Top 10 Best Single Door Refrigerator 2019

Refrigerator is the only appliance that can provide you with fresh food (keeping their taste intact) and a glass of chilled juice after returning from the scorching heat especially in the summer’s afternoon. A refrigerator prevents your food that can be spoiled from the intense heat such as curd, vegetables, milk, etc. (In short, almost everything.)

It is a must-to-have household appliance for every person. Once you step out in the market, choosing a refrigerator that meets our needs and budget can quite be a task in itself.

If you have a small or nuclear family, a single-door refrigerator is the best choice to opt for. The capacity varies from 50 to 300 liters. It is the best in terms of power efficiency plus it is pocket-friendly. Today, the market is flooded with modern single-door refrigerators having multiple features and stylish looks.

The most substantial brands of refrigerators you must keep in mind before buying a refrigerator should be of the top brands like

  1. Samsung
  2. LG
  3. Whirlpool
  4. Voltas
  5. Haier
  6. Godrej

If you buy a refrigerator from top brands, it not only provides you the assurance of the best cooling but also the best after-sales service.

After hours of research, we bring you the list of top 10 best single door refrigerators in India. The models are shortlisted for your ease that can be considered placing in your kitchen.

Let us go through some of the most exciting and popular models of refrigerators available and ranks top in India today.

1. Haier 195 L 4 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (HED-20FDS) – 1 Hour Icing Technology (HIT)

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It’s one of the best single door refrigerator available in the market today. The Haier 195 L 4-star refrigerator is the perfect choice to be considered in terms of cooling efficiency, energy efficiency (4-star rating; consumes least units of electricty) and being affordable.

Vitamin-C Fresh Filter: This single door refrigerator by Haier uses Vitamin-C fresh filter which acts as a natural anti-oxidant and sterilizer retaining the nutritional value and freshness of vegetables and fruits.Energy efficiency: The refrigerator saves considerable amount of energy using just 153 units of electricity a year. The cooling pad fitted in freezer perpetuate the cooling for up to 10 hours in case of a power failure.Design: The refrigerator consists of Toughened glass shelves that can bear the load of 120 kgs. No worries on low or high voltage issues with the existence of inbuilt stabiliser that can take care of voltage fluctuations in the range of 135 to 290 volts.
The 4-star direct cool refrigerator comes with a door lock to keep your children away from peeping inside it every 10 minutes.Energy efficiency: The refrigerator saves considerable amount of energy using just 153 units of electricity a year. The cooling pad fitted in freezer perpetuate the cooling for up to 10 hours in case of a power failure.Elegant design: The refrigerator comes with a brushed silver finish that gives it a stylish look. The interiors are spacious but the freezer is found to be small and doesn’t come with a chill tray. The top LED light make sure that all racks get uniform lighting.

2. LG 190 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (GL-D201APOX.APOZEBN) -Smart Inverter Compressor

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LG is one of the most distinguished brand when it comes to appliances. LG’s 190 Direct cool single door refrigerator, though a bit pricy, but is one of the best choice for a small family.

Energy efficiency: The refrigerator provides great cooling and is energy efficient (4-star rating) too. The 4 stars rated refrigerator consumes just 164 units of electricity. Hence, the fridge will save a lot more on electricty bills. The model is a solar smart i.e. it can be powered directly from solar energy if you have a DC to AC converter.Smart inverter compressor: The feature ensures optimal cooling and energy savings. It even operates in low noise.Moist balance crispier: The feature available on the bottom of refrigerator maintains the moisture at optimum level to keep your food fresh.Glass shelves as tough as a rock: The refrigerator has toughened glass shelves that can withstand weights up to 175 kg.Powercut Evercool: In order to maintain the cooling inside the refrigerator during power failures, LG uses Powercut Evercool, which is a unique material that maintains the cooling for up to 7 hours.Blueprint: The model’s front has a beautiful printed floral design and a reflective finish. Unlike Haier’s 195 L, this model by LG comes with chill tray. The fitted hardened glass shelves are height adjustable and can withstand the weight up to 175 Kg.

3. Whirlpool 190 L Direct Cool Single Door 3-Star Refrigerator (205 GENIUS CLS PLUS 3S )

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The refrigerator has a capacity of 190 liters and is appropriate for the family of 2-3 members. The model makes to the list of top 10 best single door refrigerator given to its high cooling efficiency and pocket-friendly price.

6th sense power cooling technology & insulated capillary technology: Whirlpool 190 L uses 6th sense power cool technology (special compressor mode that is activated during power failure or increase in fridge load) and insulated capillary technology (helps with faster technology and longer cooling retention) to keeping its cooling efficiency.

The combination of both maintains the cooling inside the refrigerator for up to 9 hours in case of power failure.

Energy efficiency: The refrigerator consumes 203 units of electricity and unlike other refrigerators, Whirlpool 205 Genius CLS Plus doesn’t need a stabilizer and can withstand the fluctuations between 130-300 Volts.Design: The model is designed with a spacious freezer and a dairy zone below it. The door can easily store up to three 2-litres and one 5-litre bottle. The two adjustable hardened shelves can hold vegetables and fruits. The crisper lid too acts as a shelf to keep food. The door lock is another excellent feature added to protect it from the hands of the children.Honeycomb moisture-lock technology: It helps in maintaining optimum moisture to your fruits and vegetables, keeping them fresher for a longer period. Anti-bacterial Removable Gasket – The prevention of fungi and bacteria is done with the help of an airtight removable gasket. The feature keeps the edible hygienic along with easier maintenance.Easy Manual defrosting – This provides cooling by allowing easy defrosting.

4. Samsung 192 L 5 Star Single Door Refrigerator

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Samsung 192 L 5 Star single door refrigerator comes with the most amazing features.

Energy efficiency: The 5-star BEE rating makes this refrigerator one of the most energy efficient refrigerators available. With Digital inverter compressor technology, which is a power saving technology, it uses less energy, minimises noise and reduces wear and tear for longer-lasting performance.Design: Samsung 192 L 5-star is precisely designed with toughened glass material shelves, a slightly curved door with clean lines and a Island type handle which is a unique kind of handle present in some refrigerators only.
Stabilizer free operation: It prevents electrical damage or short circuiting in case of any voltage fluctuations (If the fluctuation increases too much, it automatically cuts the power).Anti-bacterial large vegetable box: It has anti-bacterial large vegetable box that keeps the edible fresh and chilled for days.

5. Whirlpool 215L 4 Star Single Door Refrigerator – 6th sense technology

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Whirpool 215 L has a subsist feature of 6th sense fresh control and Insulated Capillary Technology making it a smart refrigerator. The refrigerator has ample space and provides efficient cooling.

Energy efficiency: Save your electricity bills with 4-star rating and energy consumption of 171 units per year. Stabilizer Free Operation: You need not to buy aseparate stabilizer with Whirlpool 215 L 4-Star. The fridge will operate stably at its best even with the voltage variation from 130V to 300V. Toughened glass shelves: Store heavy and large utensils and products with ease with the toughened glass shelves.Vegetable crisper: This fridge comes with Trizone crisper which is a Unique Crisper with an Advanced Moisture Control knob, Freshonizer and Hexafresh Technology to store different vegetables and keep them fresh. Fruit crisper: With MicroBlock technology, prevent your fruits with 99.9% bacterial growth and keeps the freshness and nutrition intact for up to 7 days.Structure and Design: This single door refrigerator comes with base stand drawer for extra storage and door lock too.

6. Samsung 212 L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (RR22M272ZS8)

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Just like the LG Single door refrigerator, this model too makes a solar smart to work on electricity from solar panel and also works stabilizer free when voltage fluctuates between 100 – 300 V.

Energy efficiency: The refrigerator is a 3-Star Rated fridge and comes with an inbuilt stabilizer. Due to the feature of Digital Inverter Compressor that adjusts the speed to 7 levels depending on the ambient temperature and food load and Direct Cool Technology, it consumes less electricity than the normal compressor. Design: It has strong build quality, stylish design and is spacious. The model comes with bar chrome handle, crown design and stainless steel finish. The toughened glass shelves are height adjustable and the door baskets are wide and spacious.
Instead of LED Lights, conventional bulbs are used.Digital Inverter Compressor: it uses less energy, minimises noise, reduces wear and tear and is durable for longer-lasting performance.Good after sales service: The model comes 1 year warranty on refrigerator and 10 Years on Compressor providing relaxation to the buyer.

7. Godrej 210L 5 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (RD Edge Pro 210) – Energy Saver

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The direct cool refrigerator is economical and great energy saver model. The model is proven to give uninterrupted cooling for years. It is the perfect combination of elegance and functionality – designed to suit your needs.Energy efficiency: With 5-star rating, it saves up to 55% of the total energy consumed. The Intelligent Inverter Compressor saves you from the burden of heavy bills. The compressor adjusts speed according to the operation.
An in-built stabilizer is a plus point.Aroma lock technology: Ensure the freshness of your edibles with the presence of Palladium Carbon based Deodorizer that gives 24-hour freshness keeping the odor away.Anti-bacterial removable gasket: It has anti-bacterial large vegetable box that keeps the edible fresh and chilled for days. Also, the gasket is easily removable to clean.Design: Godrej 210 L toughened glass interiors allow the storage of slightly heavy objects. It comes with an additional dry storage drawer to store edibles that doesn’t need cooling.

8. Haier 220 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

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Haier 220 L 4-Star direct cool single door refrigerator comes with a best price of 15,000. The model comes with a 1 year warranty on product and 10 years of warranty on compressor giving you a hassle-free service.

1-HIT: The one hour icing technology (1-HIT) helps bring down the temperature in freezer to -5 degree Celsius within 60 minutes. PUF Insulation: The inclusion of PUF insulation and longer condenser coils ensures the intact cooling sealed inside it for a longer time.Anti Fungal Gasket: The refrigerator prevents the entry and build-up of fungi and bacteria inside the Fridge with the Anti-fungal door Gasket.Design: The single-door refrigerator comes with a stylish and unique design. The model comes with a utility box inside to store compact items such as cosmetics, medicine and spices.

The base stand outside the refrigerator help store edible items that doesn’t require cooling. Keep your children away from eating all the junk food with the help of Door lock feature.

Haier 220 L 4 Star doesn’t come with back grills.

9. Godrej 255 L 4 Star Single Door Refrigerator (RD EDGE DUO 255 PD) – Extra Large Freezer

The 4-star model is a good choice for the family of 3-4 people and comes with the thickest insulation that ensures that there is no loss of cooling.

Storage: With the 255 L storage, the refrigerator has a separate Veggie Drawer, larger freezer space and the largest dry Vegetable Storage Space. The big chiller space can hold upto 5 one-litre bottles.Energy efficiency: The 4-star energy rater saves 45% on the total energy consumed. The model comes with an in-built stabilizer to handle the fluctuations in the voltage.DuoFlow Technology: The technology makes sure the cooling loss of  50% lesser and at the same time maintaining optimal temperatures in your fridge. Get higher energy efficiency and longer food preservation with this technology.Toughened glass: Each shelf of Godrej 255 L Single door refrigerator has the strength to withstand the weight up to 150 Kg.Environment friendly: The refrigerator is free from CFC, HFC, HCFC gases.Anti-bacterial & Removable gasket: It helps with the prevention of bacteria and fungi maintaining interior hygiene. Easily remove the gasket to clean and maintain freshness.Power shortage? No worries: The refrigerator keep cooling even during a power outage.

10. Haier 181 L Direct Cool Single Door 3-Star refrigerator (HRD-1813SR-R)

The model is a decent choice to buy for 10,000 bucks. With the capacity of 181 Litre, it is a nice choice for a nuclear family. It is a well-designed and provide quality performance. It is found to be one of the best refrigerator for 10,000 under 200 L category.

Energy efficiency: It’s a 3 star rated and consumes just around 210 units of electricity in a year. It comes with a in built stabilizer that takes care of voltage fluctuations ranging from 135 to 290 volts. Haier 181 L Direct Cool consumes less energgy and doesn’t make any noise.Diamond edged freezer technology: The technology ensures that the ice does not melt fast enough. Hence, the advantage can be termed as a cherry on the cake in case of power cuts.Design: The model is good built with exiquisite looks. It comes with the child lock feature that restricts your child to overeating especially junk food ensuring his/her health.Anti-bacterial gasket: Ensure the hygience of your family by preventing your eatables of bacteria and fungi. You can easily remove the gasket and clean it at regular intervals.

Final Words

To conclude, the Refrigerator is simply a necessity. A person definitely needs a glass of cold water to quench his/her thirst, especially on a hot summer day. Go through the blog to make the best buy choice according to your requirements.

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