Top 10 Best Air Purifiers In India- Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

The capital of India, Delhi, usually battles with the toxic air quality. The air quality keeps on fluctuating from severe to moderate to good and to hazardous. According to the report by an Environment Think Tank, Life expectancy in India has gone down by 2.6 years due to deadly diseases caused by air pollution.

Being exposed to such bad air quality results many health issues. For instance, headaches, sore throat, breathing difficulty, fatigue, and dizziness. It also augments the effects of Asthma, especially among children.

We, humans, have contributed a lot in the degradation of the environment. Consequently, it has gone bad to the level that it is adversely affecting our health. Sincere and dedicated efforts are what it will take for a healthier environment. Till then, the only feasible solution to curb the problem is to install the Best Air Purifier in India.

Air purifiers are a long-term solution to the problem. They are effective enough to clean and purify the air inside your home. The job of an air purifier is to attack the air-borne diseases, bacterias and remove dust, pollen, and harmful gases. It eliminates the risk of lethal pollutants in the air.

The air is purified by using advanced filtration technologies like Internal Filtration System, Activated Carbon, UV-C Lamp, and HEPA filter.

There are various brands and models of air purifiers available in India. Therefore, it is important to select the best air purifier after taking into account multiple factors. The range of air purifiers can vary from the meager amount of Rupees 4,000 up to 1,00,000 depending upon your requirement.

First, to get yourself familiarized with the concept of Air Purifiers, take a look at the types of air purifiers available in India.

  • UV Air Purifier – UV Air Purifier, as the name suggests, uses the UV light to eliminate microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, molds, and fungi. The molecules of water and oxygen present in the air are converted into hydroxyl and ozone. Further, the active molecules mix with the pollutants present in the air and destroy them into harmless components like water and carbon dioxide. However, it gets difficult for this purifier to tackle allergens, dust, and solids that might be present in the air. Apart from this, it also cannot clear things like cigarette smoke, gases or chemical fumes.
  • Activated Carbon Filter – The carbon filter keeps the home healthy and purified. The filter absorbs a large number of contaminants and allergens over a large surface of the area. Present on activated carbon filters, the molecular-sized pores have high absorbency and chemical bonding. An activated carbon filter is a great solution to eliminate the smell from your home.
  • Ozone Air Purifier- Ozone, in an air purifier, is used to protect residential homes from all kinds of contaminants in the air. The purifier pumps ozone into the home’s air and ozone oxidizes whatever it touch. They are mostly used for commercial or emergency purposes.
  • Ionic Air Purifier – It releases a high concentration of positive and negative ions that attach themselves to air pollutants that are usually neutral. Once charged, they become attracted to surfaces or other pollutants with the opposite charge. And once they get stuck to each other, they become too heavy and settle on the surface to be cleaned later.
  • HEPA Air Purifier – High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) can filter out 99.7% of particulate pollutants, such as pollen, mold, dust, and mites. The air passes through the filter either through the HVAC system or independently. The working process is quite simple. Three separate components are used by the HEPA filters to trap tiny particles in the air.

Now, let us proceed with the top 10 best purifiers in India that you can buy right now.

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1. Philips 2000 Series AeraSense AC2887 Air Purifier

Philips 2000 Series AeraSense AC2887 Air Purifier amazon button Invaribly, Philips has managed to be the most preferable home appliance brand in India. The product has AeraSense advanced technology and comes with HEPA Filter.

It covers the area of 441 sq. ft. (ideal for your bedroom). Philips 2000 series also has a real-time PM 2.5 measurement and displays with professional-grade sensing technology. Philips AeraSense Air Purifier is one of the best purifiers under 15,000.

It comes with 3 auto modes :

  • General mode
  • Extra-sensitive Allergen mode
  • Extra-powerful bacteria and virus mode.


  • Aerodynamic Design for efficient airflow
  • 100% ozone free
  • VitaShield IPS technology
  • Smart light control


  • Can’t perform well in too much of pollution

2. Havells Freshia AP-40-80- Watt Air Purifier with Remote (White/Black)

best air purifier in india

Havells Freshia Air Purifier keeps your surroundings fresh and healthy all the time. This keeps your home air safe, healthy and free from the harmful pollutants. This amazing appliance comes with the health plus lock with the easy mobility function and works as the best air purifier in India for your home.


  • Inculcated the HEPA technology
  • High CADR
  • Eliminates the odor and smoke
  • Inherits the smart air technology
  • Color indicators involved
  • Less Noise


  • Ideal for the small area

3. Dyson Pure Air Purifier (Wi-fi & Bluetooth Enabled), Tower TP04

Dyson Pure Air Purifier (Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Enabled), Tower TP04 amazon button The tower-shaped purifier comes with high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA) along with activated carbon filter. The filters can eliminate about 99.95% of the harmful pollutants and allergens as minute as PM 0.1. The coverage area is up to 600 sq. ft. The purifier supports WiFi and is Bluetooth enabled. The TP04 model is fully automatic with an LCD display and Dyson link app. Pros

  • Patented Air Multiplier TM technology
  • Reports air quality level through automatic senses
  • Energy saver
  • 350 degrees oscillation ensures proper circulation
  • Quick and easy Filter change alarm
  • Night-time mode
  • Smartphone control


  • A bit expensive (Price goes up to 44,000)

4. Philips 2000 Series AC2882 Air Purifier

Philips 2000 Series AC2882 Air Purifier amazon button Philips AC2882 air purifier has pre-filter and HEPA filter technology and comes with VitaShield IPS technology for natural air filtration.  It has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) rate of 324 m3/hr and a coverage area of 851 sq. ft. The model has dedicated pollution, allergen, and bacteria/virus auto modes. Apart from this, it is 100% ozone free. Pros

  • Activated carbon, HEPA Filter, and Pre-filter
  • 4-colour air quality indicator
  • Aerodynamic design
  • No ionizer


  • No PM 2.5 indicator to check the air quality
  • No remote control

5. Philips AC4012/10 36-watt Tulip Air Purifier

Philips AC4012/10 36-watt Tulip Air Purifier amazon button Philips Tulip Air filter comes with VitaShield IPS technology that consists of 3 filters –

  1. HEPA filter
  2. Activated carbon filter
  3. Pre-filter

The 3-Step light indicators vividly show air quality level. This filter measures and controls the quality of air with the smart sensor technology. The CADR rate is 160 m3/hr and is suitable for an area of 323 sq. ft.

Get an undisturbed sleep with the 1/4/8 hours timer. It is an ideal home air purifier for India. Pros

  • 3-step fan speed
  • Vitashield Intelligent Purification System – prefilter, activated carbon and HEPA filter
  • Smart sensor measures
  • 1/4/8 hours easy-to-set timer
  • 3-step light indicators for an easy check on quality (Blue-Good; Purple- Fair; Red- Bad)
  • Air protect alert


  • No dedicated allergen/pollution mode

6. Sharp FP-F40E-T 31-Watt Air Purifier

Sharp FP-F40E-T 31-Watt Air Purifier amazon button Sharp air purifiers come with two technologies:

  1. Active and passive purification system (ensures complete purification)
  2. Sharp plasma cutter technology (kills harmful airborne microbes like H1N1, MRSA, E.Coli, TB and many more)

The air purifier is equipped with the highest class H14 HEPA filter that captures PM 2.5 particles, smoke, dust and pollen and the pre-filter traps heavy dust. This purifier is the best air purifier for Delhi. Pros

  • Great styling and lightweight
  • Extra thick True HEPA (for advanced Purification)
  • Silent mode
  • 100% ozone free


  • Comes without remote control

7. Honeywell Air Touch I11 Room Air Purifier with HEPA Filter, 44 Sq. m (White)

Honeywell Air Touch I8 42-Watt Air Purifier amazon button The Honeywell Air Touch i11 Air Purifier is an advanced and modern type of air purifier that provides efficient cleaning of your room. It perfectly suits the large areas with its CADR of air purifiers. Its amazing functionality and features make it a worth buying product. Pros

    • All-round air flow circulation
    • Large coverage area
    • High CADR
    • HEPA filter
    • Sleep Mode
    • Laser sensors


  • Not compatible with mobile app
  • Little bulky

8. Kent Aura 45-watt Room Air Purifier

Kent Aura 45-watt Room Air Purifier amazon button The Aura Room air purifier comes with proven HEPA dust collection technology for trapping harmful pollutants. It also has an inbuilt ionizer that purifies the air around you. Its Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is 180 m3/hr and the coverage area is 290 sq. ft (suitable for medium bedroom/living room). It incorporates a 4-stage air purification system. This purifier is occupied with a filter change alarm, intelligent light sensor, carbon filter, child lock. Along with this, it is quite easy to operate. It is an ideal purchase option below 10,000. Pros

  • The 4-stage air purification system
  • Proven HEPA technology and carbon filter
  • Carbon filter with specially sized pallets for better adsorption properties
  • Child lock
  • 8-hour timer with auto-off feature
  • Less noise


  • No cons as per our research

9. AIRSPA TMS 16 HEPA Air Purifier

AIRSPA TMS 16 HEPA Air Purifier amazon button It displays the best performance with 6-stage best in class filtration technology. It has High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter along with 5 more unique filtration stages which are UV light, Negative ionizer, activated carbon filter, anti-microbial filter, and pre-filter.

AIRSPA has a CADR of 150 m3/hr and covers an area up to 350 sq. ft. The purifier has 365 nm UV light that neutralizes microorganisms and removes bacteria, mould, viruses, etc. Pros

  • Smart Uv & Anion Mode
  • Cold catalyst filter
  • Odor Sensor
  • Alloy washable filters
  • Wind speed adjustment
  • Power consumption of 40 watts
  • 99.97% efficiency from pollutants
  • Control manually or with remote


  • Has ionizer (A bit dangerous if you have small children or infants)

10. MI Air Purifier 2

10 amazon button The Dyson Pure Cool Me BP01 is a compact air purifer and is personally designed for the small spaces. It delivers fresh air without blowing anything around. With quiet operations, the appliance offers you a peaceful environment. The appliance is an ideal air purifier for a single room and for personal use. Pros

  • Focused airflow
  • Asthma and allergy-friendly
  • High-quality air filters
  • Great design
  • Highly efficient


  • No auto mode
  • Less smart features

EPA Suggestion on Covid 19

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ‘Indoor pollutant levels might be two to five times higher than they are outdoors – and occasionally even 100 times higher.’ 

Moreover, since the count of COVID-19 cases continues to intensify, the world is on high alert and taking preventive measures to protect themselves. An air purifier has become one of the other measures. Though it doesn’t kill the novel virus, using an air purifier to remove impurities is the best way to minimise your risk and exposure to indoor air pollution. 

At K2 Appliances, we cover every home and kitchen appliance to turn your tedious and time-consuming chores as efficiently and enjoyable as possible. Avail the best appliances with our assistance today!

Final Thoughts Air purifiers have made purifying air easy. Therefore, one must definitely buy an air purifier. To conclude, these are the top 10 best air purifiers in India.

Which air purifier is best in India? Select one from the listed in the post and you won’t regret selecting one from them. K2 Appliances bring you the list of best air purifiers for the home in India with the post. So figure out the best deal for yourself, compare air purifier in India and purchase the most suitable one.

Below, our experts have answered a few of the most frequently asked questions they get about the best air purifier for home in India. Read on to know more.

The FAQ on Air Purifier?

  • According to EPA estimates, the indoor air is dirtier than outdoor air so the technology of air purifiers keeps your family healthy by providing clean indoor air.
  • Air purifiers intake all the unpleasant and burnt food odors and assist you with clean air.
  • Air purifiers help to trap all the airborne allergens caused by pet dander.
  • An air purifier traps the indoor cooking smoke and neutralizes it before it ends up in your upholstery.
  • Small airborne particles like mold spores, pollen present in the indoor air cause breathing problems at your place. An air purifier removes 99% of airborne bacteria.

The air we breathe impacts our health severely. Given the fact that indoor air quality is more polluted than outdoors, therefore buying the best air purifier is the best way to cure it. An air purifier is an effective way to remove harmful contaminants, foul smell, chemicals, allergens, bacteria and viruses. Some of the noted benefits of an air purifier include:

  • Pure and healthy air will better the environment and let you focus more on your work and routine activities as well as stay more energetic. Polluted air reduces the energy level of your body, making it weaker and tired. 
  • An air purifier removes pet dander that is one of the primary contributors to indoor air pollution.

Children and elders are more vulnerable to lung diseases, which can deteriorate due to indoor air pollution. Buying the best air purifier for home in India can save you from the medical expenses by keeping you and your family healthy.

This is a situation that depends upon the brand you are going for. Some are more energy-efficient than others like HEPA air purifiers almost consume 50 to 200 watts of power.

As you are using a computer which consumes almost 365 watts so probably air purifier consumes less power than a computer and will not add the extra amount in your electricity bill.

But it is important for you to go for an energy star rated air purifier before making your purchase decision.

An air purifier is a great way to improve indoor air quality. Most of the pollutants like smoke, bacteria, odour, pet dander and hair, mold spore and other irritants, invisible to the naked eye, can affect our immune system to a greater extent. The best air purifier takes care of the issue via filters. An air purifier sucks in polluted air and filters it through its several layers. The pollutants, allergens (pollen, mould spores, dust and animal dander) and contaminants are trapped into a cleaner and, in turn, you get recycled purified air.

Yes. The best air purifier removes the unpleasant and intolerable odours of literally anything such as paint, cooking, tobacco, pet smells and sweat. However, you cannot expect from any random air purifier to work correctly for you. An activated carbon filter is highly effective at removing odours. They eliminate smells from smoke, garbage, pets, food, among others. HEPA filters are not as much effective in removing odours as in removing pollutants.   Is the filter system important? Yes, the filter of an air purifier matters a lot. Air purifiers that use HEPA filters are more effective at removing dust and other pollutants from the air and produce no ozone. Check for the HEPA filter when you are out to buy the best air purifier in India. True HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) filters exhibit a high level of performance and thus meet the standard norms by removing ~99.97% of particulates.

There are no side effects of using an air purifier. However, some air purifiers use electrostatic precipitators and ionisers, which might emit small levels of ozone. Before buying the best air purifier in India, make sure you check the product specifications carefully.

Before you buy an air purifier, you need to understand what features you should focus on. When shopping for an air purifier, look for certain features to meet your requirements fully.  In this section, we have shared some important factors one should consider before purchasing one for the home. Listed below are some of the essential ones you need to tick on before you finally buy one.

  • Size of the room where you intend to use it
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) shows the size of the room the purifier will cover and how quickly the cleaner will filter pollutants.
  • Air Change Rate (ACH or the air change per hour rate) indicates how many times the purifier will filter the entire room in an hour.
  • The noise level of your air purifier will depend on the speed of the fan. The higher the fan speed, the noisier will be the appliance.
  • Type of filters – HEPA, activated carbon, ioniser, anti-bacterial etc. The more filters, the better. Most importantly, it SHOULD have a HEPA filter, the gold standard for air purifiers.
  • Air purifier price is the main factor to be considered before buying the one.
  • Cost of maintenance as your filters would need timely replacement.
  • Warranty to take care of uncertainties and save yourself from the troubles.
  • Other features such as Anti-bacterial coating on the HEPA filter, child lock, presence of carbon filter and air quality monitoring.

Yes, it is perfectly fine to let in a little fresh air while the air purifier is on. It’s just that keeping the doors and windows closed will maximise the effectiveness of your air purifier.

The perfect place to position an air purifier would be either your bedroom or living room since you spend most of your day there. If you have pets and are allergic to animal dander, it is best to place your air purifier in the room where your pets frequent.  Also, do not place an air purifier anywhere in the corner; it should be placed at a distance of at least a couple of feet from the walls to ensure maximum and smooth airflow. Make sure that nothing blocks the airflow of your best air purifier in India.

The best air purifiers in India last up to 3 to 5 years. Regular maintenance will give it a longer lifespan. Make sure to always follow the instructions from the manufacturer to know the ways to maintain it.

If you have a larger space, you’ll have to run the air purifier for a more extended period. You can run the purifier at regular intervals such that pollutants don’t accumulate.

Air purifiers have filters to filter out the pollutants and reduce the number of allergens present in the air. As the air filter functions, it accumulates more contaminants over time and so, its filtration capacity lessens. On average, the filters of the best air purifier should be replaced every 3 to 6 months. Generally, pre-filters should be changed once in 4 to 5 months and HEPA filters in every 2 to 4 years. Nonetheless, it varies from brands and models and depends on your usage and type of screen. Check your manufacturer’s manual for better details.

Compare the air purifier price and seal the best deal with our detailed reviews and buying guide.

If you want to get rid of allergens and want to create an allergen-free atmosphere to relax in this winter, here are some filters from which you can choose-

1)True HEPA/UV-C Air Purifiers

This air purifier is expensive but it is worthful for homeowners as it traps all the airborne allergens and combines HEPA filter with ultraviolet germicidal light to trap 99% of airborne pollens and odor-causing bacteria

2)True HEPA Air Purifiers

It uses HEPA rated filter technology to remove more than 99.7% of airborne dust particles in your home or in office. Just like the HEPA filter in true HEPA, its filter needs to be replaced at an interval of 3 months.

3) Permanent HEPA -Type Air Purifiers

It is almost the same as HEPA filter with one distinct feature that we need not have to replace its filter after 3 months as its filter requires occasional cleaning.

Before you get into the market flooded with a variety of air purifiers, let us understand that according to the standard set by the Department of Energy, HEPA air filters make the gold standard for airborne and allergen particle removal up to 99.7% of 0.3 microns.

The loudness of air purifiers is basically created on an initial stage when they start cleaning your air and it also depends on few factors like the fan operating system, the model of air purifier and your personal noise tolerance.

After cleaning particles from the air, the air purifier slowers down its speed and became quiet in its working.

This is a situation that depends upon the brand you are going for. Some are more energy-efficient than others like HEPA air purifiers almost consume 50 to 200 watts of power.

As you are using a computer which consumes almost 365 watts so probably air purifier consumes less power than a computer and will not add the extra amount in your electricity bill.

But it is important for you to go for an energy star rated air purifier before making your purchase decision.

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