The Best Induction Cooktop- The Modern Choice Of Modern India

You might have seen the quote “Cooking brings happiness.”

But not always!

Ask your young one, he/she can relate to it better.

Even you will agree to it after reading the below-mentioned instance.

When asked by a 20-year-old individual

“How is your cooking going on?”

What he replied is- “Though it is going well, I opened the wrong burner and have been cooking nothing for about 20 minutes.”

Does this make your heart skip a beat?

We hope this picture is enough to make you aware that we are residing with “Khatron Ke Khiladi” in our own homes.

Thus, it is high time to bid goodbye to your old gas stove and switch to the modern and safe cooktop that can auto-shutoff and eliminates the gas leaks if the wrong burner is on. (It is an emergency situation!)

No, you don’t need to go for the electrical cooktops.

Switching to the best induction cooktop is a smart and efficient move.

Wondering how?

Stay connected with this blog.

In this blog, we are going to inform you about

  • Is Induction Cooktop Multiplies The Speed Of Cooking?
  • Why Go For The Induction Cooktop?
  • Is Choosing Induction Cooktop Over The Electric Cooktop A Safe Move?
  • Which Induction Cooktop Type Fits Your Kitchen The Most?

1.Is Induction Cooktop Multiplies The Speed Of Cooking?

Induction cooktops are nothing less than the cooking express.

These cooktops heat up the food around 20% to 50% more rapidly than electric cookers.

You can easily adjust the temperature, as it heats up immediately and cools down at the same speed. Thus, you can experience a safe and secure cooking environment.

Unlike the electrical cooktops, the induction cooktops are inherent works with a more efficient and faster method. 

2.Why Go For The Induction Cooktop? 

Induction Cooktops are surely the modern method that has revolutionized the concept of cooking in Indian homes.

But most of the people have a popular misconception that cooking with the induction doesn’t offer any privilege to the users.

In order to this, the working of the induction cooktop will surely keep you struck dumb.

best induction cooktop

The induction cooktop creates an electromagnetic field that is only possible with a powerful magnetic field. Thus, the induction cooks food indirectly and elevates the efficiency and the speed of the cooked food.

As a result, there is less heat loss in the surroundings, this gives you the advantage of cooking in a cool and pleasant cooking environment every time.

Also, in summers it reduces the need for the exhaust fans and cooling systems in the kitchenette.

Thus, this is one of the chef’s recommended units.

3.Is Choosing Induction Cooktop Over The Electric Cooktop A Safe Move?

Undoubtedly, the best induction cooktop is a secure and efficient method than those electric counterparts.

With the fact that the cooktop’s surface is heated by the cookware, the induction cooktop is unable to reach the high-risk temperature.

As a bonus point, the features of the induction cooktop include the function of the control system that switches off the electromagnetism element when no cookware is kept on the cooktop. (A savior for your Khatro-Ke-Khiladi)

Even the cooktop will automatically switch off if it is kept idle for a longer time.

4.Which Induction Cooktop Type Fits Your Kitchen The Most?

After going through the above-mentioned questions, you might have been convinced that an induction cooktop deserves a place in your kitchenette.

The best induction brands have gushed down the Indian market.

Therefore, while going for the best induction cooktop you need to make your choice amongst the different types, that are as followed:

  • Single element induction cooktop
  • Multiple elements induction cooktop
  • Built-In induction cooktop
  • Freestanding Counter-top induction unit
  • Commercial induction units


Still, struggling over the hiked prices of LPG cylinders?

It is time to make the smart move by investing in the right and efficient cooking mode, i.e. in the induction cooktop.

With the above-mentioned factors, you can blindly rely on the best induction cooktop in India.

Thus, make a new trend by setting your cooking goals with the future of cooking i.e. the induction cooking.

Don’t worry! If you don’t have one. Get the best induction cooktop at your doorstep from K2 Appliances and avail a flat 10% cashback with it.

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