Top 10 Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine in India 2019

Semi-automatic washing machines have always been a favorite among the Indian households despite the introduction of fully-automatic washing machines. Although strenuous and requires much more human labor and intervention, it also gives a better sense of control over the exact type of wash youwant. Semi-automatic washing machines have a separate washing and drying compartment. Sometimes, the water flow also needs to be monitored and taken care of manually. Semi-automatic washing machines are relatively priced lower than the fully-automatic ones and are a great upgrade to anyone who knows how exhausting hand-washing the laundry can be. Another plus point of a top loading washing machine is that it doesn’t require much bending. So it serves as a great aid to people who are affected by frequent backaches. And although there are a lot of brands offering the high-necessity appliance, some of the best selling machine brands in India are L.G, Samsung and Whirlpool.

So, if you’re planning to buy one for your new house, or just to replace an old one, we present to you the guide of the top 10 best washing machines in India that shall fit right into your budget window.

1. L.G Semi Automatic Washing Machine with Jet Pulsator (7.5 KG) (P8541R3SA)

No surprise, L.G tops this list too and is one of the top selling washing machine brands in India due to its efficient services and technologically at par products.

  • Collar Scrubber – The best top load semi automatic washing machine comes with a collar scrubber that effectively scrubs collars and cuffs for you, saving time and efforts.
  • Lint Collector – The lint collector efficiently collects all the threads and lint coming out of the laundry and gives you cleaner washed clothes.
  • Roller Jet Pulsator – The powerful roller jet pulsator produced added friction and removes dust and mites completely resulting in a better quality wash.
  • 3 Wash Programmes – A customized option for each type of fabric, the L.G washing machine comes with 3 wash programmes.
  • Rat Away Technology – A 3mm chemically enhanced, strong plastic cover that considerably protects your washing machine from any harm done by rats to a great extent ensuring longevity of the product.


  • Good looking
  • Wide washing tub
  • Excellent Washing
  • Energy rating given to this refrigerator is 4 stars
  • Scrubber for cuffs and collars


2. Samsung Semi Automatic with Easy to Move – Best Washing Machine for Big Family (7.2 KG) (WT725QPNDMPXTL)

No less than its peers but only better, the washing machines by Samsung are long-lasting and a beast by performance. The brand name is trusted by millions globally and provides impeccable after sales


  • EZ Wash Tray – Adding to convenience is the EZ tray that can be utilized to scrub off stubborn stains without the need to drain the water in the tub.
  • Scrub Board – The Samsung machine comes with a built in scrub board that helps remove oils stains and cleans hard cuffs and collars effectively.
  • Double Storm – Give your clothes a thorough cleaning without tangling or twisting with a powerful vertical and horizontal jet stream of water.
  • Air Turbo Drying System – No need to worry on no-sun days, the air turbo drying system rotates the drum with high speed to draw more air and thereby extracting more water from clothes at a much faster rate.
  • Pre-Soak – To remove tough stains, soaking is always considered a good method. With Samsung washing machine you don’t need a separate sink or bucket to do that. Just soak your clothes right in to the washer itself. You can even set the timer for soaking before the washer starts.

The machine also consists of lint filter, a buzzer that rings at the end of each wash cycle. The body is made of rust-free plastic that ensures its longevity and durability against the rough usage. An ideal deal and among the best washing machines for big family, the washing machine completely justifies the price

it comes for.


  • Easy to move
  • Good washing
  • Value for money
  • Pre-soak option
  • Quick drying


3. Whirlpool Ace 7.0 Supreme Plus with Multi Utility Tray (7 KG) – Best Semi Automatic Machine Washing Machine 2019

Whirpool is a very old and well established American manufacturer of electrical appliances. The services provided by the company are quite satisfactory while it also offers a (2+3 years) of warranty on wash

motor and prime mover.

  • Lint Filter – The washing machine effectively collects lint and provides cleaner and fresher laundry with every wash.
  • Ace Wash System – The ace wash system helps you sort, stack and carry your load efficiently on the machine itself, without any need of bending.
  • Impeller – The impeller with its soft grooves gives the perfect motion during every wash to remove the dirt effectively.
  • Multi-Utility Tray – The multi utility tray with a special vent lets you sort and carry and sort the dry clothes while the water flows back into the tub through the vent.
  • Inbuilt Scrubber – The Whirlpool comes with an inbuilt scrubber that scrubs off the dirt and grime off the cuff and collars and wherever needed to give your clothes a perfect wash everytime.

It is undoubtedly one of the best washing machines under 15000 that serve to all your washing needs
efficiently. The Whirlpool machine comes with a 5 year warranty on prime mover and wash motor.


  • Low noise
  • Scrubber for tough stains
  • Multi utility tray to avoid bending
  • Good built
  • Optimal wash


4. LG 7 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (P7020NGAY, Dark Grey)

LG is a popular brand in the Market.with its semi-automatic range of washing machine, this brand puts its technology to provide new innovation to users. That’s why LG is recommended as the best washing machine for all households.


  • Rat Away Technology: With the latest semi-automatic machine, LG has designed the innovative concept of Rat Away. This feature has won the heart of households. This machine is embedded with a 3mm strong plastic cover that has rat repellent chemicals that safeguards your machine from any harm. To enhance performance and give users class experience is the only motive of this feature.
  • The technology of Wind Jet Dry: This great technique eliminates the moisture on laundry and inside the tub of the machine by spinning tub at high revolutions per minute (RPM). Air enters the tub and removes water. Through air vents, the circulation of air is done to dry clothes.
  • Wash Program Facility: Three wash programs (gentle, normal, strong)  are facilitated by LG semi-automatic machines. The brand assures a safe and customized cleaning of every fabric.
  • Collar Scrubber: The unique collar scrubber assists you in washing scrub cuffs and dirty collars. Thus, saves your efforts and time.
  • Lint Collector: The lint filter in LG semi-automatic machine is equipped to collect the lint. It ensures that fabric does not get stuck inside the pipe, hence provides a convenient washing experience.


  • Higher spin speed
  • 3 wash program (normal,gentle,strong)
  • The best option for nuclear families
  • 4 Star rating
  • 2 years warranty on machine and 4 years on motor


  • Not suitable for joint families

5. Samsung Semi Automatic best 6.5 KG Top Load Washing Machine with Rust Proof Plastic Body (WT657QPNDPG)

Samsung has always impressed its users with its inventive approach and widespread service centers all over India. Not only is this machine one of the best washing machines under 20000 but also a sure shot

long lasting product protected by a 3 years warranty.

  • Collar Scrubber – Save the time and efforts you usually waste on scrubbing the collars and cuffs by your hand. The machine comes with a collar scrubber that is tough on cuffs and collars but is gentle on clothes.
  • The EZ Wash Tray – Bringing in the versatility and convenience, the machine comes with a built- in washboard that can be used to scrub, stack and easily handle your load without any need of a separate bucket or bending.
  • Air Turbo Drying System – The turbo air drying system of the best washing machine for a small family helps draw in more air and extract water more efficiently from your clothes making them iron-ready much faster and sooner.
  • Double Storm – The power jet of the machine automatically varies the flow of water in both horizontal and vertical motion to move the fabrics all around the drum and deeply cleaning the clothes without causing any damage through tangling and twisting.
  • Soak Option – Soaking, an effective method to remove toughest of stains can be set as a timed operation in the washer itself before the washing process starts.

The twin tub washing machine has a rust proof PP base that ensures its longevity and a buzzer feature
too that shall indicate the end of a washing cycle with a beep sound so you know exactly when to act.


  • Turbo drying
  • Convenient usage
  • Soak option for tough stains
  • Beautiful looks
  • Long lasting


6. Whirlpool Superb Atom Semi Automatic Machine with Smart Scrub Station (7KG) (P7550R3FA)

Whirpool is famous for providing large washing drums, ideal for Indian families and good services all across India. The pricing is also quite affordable with some of the best washing machines under 15000.

  • Smart Scrub Station – Stand tall and scrub without bending. The flow back design allows detergent and water to easily flow back into the wash tub.
  • Inbuilt Memory Auto Restart – In case of power cuts which is a common sight in India, the semi- automatic washing machine remembers where it started from and resumes functioning exactly from that position when the power comes back.
  • Water Proof Panel – Now you don’t need to rush every time it starts raining to cover your washing machine. The Whirlpool machine comes with a water proof panel that resists water from seeping inside.
  • Large Wash Tub – The large wash tub with deep wash 66I system washes with the highest volume of water giving enough space for clothes to move freely and remove dirt perfectly.
  • Supersoak – A 25 minute soaking and scrubbing session to remove all the tough dirt with super soak technology.

The machine comes with other useful and attractive features such as impeller, multi-utility tray and a
340W high efficiency motor that is powerful enough to roll all the clothes properly and give you a perfect wash every time, making it the best washing machine under 10000.


  • Large tub
  • Convenient usage
  • Low noise production
  • Water proof panel
  • Auto restart


7. L.G Best Selling Washing Machine in India with 3 Wash Programs (6.5 KG) (P7550R3FA)

L.G is undoubtedly one of the top manufacturers of appliance market. The quality of production is an absolute delight and the services provided are impeccable. It’s not very hard to find the spare parts either in case of replacement.

  • Lint Collector – The best top load semi automatic machine comes with a separate lint collector that collects all the loose threads and fibers that come out of the clothes giving you fresher and cleaner looking clothes.
  • Collar Scrubber – The collar and cuffs scrubber scrubs off the tough stains easily saving manula time and efforts.
  • 3 Wash Programs – A different type for different type of fibers. The semi-automatic machine comes with 3 wash programs for a perfect wash every time.
  • Roller Jet Pulsator – The added friction caused by the high frequency rolling pulsators removing dust particles and mite particles more efficiently for a better quality wash.
  • Wind Jet Dry – No need to dry off your clothes with the traditional time consuming methods. The L.G machine comes with a wind jet dry system that effectively strains off the extra water and makes your clothes iron-ready.

The best 6.5 KG top load semi automatic washing machine is one of the best washing machines for a
small family considering the size and the price range.


  • Convenient to use
  • Super fast drying
  • Customized wash programs
  • In built scrubber
  • Value for money


8. Intex Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine with In-House Top Spinner (6.2 KG) (WMS62TL)

Considerably a new-entrant in the washing machine market than its peers, Intex has been in the electronics market since a long time. The quality will not disappoint you.

  • In-House Top Spinner – The top spinner drains out water thoroughly while working efficiently and making the drying process quicker.
  • Take On More – The power wash of the best washing machine helps it perform enhanced washing while doubling up on the load capacity.
  • Your Wash Your Way – The Intex machine comes with different wash modes for different kinds of fabric materials so you get a perfect wash everytime.
  • Rust Free PP Tub – The rust free material of the tub ensures the longevity of the washing machine, making it an ideal choice for Indian families.
  • Catchy Looks – The washing machine by Intex comes in a beautiful combination of dark red and white with Intex embossed in a mosaic pattern in front, giving it an appealing look.

One of the best washing machine under 20000, the capacity of this machine is good enough to suit small families with 3-4 members.


  • Lightweight
  • Good cleaning
  • Quick drying
  • Good looking
  • Good capacity


9. Whirlpool 7.2 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (ACE SUPREME PLUS 7.2)

Explore your washing experience with top-loading whirlpool semi-automatic 7.2 kg washing machine. The inbuilt feature of lint filter, scrubber, spin shower shaped it as the best washing machine. This product does not require any demo and comes as ready to use.

Attractive Features

  • Lint Filter: This semi-automatic machine has been designed with attractive feature-Lint Filter. This allows collecting lint while washing so that fabric comes out clean and fresh.
  • Ace Wash Station: with a smart washing solution, the Whirlpool washing machine has become the requirement of every household. With a new ACE wash station, you can sort, and stack your fabric on the machine.
  • Impeller Function: Removal of dirt is the foremost role of the washing machine. And, whirlpool 7.2 kg is worth investment, as it has an important technology of Impeller, which gives perfect clothes motion by removing dirt.
  • Multi-utility Tray: This multi-utility tray has let the whirlpool 7.2 kg become the best washing machine in India. The tray is designed to sort and carry dry clothes. A special vent helps to flow back the water into the washtub.
  • Inbuild Scrubber: Washtub is added with a special scrubber to give your clothes perfect washing experience each and every time.


  • 3 wash programs
  • Stylish aesthetics and easy to operate
  • Multi-utility trays
  • High capacity(7.2 kg)
  • 2 years warranty


10. L.G Semi-Automatic Best Selling Washing Machine in India with 3 Wash Programs (7KG) (P8053R3SA)

L.G, a top selling washing machine brand in India has service centers all over and not only do they provide impeccable services at the time of installation but also possess a strong record of after-sales


  • Roller Jet Pulsator – The rollers cause added friction, removing the toughest stains of dirt and mites from your clothes to provide cleaner and fresher laundry.
  • Collar Scrubber – Equipped with collar scrubber that effectively scrubs off collars and cuffs so that you don’t have to strain your hands to do so.
  • Lint Collector – The lint collector collects all the threads and lint coming off your clothes to give you smoother and cleaner laundry.
  • 3 Wash Programs – A customized choice for each fabric type, the washing machine by L.G comes with 3 wash programs.
  • Soak Option – The L.G machine comes with a unique 20 minutes soak process that can help you get rid of tough stains easily.

The best washing machine under 20000 comes enhanced with Rat Away Technology and Wind Jet Dry
feature too for extra utility.


  • Customized wash programs
  • Soak option for tough stains
  • In-built scrubber
  • Value for money
  • Low noise


Now, if you compare washing machines of different brands, some basic features shall undoubtedly resemble, but if you’re looking for something specific, you need to keep an eye out for all the listed

details like wash types, scrubber, dryer, etc.

Best Semi automatic washing machine – Reviews

All in all we have listed the best products and models that you can choose from varying upon the exact needs of your family. Washing machine is a long time investment object. So choosing one that can serve the purpose for a longer haul without much technical support and ailments is the need of the hour. Make sure you choose a brand whose service centers are a common sight while the model you choose is a readily available one.

Happy Shopping!

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