Myth & Facts of an Air Purifier

The 21st technological era has blessed us with many useful devices. A lot of them have alleviated us from many daily life troubles. Some tagged as a fruitful service provider in critical situations.  The invention of air-purifier is one of the successful achievements.

During recent years, the air purifier has gained popularity and targeted the market. It is one of the useful electronic devices with numerous applications

But still, consumers are confused and need guidance. Two important questions arise in the mind of the user are-

1) Do air purifiers really work?

Although consumers know its importance and necessity, still a lot of question marks about its working, efficiency, and applicability.

In order to give an answer to your question, it is important to know that our indoor air is 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. This fact is disclosed by the United States Environment Protection Agency.

Air purifiers work on the mechanism of :

HEPA FILTER This filter assists purifier to take in air particles and trap particles to prevent recontamination.

IONIC GENERATOR –  This filter generates negatively charged icons then these icons are set free into the air where they get allured to harmful material and eliminates them from the air.

2) Do I Need an Air Purifier for my Place?

It depends upon you, if you desire to stay healthy and safe from airborne toxins and you want to have optimum health at home then air purifier is at your service.

If you feel safe from pollutants, dust particles and impurities in the air then you need not have to buy an air purifier but the truth is purchasing it will add to good changes in your health.

I hope this information helped you a lot in understanding the basics of air purifier

A Myth is an Illusion and Fact is a Reality

Facts : Odor has nothing to do with the clean and fresh air. If your air purifier has a carbon filter then you can expect some change, but the majority of air purifiers are not build to kill the indoor odor.

Facts : Absolutely not, it doesn’t matter you are sitting near the device or not. There is CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) which is there for every air purifier model that caters to every size of the room.

Facts :​It is absolutely wrong as the role of AC is to regulate the temperature of the room. It cannot remove pollutants or airborne allergens.

‘Facts :Air purifier quality matters a lot as different ranges of purifiers are available in the market with different features and capabilities.For example, Best air purifier for a small room will not be effective for multiple rooms.even some air purifier kills tuberculosis bacteria in the air but it depends upon the device cost.

Facts : Everyone has a different perspective but in reality, an air purifier is not a luxury it is a necessity.
It is an important electrical appliance to remove the power of  allergens and pollutant in the air.

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