The Best Microwave Oven In India – A Blessing Or A Curse?

Are you a fitness enthusiast?

If yes, then this blog is for you & If not, then this blog is surely for you because it will help you to solve an ongoing mystery. 

Wondering which mystery?

The mystery about the microwave cooking. (One of the hot topic these days)

But do you know? Many fitness enthusiasts are completely freaked out by microwave cooking.

Trust us, this is actually the truth.

Okay! You will better understand it if you try it practically.

Try this as a Ninja Technique for escaping your fitness freak guests. 
All you need to do is: (Note: Do at your own risk)

Tell them the food they are going to eat is microwave cooked.
They will surely give you a look as if you are offering them poison. (that side look)
& of course, there are 99% chances that they leave your home that very moment
& won’t turn up again ever.

The reason behind such a horrible look is that they are worried that the microwave destroys nutrients, ruins food quality and poisons our bodies.

So, in this blog, we will find out

  • Are any of these claims true?
  • Should we be worried about microwave cooking like those fitness fans?
  • The safety tips

Are Any Of These Claims True?

Discovering the truth is not as easy as it seems to be. 
To understand the things closely we need to do an in-depth review. 

So, are you ready to be the James Bond of this blog? 

Let’s begin with the investigation now:

  • How Microwave Ovens Evolved?

Do you know a microwave oven was an accidental invention?

Back in the 1940s, Percy Spencer was building radars and who accidentally discovered that microwaves from radars melted a candy bar in his pocket. (How amazing! )

This way the microwave ovens were evolved. Where the first popular microwave for home use was introduced in 1967.

  • How do Microwaves work?

Inside-Out Cooking

Unlike conventional cooking, the best microwave oven in India starts on the inside of the food. Microwaves are a type of electromagnetic energy as the light waves. When the absorption of the microwave energy meets with the molecules in food, heat is generated and ultimately the food is cooked. 

(You can relate it by rubbing your hands together swiftly)

On the other hand, the oven heats the food from the inside-out, they come with better cooking efficiency than the convection ovens. Also, it uses less electrical powers than the conventional type of electric ovens.

We have reached the halfway of the investigation. Let’s step into the other half to solve this mystery. 

Should We Be Worried About Microwave Cooking Like Those Fitness Fans?

Now its time to detect is microwave cooking safe for us or not?
So, let’s dive into the effects of the microwaves on food.

  • Nutrients

We all have seen a piece of news that remains in the limelight stating that microwaves kill nutrition. 

But, the truth is that the best microwave oven in India usually doesn’t destroy nutrients in the food. Even in some cases, preparing food in the microwave ovens actually enhances nutrient retention. 

The nutrients are drained from food during any form of cooking, especially when the food is overcooked with a high amount of water.

  • Proteins

Protein quality remains fine with the best microwave oven in India cooking. 

However, people state that amino acids may be converted into the inactive forms while microwave cooking. 

On the flip side, the availability of amino acids might be improved as there is no surface browning occurs. 

The Bonus Point is microwave heating that leads to the destruction of trypsin inhibitors i.e. an Anti-nutritional Factor.

  • Taste 

Remember those microwaved pizzas? It can make any person fall for its taste. 

Though taste preferences differ from individual to individual. Still, the restaurant won’t let you know that they are offering you microwave cooked food. 

The best microwave oven in India cooking doesn’t result in surface drying that elevates the actual taste of the food. Of course, don’t forget the drool over appearance as well.

The whole investigation states that microwave cooking allows you to 

Cook, Eat and Live A Healthy Life

Even if you are new to the best microwave oven in India cooking, always remember:

The Safety Tips

  • Don’t heat food in plastic
  • Cover the food for the uniform heating
  • Allow the food to sit in the microwave for a few minutes after it is cooked. 
  • Use hand gloves to take the utensils out from the appliance.
  • Always use microwave-safe utensils.


Surely, the microwave ovens have given our kitchens the makeover they are waiting for so long. 

The best microwave ovens not only pop the popcorns but can offer you the delicacies that are beyond your imagination.

So, don’t just wish, rush to K2 Appliances and get home any of the top-selling microwave oven prices under your budget and get a flat 10% cashback with it.

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