Insights on the Best Air Fryer in India – Based on Expert Reviews

Are you dating carbs? It’s time to dump your ‘so-called-soulmate’ because you are in a wrong relationship my dear.

Eating is not always about gaining. No, we are not talking about a ‘salad diet’ or ‘keto diet’ to maintain weight.

The advancements in the field of technology have bestowed us with a gift named the best air fryer in India. They help us binge on our favorites with so much fewer carbs that you’ll be amazed!

But as decided, we are going to take you to a complete guide of the ins and outs of this appliance and that too by the courtesy of expert reviews.

The topics we shall cover are:

  • What is the functioning principle of this appliance?
  • Are dishes prepared by it really binge-worthy?
  • Tips to buy the best super fryer model in the market
  • What all can you make in it?
  • What you can’t make in the super fryer?

Let’s Start

What Exactly is an Air Fryer and How it Works?

An innovation of the modern times, super fryers are the kitchen appliances that help you cook small to medium quantities of food or snacks without oil.

Best air fryer

They look almost similar to large rice cookers or tiny ovens and have a removable tray that can be pulled out.

They work on the principle of convection and thereby cook food by circulating hot air all around it.

The Claim?

They are said to recreate fried dishes that are identical to the deep-fried ones in the matter of looks, feel and taste but with so much lesser oil usage.

The Expert Truth?

According to the famous celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, ‘The air fryer doesn’t quite replace that deep-fried taste, but with just a tablespoon of oil, the chips (and other products) come out crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. They’re healthier and also taste great’.

The super fryers use significantly lesser oil (about 70-80% less) than your traditional or normal methods of preparation.

This makes the dishes prepared in it, a healthier option or replacement to your favorites.

Of course, as known, nothing can replace the original completely, you may feel a slight difference in the taste.

But don’t you think that slight change is a handy deal for the BIG change you are going to witness in your waistline?

According to a survey, people who bought the top 10 best air fryers, bought it because:

To try a new appliance – 13%

For Convenience – 32%

To become healthier – 39%

For safety – 5%To create a lesser mess – 8%

Things to Keep in Check Before Buying the Super Frying Machine

Where cooking performance is the ultimate king, there are a lot many factors that must be paid attention to while you go out to buy your own mini-gym.

Digital Controls for Convenience

Gone are the days where knobs or dials ruled the control dynasty.

A digital panel is more convenient and precise and lets you control the measuring temperature and time more easily.

Also, with time, the etching and paint on the knobs start to fade away making it difficult for a new person in the house to understand the functioning.

Digital panels last much longer.

It’s the Width that matters NOT Volume

As we came to know above, the best air fryers circulate hot air to cook the food inside. Hence, the food better be put in a single layer for the best results.

This requires the appliance to be more spacious width-wise rather than volume-wise since piling up of food will only result in uneven cooking.

Note: This also holds true for situations where you have to prepare large portions of food. It is best advised to do it in batches to avoid the degradation in the quality of cooking.

So do check the dimensions of the product and make sure the basket is wide enough to cope up with your needs.

Other than that, here’s a quick checklist of the things you need to be attentive about.

  • Design – Is the best air fryer in India easy to operate too? Are the dials precise?
  • Maintenance – The device should be easy to clean.
  • Style – Does the appliance match and enhance the looks of your kitchenette? You want to display it proudly when your guests arrive, don’t you?
  • Bonus Functions – Does it come with some additional functionalities like an indicator, an alarm function, etc.
  • Warranty – Never forget to check out the brand warranty. Always be on the safer side.

Now Let’s Come to the Brighter and Hungrier Side

See What All Can You Cook in The Super Fryer

Raw Meat

A lot of models do come with accessories like a grill pan or baking cage. These accessories help you prepare meat that is crispy on the top and succulent in the middle.

All this in a matter of minutes!

repare anything you like from BBQ ribs to a whole roast chicken, steak, burger patties, etc.

Frozen Food

All types of frozen food can be cooked in the top 10 best air fryers. Be it something as simple as chips, to fish sticks to chicken nuggets, etc.

And although cooking time depends on the type of food, most of them can be done at a faster pace than an oven.

Baked Food

Yes, you can also cook baked goodies like bread, cupcakes, muffins, etc. in your super fryer.

Note: Make sure you get a baking dish as an additional accessory too.

Vegetables and Nuts

The vegetables you would normally grill can be done well in the super device as well. 

Anything like cauliflower, capsicum, corn, zucchini, bell peppers, etc can be roasted easily.

Roasting almonds, peanuts, or any other type of nut can be done quickly and easily too.

Eager to Know What It CAN’T Cook? Let’s Take a Look

You cannot cook anything with a wet batter in any of the air fryers available. It will only drip and stick to the basket of the device and probably nothing of it will be left when it’s done.

Other than that, you cannot cook certain veggies like beans and carrot (ones that are steamed in general).

And obviously, because it is meant to ‘fry’ things, you cannot expect to prepare rice or pasta in it. They are meant to be boiled.


With all the information at your hand now, you have got the decision to make.

All we can say is that the percentage of positive reviews on this appliance overshadows the negative ones. But you can only tell when you try for yourself.

Other than that, it’s a thumbs up from us.

If you need assistance in deciding over a particular model with the air fryer price in India, do check out the top 10 blogs linked here.

If you wish to purchase one finally, why not get it for as cheap as possible?

Just log on to K2 Appliances, find the particular model and click it’s Amazon link to avail an additional 10% cashback on your purchase.


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