Top 10 Best Water Purifiers Brand for Home in India

We all have come across this fact somewhere in our school times that human body consists of 60% of water. That accounts for more than half of the total body consistency!

You may be able to go without food for three weeks but without water? You may only survive three to four days at the most.

All this and much more has made us realize time and again about the intensity of importance of water in our lives.

And although the blue planet is covered 71% by water, the amount of fresh, consumable and clean water accounts for only as little as 2.5% of the whole.

With the ever growing population, the need of water needs to suffice too. To fulfill these requirements, the used water is made to go through several processes of recycling and filtration.

Drinking unfit water and lack of access to sanitation contributes to about 88% of deaths from diarrheal diseases. Considering this a matter of grave importance, lots of companies have developed water filter or homes that provide safe drinkable water so that you and your family live a long and healthy life.

We are here to discuss top 10 brands for best RO water purifier in India. So without any further delay,  let’s get started.

1. Kent purifiers

Kent purifiers​

When you think about purifiers, one brand that instantly comes to the mind is Kent. Kent has been in thriving in the Indian market since years and is one of the most trustable best water purifier brand in India.

With the highest-grossing sales in the market, Kent has provided the latest technologically advanced and quality enriched water purifiers in India. With safety assured from RO, UV and RF purification processes, Kent provides immaculate after-sales services and offers warranty period plans too, making it one of the best water purifier for home.

Some of the best selling models of Kent if to be named are, Kent Grand, Kent Grand Plus, Kent Ace Mineral.

2. Havells RO Purifier

Havells RO Purifier​

Another famed name in the appliance market, Havells has grown into a multi-production company where it deals in a number of different businesses like fans, cables, wires, modular switches, air conditioners, water heaters and what not!

With uncompromised, quality production in every sector, the section for best RO water purifier isn’t lagging in anyway either. This brand enjoys a large and loyal customer base due to its consistent quality, up-to-date technology and immaculate services.

The purifiers by Havells use both UV and RO purification techniques to ensure good quality and 100% safe water. Renowned for their cool outer appearances, Havells purifiers are affordable and a good buy for water filter for home.

Some of the best selling models are, Havells Max and Havells Max Alkaline.

3. Eureka Purifiers – Best water purifier for home

Eureka Purifiers – Best water purifier for home

Eureka Forbes is another visionary brand in the market of best water purifiers. The brand name has been in the market since years and has established trust among its users with its exceptional quality and services.

Equipped with advanced technology and class features, purifiers by Eureka are often found to be the lasting and durable ones. Capable of treating all kinds of source water, be it bore wells, tankers, etc. to provide you and your family members with secure drinking water.

To name a few best RO UV water purifiers by Forbes, we would recommend Eureka Forbes Aquasure and Aquasure Smart Plus.

4. L.G purifiers – best water purifier in India for home

L.G purifiers – best water purifiers in India for home​

A South-Korean multinational, the establishment of L.G as a brand dates back to 1958. L.G is the manufacturer of an array of varied electronic products and appliances and has a great grasp over the Indian market.

The stainless steel built of L.G purifiers has 94.4% less E.Coli growth as compared to plastic tanks of other water purifiers, ensuring the safest form of water for you and your family to take a gulp at.

Although a little costly, but they are engineer one of the best water purifier in India. Ranging from wall to table top forms, the purifiers come with UV, UF filters for pristine fresh water.

A few good ones to name are L.G puricare WW180EP, WW160EP.

5. Blue Star – Water filter for home

Blue Star – Water filter for home

A leading commercial refrigeration and air conditioning company, Bluestar has always tapped into the right areas with the Indian consumers. Providing standard quality manufactured products at reasonable prices has always been the strong point of this company.

No less in water purification system, Blue Star Ro purifiers come equipped with Immuno Boost Technology that infuses water with antioxidant and alkaline properties and strengthens one’s immunity.

They have products ranging with the technology of UV, UF, mineralizer, hot/cold water, etc. assisting it secure a place in top 10 water purifier in India.

Some of the best models offered by the company being, Blue Star Majesto, Eleanor.

6. A.O Smith – Water filter for home

water purifier

The largest marketer and manufacturer of water heaters in North America, this American brand has also emerged as a water purifier giant in recent times.

The water purifiers for home ranges that the company offers are X-series purifiers, Z-series purifiers and i-series purifiers. The purification tech ranges from ART, RO, UV, SCMT with electrical and manual type

dispensers to choose from depending upon your usage and needs.

The purifiers provide ambient water, hot water and also come with a mineralizer to cater to all your clean and healthy water needs making it a top contender in best water purifier for home.

Some of the best models by A.O are – A.O Smith Z6, Z8.

7. Livpure RO UV water purifier

Livpure RO UV water purifier

One of the most trusted manufacturers of water purifier in India, Livpure has garnered attention and gained recognition among Indian consumers due to its reasonable pricing and good quality production.

The RO purifiers range from table top, mounting and under the sink fixing types and features up to 8 stages of filtration. The purification technology ranges from RO, UV, UF, taste enhancer, mineraliser, antioxidant, etc.

Some of the best models by consumer feedbacks are known to be Livpure Glo, Livpure Glo 7.

8. Pureit – best water purifier


Providing smart ways to fulfil their promise of purity, Pureit technologies have encrypted their purifiers with technologies like MF, Oxytube, UV and RO for ensuring pollutant free, pure water provision to its customers.

Some of its purifiers come with non-electric technology too that doesn’t require continuous supply of water for working. With a range of models to suit your needs and budget, Pureit has become world’s largest selling purifier brand making it a top brand choice among the best water purifiers in India 2019.

Some of the recommended models include HUL Pureit Advanced water purifier, Pureit Ultima.

9. Hindware – Best water filter for home


Renowned for its trustworthiness for over 60 years, this brand name has a good number of loyal customer base. Considerably new in the purifier market though, the innovations and technology are no less than its predecessors.

To provide you with pure and pristine drinking water, the purification technology includes RO, UV, UF, mineralization and lots more.

All this together make this brand’s purifiers one of the best water purifier brand in India.

Some of the customer favorite models being – Hindware Elara, Hindware Moonbow.

10. Tata – Best water purifier in India for Home

Tata – Best water purifier in India for Home

Tata Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate established in 1868. A leading manufacturer of various products, from grocery to automobiles, Tata hhas a strong grasp on Indian market with it

minimal ratings and standard services.

A good choice for basic to large family sizes, Tata RO purifiers provide purifiers with up to four stages of purification, electric and non-electric purifiers enhanced with UV and UF technologies.

Some of the best models by the brand that make into the good water purifiers in India being, Tata Swach Ultima Silver, Viva Silver.

Final words

Having gone through the guide of best water purifier in India, you must have gained a good idea about the brands you could go for while planning to buy a purifier in India.

A purifier providing RO and UV technology type of purification are the basic requirements in this era, so make sure you go through the specifications to find them at least.

A purifier is a basic and very prime requirement to lead a fine and healthy life so make sure you invest your money in a good brand.

Happy shopping!

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