Top 10 Best Multi Door Refrigerator 2019- Reviews and guide

Refrigerators have transformed our lives for the better since their invention. At present, can you even imagine a life without cold items like ice creams, cold-drinks or something as basic as water!?The continuously rising temperatures, the heat and the global warming has made appliances like refrigerators a necessity rather than a prized luxury.Not just this, our big fat and ever growing Indian families always fall short of space and are in constant need for more. Taking account of all these needs and requirements, companies have started devising refrigerators with more and more space giving rise to the manufacturing of triple and even multi-door models.And to help you choose the perfect one for you keeping in mind the factors like the size of your family, budget window and usage, we have devised a list of the best triple door refrigerators in

India and best multi door refrigerators in India.

Let’s get going!

1. Samsung French Door with Family Hub (RF28N9780SG)(810L)

If price is not the bar for you and you consider yourself to be a tech savvy, then this Samsung refrigerator is the one for you. Visually attractive with its front panel and design, the fridge

takes tech-game to next level.

Attractive Features:

  • Food Manager – Shopping made easy! Mind boggling in every way, this fridge can be synced with your mobile phones to devise a list of short products with a simple touch or voice command.
  • Share Information – Stay connected with your family and share memos, instructions, tasks, etc. and never miss out on an update.
  • Entertainment on the Roll – Love to listen to music or watching your favorite sitcom while working? Take advantage of the family hub screen and never get bored in the kitchen!
  • Voice over Command – No free hands? No problem! Just tell Bixby what needs to be done. With intelligent voice assistant, taking control over your home has never been this easy!
  • The Flex Zone – An independently controlled drawer with five pre-set temperature settings ideal for wines, cheese, chilled meats, etc.

Always ahead and experimenting, the trustworthy name of the brand Samsung is here with another prizewinner. Undoubtedly among the top selling multi door fridge in India, this

refrigerator is the best in class.


  • Mesmerizing design
  • Touch panel control
  • High-tech


  • Needs larger space
  • High price
  • Heavy weight

2. Whirlpool Protton Three Door Frost Free Refrigerator (FP 263D PROTTON ROY – ALPHA STEEL)(240 L)

Tired of the smells mixing with each other? No more! With three doors, you can effectively store all your vegetables, packed stuff and frozena stuff separately. The handsome fridge

matches well with the modular statement of your kitchen space perfectly.

Attractive Features:

  • Active Fresh Technology – Maintaining the freshness of your fruits and vegetables has never been this easy. With x2 freshness technology, the refrigerator prevents excess ripening and maintains nature moisture of the stored stuff.
  • Micro-block Technology – The special additive present in the compartment helps killing up to 99% of microbes providing lifelong protection against contamination.
  • Customized Cooling – The middle compartment comes with a customizable temperature knob to adjust the cooling for delicacies like chocolates, dairy products, etc.
  • Energy Efficiency – Proudly equipped with energy saving technology that consumes less power than a CFL makes it one of the most energy efficient refrigerator in class.

Another successful product by the renowned brand of appliances-Whirpool. Updated with the freshest technology, the product is a deserving member of the top triple door



  • Smooth Design
  • Powerful looks
  • Freshness prolonged
  • Convenient storage


3. Whirlpool 677 L Inverter Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator (WS QUATRO 677 SATURN STEEL, Saturn Steel)

Crafted for sheer convenience, this multi-door model by Whirlpool catches the sight with its bold and shiny looks. Competing for the best fridge in India tag, the cooling system is reinforced with an advanced multisensor system that sets the pace for a futuristic approach.

Attractive Features:

  1. Convertible Freezer Zone – A smart feature that entails three different temperature settings to store different types of food and make them last longer without spoilage.
  2. 6th Sense Fresh Lock Technology – The multi-door refrigerator automatically detects the variations in temperature and restores it to optimal settings.
  3. 6th Sense Freeze Lock Technology – Freezer burns is a term and guess what, the Whirpool refrigerator helps minimize it to preserve the quality of stored food for longer.
  4. 3D Air Flow Technology – Ensuring maximum moisture retention in the stored food items is the 3D AirFlow technology that keeps them fresher for longer.
  5. Adaptive Intelligence Technology – Enriched with the most advanced form of adaptive intelligence technology, the refrigerator regularly senses the humidity and temperature to ensure longer food preservation.

The American multinational stands strong amongst the best fridge brands in India these days due to its exceptional quality and products. The product is an ultimate viper and comes with a 10 years warranty on compressor ensuring its durability and long service life.


  • Auto-connect to home inverter
  • Ideal temperature settings for different sections
  • Bold and classy looks
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Wide shelves for easy storage of big items


  • Too pricey
  • Takes up a considerable floor area

4. Hitachi Frost Free Refrigerator (Glass Black, R-SG31BPND) (466 L)

Tough and sturdy as beautiful and functional. This refrigerator by Hitachi is the perfect addition
to a modern home with a big family.

Attractive Features:

  • Frost Free – With advanced frost free technology, the fridge responds to ice building readily and stops it.
  • Inverter Compressor – The smart compressor provides high profile energy efficiency while working silently.
  • Tampered Glass Shelves – Tough and durable glass shelves are not just strong and sturdy but easy to clean with a simple swipe of damp cloth.

Hitachi has always been considered one of the top brands in appliances market. With a three star energy efficiency rating, the refrigerator helps save a lot on electricity bills while serving justifiably in the long haul making it one of the top choices in best triple door refrigerators in



  • Value for money
  • Tough and sturdy build
  • Energy saver


  • Not much has been brought into notice by the existent buyers

5. Whirlpool Frost Free Triple Door Refrigerator (FP 283D PROTTON ROY – CAVIAR BLACK) (260 L)

If you would rather have a three door refrigerator but require only moderate spacing, then this

refrigerator is the perfect pick for you among the list of best triple door refrigerators in India.

Attractive Features:

  • Active Fresh Technology – This technology by Whirlpool has been doing rounds. The active fresh technology ensures 2x freshness and prevents excessive ripening of the stored fruits and veggies for a longer period of time.
  • No Odor Mixing – Three separate doors helps in preventing of mixing of odors. This helps in securing of natural odors leaving no compromise on tastes.
  • MicroBlock Technology – With presence of anti-microbial additive, the compartment material provides lifelong protection against contamination killing up to 99% of germs.

Whirlpool has always been a trustworthy brand among the Indian consumers for appliances. This refrigerator will not only help you save big on bills with more than 4 stars of energy rating

but keep your best ‘food’ forward with the latest technology.


  • Retains freshness for longer periods
  • Extremely hygienic
  • Good build quality and design
  • Effective cooling


  • Compartmental lighting is not available

6. Whirlpool Protton Frost Free Triple Door Refrigerator (FP 343D PROTTON ROY – ALPHA STEEL) (330 L)

Another one registering its name among the top 10 triple door refrigerators in India is yet another model by Whirpool. Much like the features of the above model are the features of this

one, only with a larger capacity of storage option.

Attractive Features:

  • 6 th Sense Active Fresh Technology – Ensures up to x2 freshness to the stored fruits and vegetables by preventing excessive ripening.
  • Active Fresh Zone – The exclusive bottom drawer for fruits and vegetables keeps the odors from mixing into the whole fridge and maintaining freshness for longer.
  • Energy Efficiency – Integrated with new technology that consumes less energy than a CFL, the energy savings are quite high.
  • Microblock Technology – Keeping your food safe and contamination free from free- flowing microbes, killing about 99% of them.

The brand name, the capacity, the energy efficiency and the technology all together pushed this
model to be one of the best triple door refrigerator 2019.


  • Saving are high on power and money
  • Effective cooling
  • Sturdy built and performance


  • No LED lighting in all compartments

7. Hitachi French Bottom Freezer (R-WB550PND2) (510 L)

A little high on budget but all the worth. Ideal deal for rather bigger families or joint families, this refrigerator by Hitachi comes high on storage. The drawer like design at the bottom provides absolutely convenient access to the stored stuff making it eligible to be listed under

top triple door refrigerators.

Attractive Features:

  • Selectable Mode Compartment – The lever on the inside lets you adjust the temperature inside the compartment by selecting between two modes of vegetable and dairy/meat to match your requirements.
  • Double Decker Freezer Compartment – The freezer consists of a double decker compartment for easier and convenient storage of small items like frozen yogurt, meat, etc.
  • LED Lighting – Helping you save by consuming much lesser energy than conventional lamps is the induced bright LED lighting.

A good choice for a family of 5-6, this refrigerator is enlisted in top 10 triple door refrigerators in India firstly because of its capacity and features and fore mostly because of its 5 star energy



  • Excellently energy efficient
  • Glass Exterior Finish
  • Convenient Design


8. Haier French Door Refrigerator (HRB-550 Kg) (531L)

We have included this french door refrigerator in our list of latest triple door refrigerators 2019 in India because of its amazing looks, feel and functionality. Note-You need to have a higher

budget window if you want to go with a refrigerator like this.

Attractive Features:

  • 100% Fridge – Now convert your refrigerator into 100% fridge and increase its storage as per your needs.
  • No Wall Partition – The insides of the refrigerator comes sans fussy walls so you can store bigger utensils with any hustle!
  • Dual Humidity Zone – Get long lasting freshness and store more vegetables with dual humidity zone.
  • Great Power Saver – High on power efficiency, the refrigerator consumes less than 1 unit per day helping you save money eventually.


  • Excellently energy efficient
  • Glass Exterior Finish
  • Convenient Design


  • High Price
  • Needs more room pace

9. L.G Knock Twice, See Inside InstaView Door-in Door Refrigerator (GC-X247CQAV)

A winning innovative technology of the year, this refrigerator definitely deserves a place among the top 10 triple door refrigerators. On the higher side of the budget but worth the price, if

you’re looking for a fridge high on capacity and on technology, go for it!

Attractive Features:

  • Door in Door InstaView – Knock knock. Who’s there? Well, all you want to see is here. The glass panel on the top illuminates with two knock allowing you to take a peek on the inside without opening the door and releasing the cool air.
  • Non-Plumbed Water and Ice Dispenser – Equipped with self sufficient plumbing systems, the refrigerator can be installed anywhere easily without the need to replace water filters.
  • Wine Rack – The refrigerator comes with a pre-installed wine-rack to help you store up to four bottles of wine at optimal temperature.
  • Hygiene Fresh+ – The intelligent air filter removes bacteria up to 99.99% and removes bad odor for fresher and cleaner food preservation.
  • Smart ThinkQ – Now control and diagnose the temperatures of your refrigerator with a simple touch on your smart phones, anywhere, anytime.

The linear compressor helps in saving big on energy charges i.e up to 51% making it an ideal
choice for tech lovers. This makes it a top runner in best triple door refrigerators in India.


  • Extremely convenient storage
  • Technologically raving
  • Effective cooling
  • Longing freshness


10. LG 679 L Inverter Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator with Linear Inverter Compressor (GC-M247UGLN, Linen Brown)

Now save big on your electricity bills with a refrigerator that offers utility in combination with advanced technology. The multi-door refrigerator comes with an inverter linear compressor backed by a 10 years warranty to fortify its longevity.

>>>Attractive Features:

  1. Multi Digital Sensors – The sensors on the unit monitor both external and internal temperatures to provide temperature consistency and maintain the quality of food.
  2. Modest Wine Rack – Designed exclusively for all the wine lovers, this rack can hold up to four bottles in an optimal environment where the temperature is around 4 degrees.
  3. Hygiene Fresh Technology – The best fridge in India comes with an intelligent air filter that helps in minimizing the foul odor and remove 99.999% bacteria for a fresher, cleaner preserving condition.
  4. Mega Capacity – With more than 600 liters of storage space, the refrigerator is enough to provide for the needs of a medium to a large family.
  5. Unique Compressor – Cutting down the power consumption rate by almost 51%, the linear inverter technology of L.G generates lesser friction by using a linear piston drive.

The South Korean multinational giant has been in the business since 1958 and had been continuously impressing the people with its knack for technological upgrades and consistent delivery of quality products. The products are durable and usually deliver a long service life.


  • Smart Diagnosis technology to troubleshoot issues easily
  • Fresh balancer to maintain humidity levels in the vegetable basket
  • Retains up to 20% more moisture in food
  • Smart ThinQ for control from far away
  • Great capacity


11. Hitachi 3 Door Side-by-Side (R-M700AGPND4X) (651 L)

Well known for its proven quality in the manufacturing of air-conditioners and refrigerators, Hitachi is a brand not far behind any. This refrigerator is high on capacity, perfect for a family of


Attractive Features:

  • Vacuum Insulation Panel – To achieve greater cooling effect with greater energy savings, the insides of the refrigerator have been engineered with VIP.
  • Nano Titanium Technology – Introducing a cutting edge technology that provides a powerful anti-mould, anti-bacterial and deodorizing effect without using extra energy.
  • Touch Screen Controller – The touch screen panel on the top lets you control the temperature of the compartments with a simple touch.
  • Auto Door – Got your hands full trying to do too much in a single shot? Not to worry, the smart fridge understands the hustle and automatically opens the door for you in a simple touch.

Economically strong on energy efficiency, this refrigerator makes for one of the best and latest
triple door refrigerators 2019 in India.


  • Glass finish
  • Convenience of usage
  • Energy efficient


  • Requires larger space
  • High price

With this we come to an end of top selling multi door fridge in India and best triple door refrigerator 2019.Refrigerator as we all know is must these days, especially in a country of soaring temperatures like India. And since it is an investment that will pay off for a long period, spending a few extra bucks into what you actually want and require will never be disappointing as long as the company is trustworthy and the product is durable.With this we hope we have somehow assisted you in bringing down your perplexity and making

the right choice. Happy shopping!

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