Pros and Cons of Owning the Best Induction Cooktop in India 2020

We buy a house and we strive to make it the most comfortable place ever.

From entertainment choices, to leisure options, and surrounded peacefulness, we don’t wanna miss out on anything.

But interestingly, the meaning of leisure and comfort keep on changing with time.

What at once used to be just a stove, has now turned into a portable electric cooktop.

How has this been revolutionary development for households? 

And what constraints follow this wonder appliance? 

Let’s find out.

Pros of Owning the Best Induction Cooktop in India

It’s been years since this marvel product has been launched, and surprisingly, people are still not aware of all the benefits it hoards.

Let’s dig deep and find out all the reasons why purchasing the best induction stove should be the first thing on your bucket list for 2020!

1. Faster Cooking

Let’s start with the best-known fact about the induction cooktops India – its speed.

The appliance is really very fast when compared to its stove and electrical counterparts.

So much that it can shave off upto 50% of your cooking time on an average.

And there is a logical reason that explains everything.

In the case of stove cooking, the heat is first transferred to the utensil on a whole and then to the food in it, this process takes a bit more time.

Whereas in case of the induction cooktops, the heat it directly transferred to the bottom of the stove where the food is placed. This obviously reduces the time in which the food is prepared.

Physical tests have shown that inductions can heat up around 5 litres of water under 15 minutes.

Cool, right?

2. Portability at its Best

Another best thing about the best Induction cooktops is their ease of accessibility and their portability.

With stove tops, you are just stuck at one place.

But what about those times when you want to have that lazy, hot, breakfast in bed?

Or maybe a hearty self-cooked meal while you are out on a holiday to the hills?

With induction, you don’t need to think twice. 

All you gotta do is pack up the loose cable and take it anywhere with you!

A friend indeed, eh?

3. Energy Savers

A lot of heat energy is lost while cooking over a traditional gas stove or electric stoves because it tends to heat the complete utensil or cooking pot first, before transferring the heat to the food.

This not only means higher fuel consumption but also a lot of futile expenditure.

In an induction gas cooktop, the heat is transferred directly to the base of the cooking pot which in turn saves time, fuel, and money altogether.

4. Safe and Sound

We all have had those hand burning experiences every now and then while working on a gas stove.

The possibility of that happening with the best induction cooktop is as low as nil.

Since inductions come with a cool to touch surface, they are safe to touch even when in action.

For times you are not at home and your children want to reheat the food, the appliance can act as a super saviour both in terms of safety and ease.

Other than this, there are lesser chances of your kitchenware catching fire with an induction since the heat energy is directly transmitted to the stove and not the surrounding air, unlike stove heating. 

5. Balanced Cooking

For those who chase perfection in cooking, induction is your best bet.

With induction you don’t have to worry about overcooking or undercooking your food since the heat control is immediately effective.

The surface of the induction quickly gains and releases the heat whereas electric cooktops take a lot of time to cool down and heat up.

This means that as soon as you change the temperature in an induction oven, it is reflective within a matter of seconds. This is not the case in gas or electric stove cooking.

6. No Mess Solutions

For the cleaning part that seems the hardest, induction cooktop is here to befriend you.

The flat glass structure is no doubt easier to clean than the rocky and uneven gas stove.

The top of the induction remains cool, thereby no food sticks to it. While in case of an accidental spill, a wet cloth is all you need to swipe it back to its original form.

7. Eco-Friendly

Induction cooking is fast and easy, but that’s not all!

It is eco-friendly and energy-saving as well.

Since the best induction cooktop in India cooks the food faster, it uses less energy and also generates a lesser amount of residual heat which further lowers your energy bills.

8. An Attractive Asset

Who says looks don’t matter?

When you want to prepare a modern kitchen with cool interiors, your appliances should support the look too.

Much better than those steel rectangles that we call gas stoves, best induction cooktops are the eye-catchers that can easily be the talk of any home gathering or in-house parties.

Here are five “cons” that can arise from switching to induction cooking. Overall, I’m a huge fan of induction, but like with everything else you buy, it’s good to be prepared!

Cons of Owning the Best Induction Cooktop in India

With all good things, there come some cons that can be the deciding factor for the users.

Let’s take a look at the shortcomings of the best induction stove India cooking and decide for ourselves we can ignore them.

1. Specific Cookware Required

While you can use most of your stainless steel cookware with the best induction cooktop, there is a high chance that you might need to replace your older utensils for the same.

This is because the induction-safe cookware contains iron particles that interact with the induction heaters making cooking a speedier process.

And buying new utensils will cost you some extra bucks.

2. High Prices

The induction cooktop is still a new concept for the Indian market. This is what makes it a little less affordable.

The range of a good piece currently would be 2k-5k in India.

3. A Noisy Affair

When you get them high, they hum.

All the machines somewhat make some noise. The problem arises when that noise is hard to ignore.

In case of the best induction cooktop though, a light buzz noise does come out, but it’s not that prominent or overpowering.

So if you tend to get irritated by low noises too, this will be a point to consider.

4. Power Source is Mandatory

So if you live in a place where power outage is a common occurrence, you might soon regret buying the best induction cooktops.

A power source for all your cooking duration is necessary for the device to function.


Going through the points above might have helped you make up your mind for sure this time.

And although there are some cons to it, we still think the pros are powerful enough to sweep the doubts off the table.

If you want an exclusive range of options for your specific price range, check out the link to our top 10 rankers below.

For more such blogs, keep checking K2 Appliances’ website.

Our only aim is to help you invest in nothing but the best.

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