Top 10 Best Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine in India-2019

Who loves your clothes more than you do? Who makes your clothes always look new? I hope u must have guessed by now. The washing machine is the most friendly invention by science for mankind. The thought of a world without a machine is nightmarish.

Gone are the days when the women had to suffer strain from washing clothes that would leave their hands dry and rough. The washing machine took away all the worries of laundry along with the dirt on our clothes.

The front-load fully automatic washing machines are the most desirable because of its tremendous features such as Express wash, Allergy plus, Eliminates allergy and impurities, Add on and Auto-restart mode

LG, BOSCH, Samsung, IFB and Whirlpool are some of the top selling washing brands in India that offers the best washing machines in India specially the best front load washing machines.

In this blog, we have enlisted the top 10 front load washing machines to help you narrow down the choice to buy the best. You may invest in these best washing machines in India that will serve you for a longer period and fulfil your requirements. Let’s begin.


Samsung is the oldest and the most trusted brand in India. As much as Samsung’s mobile is ruling the market, the same is the case for their washing machine. This model by Samsung has the inverter technology motor which is highly energy-efficient as well as operates in less noise. Let’s study its features in detail:

Inbuilt Heater 

Samsung front load fully automatic comes with the option of doing hot water wash. Though hot water wash is not quite energy efficient, it gives a better result

No Worries On Voltage Fluctuations 

Voltage fluctuations can be big trouble for your home appliances. With volt control technology, keep your mind free of the trouble with Samsung Automatic Washing Machine. Your machine won’t be harmed even with the voltage deviations of up to 25%.

Ceramic Heater 

The Ceramic Heaters present quickly heat up and prevents calcium build up. This results in saving energy as well as money. It increases the durability too. 

Gentle Wash With Diamond Drum 

The fear of ruining delicate clothes prevent us from washing them in a machine. Not anymore! Samsung Fully Automatic Machine has a Diamond drum which is very gentle on your clothes. It has diamond-shaped depressions with small holes which doesn’t let your clothes get damaged or trapped.

Bacteria? No more.

Bacteria and mold make dirty clothes their breeding place. Remove the issue with the Silver Wash Technology. This washing machine makes sure your clothes stay bacteria and germs free.


    • Fully automatic
    • Low water consumption
    • 3 years warranty on the product
    • Spin speed of 1000 RPM
    • Easy to operate with touch LED panel
    • Digital inverter motor
    • In-built quick wash program for lightly soiled clothes
    • Ceramic heaters not only save energy but also prevent the build of limescale
    • White body plus chrome door


    • With newer motor technology, it will be difficult to fix it in case of a failure
    • Can’t handle extremely hard water or low water pressure

    To sum up, Samsung WW65M206L0W/TL – 6.5 kg – Best Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine delivers outstanding performance with numerous features that provide superior energy efficiency with minimal noise and durability. It is one of the best 6.5 kg front load washing machines.

    2: Bosch 8 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine – WAT2446IN


    BOSCH provides its customers with quality-washers. The machine by BOSCH is said to be suitable for a large family. It is both powerful and comes with numerous features that provides spotless wash. 

    Eco-silence Drive Motor 

    Say goodbye to the noise with a brushless motor that diminishes friction and gives you a silent washing experience.

    Express Wash 

    BOSCH value your time hence it is designed to wash your piles of clothes under 60 minutes, giving out the spotless and flawless result.

    Active Water 

    BOSCH front load washing machine is water-efficient. The machine has multiple load sensors for automatic adjustment of the water level. It adjusts the water level by sensing the fabric weight.

    Volt Check

    The machine is designed in a manner such that it deal with fluctuations and interruptions in power supply. When stable power is available, it resumes from the last wash cycle.

    Reload Function 

    The feature lets you open the door early in the cycle for the easy addition and subtraction of clothes.

    Pre Wash Treatment 

    It ensures that the clothes are well-soaked before the start of the actual wash cycle.

    Spacious Drum

    For better and more clothes movement during the wash, the drum is quite big. This delivers the best washing outcome.


    • Eco-silence inverter motor
    • Reduces vibration
    • Allergy Plus Program for hygienic and allergy-free clothes
    • Vario drum; tough on stains and gentle on your clothes
    • Waterproof touch panel
    • Anti Vibration design
    • Free water filter that can be easily fitted to various taps


    • Power cables and inlet pipes are of short length

    All in all, the machine is one of the best choices under the standard price of 30,000. With the anti-vibration design, sturdy built, child lock, fifteen wash programs and much more, BOSCH fully automatic front loading machine is a win-win choice.

    3: IFB 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Diva Aqua SX, Silver, Inbuilt Heater, Aqua Energie water softener)


    IFB washing machines are made to give the required attention to your clothes. IFB Diva Aqua SX is a good purchase for a family of 2-4 members which meets all the laundry requirements. Let’s look at the features that will benefit you.

    Three Temperature Options 

    IFB 6 kg fully-automatic front load machine comes with the temperature options of Hot, Warm and Cold. This allows the users to wash almost any kind of fabric without any worries.

    Aqua Energie System

    The filter treatment breaks the calcium (detergent) into minute particles to give clothes a better wash. It ensures that your detergent is completely utilized.

    Crescent Moon Drum 

    The crescent moon drum creates a gentle water cushion that prevents your clothes from getting damaged.

    Ball Valve Technology 

    Ball Valve Technology lets the water out and keeps the detergent in. This prevents the wastage of both water and detergent and thus enhancing the wash.

    Auto Balance  System

    It automatically detects unbalanced clothes. Later, they are redistributed to maintain a consistent and stable wash.


    • 2-D Wash System provides thorough soaking and cleaner wash
    • Slip in clothes in the middle of the wash cycle
    • Pre-defined wash programs save time
    • Rapid wash mode
    • 4-years machine warranty and 10-years support on spare part


    • No display of timer
    • Lacks spin speed controls
    • The adapter to connect water tap needs to be purchased separately

    The machine is the best class in features. That is why it makes it to the top 10 washing machines in India. The machine is designed to make your washing experience smooth and hassle-free.

    4: Bosch 6 Kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing machine (WAB16060IN)

    BOSCH promises to safeguard your clothes without compromising on wash quality. The model is one of the most efficient as well as cost-effective available in India. 

    Active Water Technology 

    Active Water Technology saves water by the automatic adjustment to the water level by sensing the weight of your fabrics.

    Drum Clean 

    The drum is kept clean and hygienic with the removal of lint and toxic residues. This, in turn, provides a durable life and low maintenance for your machine. The drum clean technology disinfects the drum after the usage.


    Clothes are soaked for some time before the actual wash cycle begins. The pre-wash treatment will rinse away dirt, food stains, and other dirty stains before the actual wash begins. 

    Reload Function 

    Open the door at the beginning of the wash cycle to add or remove clothes easily

    Volt Check Technology 

    It prevents the machine from frequent voltage fluctuations and interruptions in power supply.


    • Allergy plus
    • Operates at low noise
    • Capable of working even at low water pressure (as low as 0.3 bar)
    • Unique water filter that fits on various taps
    • Less water consumption
    • Small wash cycles option for 15 and 30 minutes
    • Sizeable drum for better storage of clothes


    • None

    BOSCH is one of the best washing machine brands in India. The machine is ideal for a family of 5-6 people. With the top-class features such as ActiveWater, Sleep Mode, VarioDrum, EcoSilence Drive Motor and Anti Vibration design at your fingertips, the model is termed one of the best washing machines in India.  

    5: Whirlpool 8 kg Inverter Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (Fresh Care 8212, White, Inbuilt Heater)


    Whirlpool needs no introduction. The company is widely-known for Refrigerators and Washing Machines. A package that delivers all the possible fronts, the machine is the most preferred option available for the users. Get rid of the everyday hectic laundry chores with Whirlpool Fresh Care 8212. Let’s study its notable features in detail – 

    Steamcare Technology 

    The steam care technology ensures freshness of your clothes up to 6 hours post-wash cycle, prevents odor formation and keeps clothes rid of bacteria and allergens.

    6th Sense SoftMove Technology 

    Just like its name, it intelligently senses the laundry load and adapts to the movement of drum rotation to create a perfect washing maneuvre. This decreases friction and increases the washing experience. 

    IntelliSense Inverter Motor 

    Get rid of noise and additional vibration with the IntelliSense Inverter Motor, a cutting-edge technology. The machine provides ultimate washing experience and takes care of your garments like a child.

    Clean +

    The option act on 3 different levels (intensive, daily and fast) that allow setting the right washing action depending on the user’s need. All three options differ in water usage, cycle time, tumblr patterns and speed.

    Colour 15°

    It prevents the color of your clothes from getting faded by using a softener. It uses cold water to protect the color of your fabrics while providing perfect cleaning.

    Pre-plan Your Laundry

    Use StartDelay option to get fresh laundry according to your time. You can plan your laundry cycle to begin at any hour of the day.

    Intensive Rinse

    The time of the rinse phase is extended for a couple of minutes to avoid any detergent residue in your clothes. Residual detergents can cause allergic reactions.


    • Complete wash experience with 14 wash programs
    • A+++ energy rating ensures minimum power consumption
    • Wide digital display
    • Fresh care with Steam care technology
    • Consumes less energy
    • Detergent removal with intense rinse


    • None

    The positive and affirmative customer feedback ensures a smooth experience with this machine. They appreciate its unlimited features and easy and happy washing experience. 

    6: LG 6 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (FH0FANDNL02, White, Inbuilt Heater)


    Life’s good with LG 6 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine. The machine is completely automated and is suitable for the family of 3-4 members. 6 Motion Drive Drive Technology is the best feature of this fully-automatic front load washing machine. It allows to set the temperature manually and control it. 

    Trust LG, Forget Stains 

    Give your fabrics extra care while getting them ultra-clean with a wash program and 6 motion direct drive (DD) technology. The DD technology ensures the care of your fabrics as it moves the wash drum in multiple directions. 

    No Belt & Pulley 

    The motor is directly attached to the drum in this washing machine by LG. This reduces vibration, noise, and Wear and Tear.

    Heater System

    For better washing results, the machine is equipped with the heater system which eliminates stubborn stains and allergens. The heater can heat the water from 40 degrees to 60 degrees to remove any kind of stain.

    Tub Clean

    The water is heated at the high temperature of 85 degrees celsius that cleans your tub as well as the drum. Later, the dirt and water stains are removed with the RPM speed of 1000.

    Get Rid Of Allergens And Germs 

    Keep your baby healthy with germ-free clothes. The machine caters to baby’s clothes by keeping water warm at 40 degrees and slowly raising it to 60 degrees. Through this, the machine ensures the removal of allergens from the fabrics.

    Smart Diagnosis 

    To avail this feature, download the SmartThinQ application on your smartphone. The app communicates with the PC at the customer service center that helps you comprehend the reasons of the fault and provides an immediate solution.


    • Waterproof touch panel
    • Smart diagnosis by SmartThinQ app
    • Child lock
    • Stainless steel body; Rust Proof
    • Auto restart in case power gone
    • Energy and water efficient


    • No Laundry Add feature as those available in BOSCH and IFB machines

    To make the job of washing clothes easier is the only motive of the LG Front-load washing machine. Also, the customer service by LG is very prompt. 

    With several useful features for smooth running, 6 kg wash capacity and 10 years warranty on motor, it is the most suitable choice and best washing machine for small families.

    7: LG 8.0 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (FH2G6TDNL42)


    LG Fully-automatic front loading washing machine is one of the best front-loading machines and one of the best washing machines in India.

    The machine is the most preferred by the users and fully meet the needs of the family of 4-5 members. The feature is almost similar to that of LG’s FH0FANDNL02 model but is the upgraded one.

    Durability With Stainless Steel Drum

    The machine is built using a stainless steel drum that prevents the machine from rust and hence makes it durable.

    No Belt & Pulley

    The motor is directly attached to the drum in this washing machine by LG. This reduces vibration, noise, and Wear and Tear.

    6 Motion Control Technology

    The machine has a uniquely designed six types of motion technology that wash your fabrics in multiple directions.

    Stains? No more.

    Toss out those stubborn stains and allergens with the heater system. The heater will heat the water (up to 60°C) to remove any kind of stain. 

    Auto-restart Mode

    The wash cycle will start from the same place where it had stopped due to no power.

    Keep Your Settings Safe

    Keep your machine secure from the hands of children with its child lock feature. You can easily disable its control panel and keep the settings safe.

    Tub Clean 

    The water is heated at 85°C and your tub gets cleaned along with the drum. The dirt and water stains are removed with RPM speed.


    • 2 years warranty on the product and 10 years warranty on the motor
    • 6 motion direct drive technology
    • Built-in motor with drum; reduces noise and vibration
    • Waterproof touch panel
    • Child lock setting
    • Turbo wash saves energy as well as the usage of water
    • Inbuilt heater for deep cleaning
    • Smart diagnosis feature


    • None

    With the smart senses of fabrics and different washes for different types of clothing, you can leave your worries behind. The machine is a perfect choice for a nuclear family that offers top-class features.

    8: Lloyd 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (LWMF70, White and Blue)


    Looking for a washing machine that caters to your specific requirements? Get thorough and powerful stain removal with Lloyd Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine. The machine adapts well to your washing requirements. Let’s study the features that take the load off your shoulders.

    Intelligent Control

    It monitors water level, load imbalance, lid opening and laundry weight. The built-in sensors automatically adjust the washing conditions according to a load of your clothes for a better wash. 

    LED Display

    Track your washing with a stylish and clear LED Display. Clear display of washing process and other programs.

    Additional Soaking Function

    The feature soaks your clothes for 12 minutes before the actual wash cycle. This takes tough stains off your clothes.

    Add-on Feature 

    Forget a few dirty clothes? Don’t worry. The add-on feature allows you to pass the ongoing wash cycle and add the left-out clothes. You need not start the washing cycle again.


    • 2 years warranty on the product and 5 years warranty on motor
    • Status check with LED display
    • Soak wash technology removes tough stains
    • Add on feature
    • Energy and water-efficient


    • None

    The model is one of the best choices under INR 25,000. It perfectly caters to all your washing needs and with compact size, it doesn’t take much space too. As per the customer reviews, we find this machine to be efficient prices and the best fully automatic washing machine.

    9: IFB 8.5 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Executive Plus VX ID, White, Inbuilt Heater, Aqua Energie water softener)

    IFB Executive Plus VX ID is a powerful and sturdy-built machine that takes utmost care of your clothes and make them look fresh and new for a longer period.

    The machine is equipped with the most advanced features that offer incredible services such as Aqua Energie, 9 swirl wave, ball valve technology and air bubble wash. Let’s know about these and other features in detail.

    Aqua Energie 

    The detergent is dissolved by the filter treatment in a better way to give clothes a softer wash. No detergent residue after the wash!

    9 swirl wash

    Keep your clothes fresh and new for longer with 9 swirl wash that uses 9 unique drum movements while washing your clothes. 9 different stages are rolling, tumbling, stepping, soft soak, scrub, swing, scrub and swing, steep and roll, and squeeze. 

    Crescent Moon Drum

    The machine has a crescent moon stainless steel drum that creates a gentle water cushion to prevent your clothes from damage.

    Air Bubble Wash

    Stubborn dirt is washed off when millions of air bubbles dive deep into the fabrics.

    3-D Wash System

    Clothes are soaked thoroughly before the commencement of the actual wash cycle to deliver an excellent wash. This is the most effective feature.

    Foam-Control System

    The in-built special sensors prevent the formation of excess foam.

    Repeat Wash

    Use repeat wash to start the next wash cycle with the previous setting. 

    Smart Weight Sensor

    The feature automatically weighs the load and adjusts the settings accordingly saving both water and detergent. 

    High Low Voltage Protection

    Keeping in mind the safety, the machine easily handles the voltage fluctuations. If the voltage increases or decreases from safe levels, the wash cycle stops at the point and resumes only when the power is stable.


    • Ball valve technology
    • Laundry add feature
    • 3-D wash system for excellent wash
    • Delay the start of the wash cycle at any hour of the day
    • Special three-cycle program to rinse out pet’s hair
    • Wider door for easy loading and unloading of clothes
    • Child lock
    • Express wash for smaller and slightly soiled clothes


    • Heavy

    Enhanced with numerous features, the best selling washing machine comes with 4 years genuine warranty and 10 years spare-parts support. IFB 8.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine is the most appropriate choice for a family of 7-8 members. Hence it is one of the best washing machines for a big family.

    10: Godrej 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WF Eon 700 PASE, White)

    A global emerging company that is best known for refrigerators, has impressed the consumers with its wide range of washing machines too. With WF Eon 700 PASE, Godrej not only promises to get rid of visible stains, but also invisible germs and allergens.

    Eco-balance Technology

    It automatically saves energy and water according to the fabric’s load. 

    Protection Against Allergy

    The program removes allergens and bacteria from your clothes while cleaning. Not only the machine is effective against stubborn stain but also against the invisible germs and allergens giving you a clean wash.

    Night Wash

    The mode is specially designed for a low noise operation at those night-time washes.

    Unbalanced Load Detection

    An unbalanced wash load is detected and redistributed during the wash cycle.

    15 Different Wash Programs

    With 15 wash programs, you need not worry about the cleanliness of your clothes. The programs are suitable for most laundry needs.

    Error Detection System

    The smart machine with a self-diagnosis system for easy issue detection and services.

    Overflow Protection System

    It prevents the machine from wasting water and ensures the appropriate water level in a wash tub.

    A++ Energy Efficiency

    Save money on those heavy electricity bills with the A++ energy efficiency of European standards.


    • 3 level stain selector for effective cleaning
    • Protection from excess foam
    • Quick 15 minutes wash for clothes with minimum dirt
    • Child lock and 15 different wash programs
    • Eco balance technology
    • 10 years motor warranty


    • Lacks inverter motor

    From large to tiny to middle, Godrej fully automatic is one powerful front load washing machine. The performance and wash quality offered is top-notch. With so many features, the price of INR 25,000 is like a cherry on the cake. The washing machine is one of the best fully automatic washing machines.

    Final Thoughts

    The market is filled with thousands of options. Choosing the washing machine of your dream is a tough job. It is imperative to look out for every single feature in detail to select the best washing machines in India. Selecting one from the listed best front load washing machines will save your time. It is highly suggested to do thorough research for technical details and other features. If you are still confused about which washing machine to buy, write your query in the comment section below. We will help you select the best.

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