The Hidden Tale Of Air Purifier

History always speaks out the deep-rooted truth. Isn’t it? You might think about Indian history? Why was India known as a golden sparrow? You might get your answers from your grandparents or parents. But what about today? What do we call India now? Any guesses? Now India is known as the “Tech-Hub” in the world.

But do you know innovation and technological advancement foundation is laid down by the past inventions? Let’s discuss one such great invention i.e invention of air refining gadget which is the Best Air purifier.

In my blog, you will get to know the hidden facts of air purification. Have you ever heard about air purifiers before you met with the severe effects of pollution? I hope “no”. So, people let’s explore the history of air purifiers. When Delhi got strongly hit by pollution, then air purifiers came into limelight.

Let’s discuss the historical journey of our superhero-Air purifier in his own words.

  • My Role during the Industrial revolution
  • I was a lead hero in the manhattan project
  • People know me as a doctor of treating airborne allergens
  • Technology gave birth to my versions
  • Guess who Am I?
  • I am the silent pollution killer
  • Your own
  • Air purifier

Historical Tale Of Air Purifier

My Role during the Industrial revolution

The beginning of the era of the industrial revolution proved to be the golden step in putting lifeblood into the economy. However, it came with polluted air. During the period of the industrial revolution, coal was used as a primary power source to run machines in Industries. The unhealthy smog and airborne allergens were the reason which led the inventor to create an air purification device.

 In 1823, John and Charles dean, the two inventors crafted the air purification system. They have created this gadget to help firefighters from the web of deadly smoke.

 In 1854, Another inventor John Stenhouse upgraded the air purification system by creating a charcoal-based filter design.

The enthusiasm to help firefighters was the sparkling moment. That step leads to create the upgrade versions of the technology that we see today.

I was a lead hero in the Manhattan project.

Project name- Manhattan project Project hero-Air purifier Project villain -Air pollution

Project cast- Soldiers and Lab workers

Have you ever hear about the Manhattan project? I believe you must have studied in history. Let’s discuss how air purifier plays the Role of a real-life hero in this project.

The project was related to the creation of the atomic bomb during world war II. The villain in the life of soldiers and lab workers was the radioactive matter. That can be dangerous or affect their health. So, in 1940, the advancement in technology took place. The high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA) was invented to safeguard the life of soldiers and lab workers.

So, you can see air purifier secure the lives of our heroes- Soldiers. Hence proved, the air purifiers marked their presence. That means air purifiers was there for the past so many years. What we got today is a better version of air purification.

The Present Tale Of Air Purifier

People know me as a doctor of treating airborne allergens.

The doctor is ready to treat you from the zone of smoking. Do you know a smoker is not only causing the problem for themselves but others too? That’s true. “Smoking is injurious to health”. But we can’t stop smokers, but we can protect our home from smoky pollution. What do you say? The indoor air pollution is 5 times poisonous than outdoor air.

According to the State of India’s Environment ( SOE), “Air pollution kills an average of 8.5 out of every 10,000 children in India before they turn 5”.

So why not protect your family from the vicious circle of air pollution. Buy the best air purifier and increase your dear one’s lifeline. Let the doctor treat you.

Technology gave birth to my versions.

Air purification was there from 1800 but thanks to the advancement of technology which completes the cycle of air purification. Previously air purifiers were guarding the heroes, i.e. firefighters, and soldiers but kudos to the inventor air purifiers are now available in every household, companies and at many places.

The bucket list of air purifiers

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The Ending tale

I know when it comes to history, we all felt it annoying, but if our history was not there, we didn’t get to see the success stories. In my blog hope, you all love to read the success story of superman ( not the movie one) the pollution saviour- Air purifier.

Even in my blog, you will get to know why an air purifier is today’s necessity. I suggest you buy the best air purifier via K2 Appliances and avail 10% cashback. The reliable platform serves you with pocket-friendly deals in all versions of home and electrical appliances.

Shopaholics! Happy shopping!

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