around 5 Kg. With HEPA type filter, Carbon filter and S-Plasma ionizer, it becomes more reliable.

Filter Type – It has HEPA type filter which is good for filtering out PM 2.5 particles. It also has a carbon filter, with specially sized pallets, which removes foul smell. The S-Plasma ionizer reduces bacteria and viruses.This air purifier comes with proven HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) dust collection technology. It traps harmful pollutants from the air. The inbuilt ionizer improves the air quality and hence giving you refreshing air.

Coverage area – With the coverage area of 270 sq. ft., the purifier is suitable for medium-sized bedrooms and living rooms. It has a CADR rate of 180 m3/hour.

Easy Maintenance –The purifier comes with Auto Filter Change Reminder that monitors the filter condition and alerts you at the time of requirement for a new filter.

Safer To Use – To make it safe and easier to operate and keep it away from your mischievous children, use its child lock feature.

Air Quality Indication – The quality of the air is indicated by a glowing LED. The purifier will continuously monitor the air and will adjust its speed accordingly.

User-friendly – This model by Kent is easy to install and use. It is ideal for both homes and offices. It even comes with an 8-hour timer function and three different speed settings.


  •  Auto filter change reminder
  •  Child lock
  • Air quality indicator
  • 1-year warranty
  • Specially treated carbon filter with specially sized pallets.


  • Low airflow as compared to the air purifiers by Philips and MI
  • Operate manually with the control buttons on its body

The option is a good choice to be considered for your homes and offices. It is portable and filters out pollutants from the room so that the air in your home is continually clean.

3. Honeywell Air Purifier i9 Gold

best air purifier in india

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Honeywell air purifier keeps your home interiors free from all the dust and harmful particles. With this wonder product, you can actually breathe the fresh air in your home despite the polluted environment all over the country.

>>>Attractive Features:

  1. Smart Technology- The Honeywell Air Purifier involves smart technology that cleans the air in the 3-stage filtration process. It delivers pure and clean air that removes the pollutants with more than 99% efficiency. Thus, it is an ideal air purifier for home.
  2. Automatic On/Off- The Honeywell temperature comes with the smart mode. Whenever the PM2.5 reaches more than the 25gcu m, the device will automatically turn off. However, when the product depicts the PM2.5 level at the regular intervals and the PM2.5 level is above the 75gcu m, the product will automatically turn on.
  3. User-Friendly Control Panel- The air purifier comes with the tri-color LED and offers real-time pollution reading to the users. Thus, the air purifier provides you the air quality indicator for more convenience and is one of the best air purifiers in India 2020.

Low operation sound- The air purifier offers peace of mind to the users. The air purifier produces little or no noise at the time of operating and offers the users a sound and healthy sleep at night.


  • 3-dimensional airflow design
  • 3 stage advanced filtration
  • Real-time air indicator display
  • Smart technology
  • Quiet operations


  • Sometimes the blower speed drops automatically

With the premium finish and ultra-durable polycarbonate body, the air purifier is crafted to provide a fresh and healthy environment in the home. Also, the product is 100% ozone free and does not emit any harmful gases at the time of filtration.

4. Honeywell Lite Indoor HAC20M1000W 48-Watt Air Purifier

Honeywell Lite Indoor HAC20M1000W 48-Watt Air Purifier amazon button

Honeywell Lite Indoor Air Purifier is a preferred choice among users when they desire for an efficient, innovative, reliable, superior-quality air purifier. It comes with a unique multi-stage filtration that removes air pollutants inside your home presenting you with pollution-free and fresh air.

Multi-Layered Filtration – Built with HEPA H11 filter, the Honeywell 48-watt air purifier removes more than 99% PM2.5 and microscopic allergens. The presence of Activated Carbon filter removes formaldehyde, odor, and TVOC.

Coverage Area – The coverage area of 250 sq. ft. makes it suitable for bedrooms/ study rooms and kitchens. It has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 210 m3/hour. The air purifier has an air outlet on both sides. The top ring ensures optimized coverage providing its users with the best CADR.

DIY Filter Replacement – Easy filter removal and replacement with strong magnetic door locks and firm handle.

Smart Memory – The purifier will restore to the original settings in case of power failure.

Interactive Touch Panel – The model has smart, intuitive and user–friendly touch controls that enhance flexibility while operating.

Premium & Durable – This model by Honeywell is built with ABS Poly-carbonate body, anti-UV coating, superior finishing, and striking design. The said features contribute to the durable and premium finish.


  • Easy filter replacement
  • Negligible noise
  •  Child lock feature
  •  Unique airflow design
  • Sleep mode


  •  None

Loaded with features of Multi-layered Filtration, Air Quality Control, Child Lock, 3 Mode Fan Speed Control, Filter Replacement Indicator, Touch Panel, etc., this purifier is a good choice to buy at the rate of 13,000.

5. Honeywell Air Touch I5 Room Air Purifier With HEPA Filters, 30 sq. m. (White)

best air purifier india

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The Honeywell Air Touch I5 Room Air Purifier offers a healthy environment to the users. It takes the air from the sides and the bottom and releases the air from the top for proper air circulation. The appliance is an ideal air purifier for home as it suits every environment.

Attractive Features:

  1. Powerful Cleaning- The air purifier comes with the CADR of 25 cu.m/hr and cleans the room in just 10 minutes. Higher the CADR, the better it ensures the effective cleaning of the environment of the whole home including the bedroom and the living rooms.
  2. Quiet Operations- The air purifier comes with the aerodynamic fan design that ensures the lowest sound operation to the users. You can have a peaceful and healthy sleep with this air purifier.
  3. Highly Durable- With the low power consumption, this appliance offers a high filter life to the users. The lower the consumption of power, the lower will be the dunning cost of the air purifier. The filters can run for around 9 months if used 8 hours daily.
  4. Child Lock Feature- Having a kid in your home? No worries, this air purifier comes with the child lock feature. This ensures the proper working of the air purifier even if your kid touches the appliance. Thus, it is tagged as one of the best air purifiers in India.
  5. Highly Efficient- The power consumed by the air purifier is equal to that of the power consumed by 1-3 CFL bulbs. Thus, lower power consumption will result in the saving of energy bills.


  • 3D airflow
  • Quiet Operations
  • Cleaning in just 10 minutes
  • Highly durable
  • Highly efficient


  • Need periodic replacement

With the three-stage advanced filtration system, this is the best air purifier in India. It is ideal for all the family sizes and environments, this air filter can clean your indoor air up to 99%.

Let’s Wrap Up

If you are thinking we are getting bias to all other products other than Honeywell, it’s not. We found the listed product to be worth your investment. Seeing the current pollution level, it has become imperative to get an air purifier installed. At least you would be able to breathe fresh inside.The first and foremost thing that matters before buying an air purifier is how much money you are willing to shell out for it. The range of air purifier scales from a minimum amount of 2,000 INR to over 50,000 INR. Just like always, we suggest you for thorough and detailed research before buying the best air purifier that suits your needs. K2 Appliances surface you with the requisite information to make an informed decision. The mentioned models are some of the best ones below the range of INR 20,000. If you have any questions, we would love to answer you. Drop your query in the comment section below and we would reply to you soon.

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