Drink QUALI’TEA’ with the Best Electric Kettle

Behind every good cup of tea or coffee, there is hot water. And behind every cup of hot water is a lot of wasted LPG and time.

What if you could save both?

Well if you are a tea/coffee lover, no matter what the season is, the best electric kettle should be your go-to appliance.

What if you like to have your tea the old and traditional way and not through the tea bags?

Do you know?

Boiling milk not only kills the germs but all kills all its nutrients.

The pasteurized milk is already free of all the bacterias and harmful microbes.

This means that you just have to warm the milk as per your drinkable temperature and put it in your beverage.

This way, you get to save all the nutrients that boost the power of milk and also prepare your hot beverage in a shorter span of time.


But we are not done convincing you yet. Let’s take you through a roller coaster ride of all the advantages and tips to buy the best electric kettle in India.

In this blog we shall cover:

  • The advantages of having a kettle at home
  • Kettle vs Stovetop
  • The tips to buy the best kettle

Let’s Begin with the Advantages

best electric kettle

Makes your Beverages Taste Better

Different beverages have different optimum temperatures that they should be heated at.

A stove usually lacks in providing you that much control over the temperature of the boiling beverage.

In the case of the kettles, a lot of them come with temperature settings and an in-unit temperature control system.

This helps in attaining the perfect needed temperature every time and also cutting off the power supply automatically when the liquid has reached its ideal temperature.

Safer than Stoves

Features like auto shut-off make the best electric tea kettles much safer than other cooking options.

The kettle always stops the boiling process as soon as the bubbling process starts.

This saves you from the troubles like over-boiling and spillage.

Other than that, kettles are also devoid of any open flame situations wherefrom you can easily get burned.

Lower Electricity Bills

It doesn’t take much to repeat a world-known fact that kettles are much more efficient energy consumption-wise than stoves.

The higher the wattage, the faster the rate of heating. And since you are getting the same amount of work done faster, you are bound to save much more energy.
It is said that the best electric kettles are about 70-80% more efficient than microwaves or stoves.

Time Saver

For those who are always on a run, be it running to the school, after-school practice or office, kettles are a dream work.

Doesn’t matter if its summer or winter, they are so efficient that they boil your water within seconds.

So Portable

You can wrap up your things and become travelers anytime.  Take your kettle anywhere with you and prepare ‘your kind of tea’ (or coffee) anywhere anytime you want.

So lightweight, that you won’t even feel you are carrying one!


Now let’s help you solve the puzzle of choosing the best one for your home.

The factors you must definitely keep in check are:


80% of people buy the best electric tea kettle for its speed.

They are great for people with busy schedules as they speed up your tea or coffee routine and help you get on roll much faster.

Most of them can boil a mug’s worth water within 90 seconds.

Hence, choose a model that holds up the reputation of being fast.

Temperature Controls

Caution: This section is purely for the perfectionists.

People who like to have their tea or coffee in a certain and particular way.

As we discussed above, different types of tea taste better when brewed at different temperatures.

The temperature that is good for black tea, may not be viable for green or white tea.
So if you are one of those people who look for perfection in your tea or coffee, make sure you check for temperature control settings in the best electric kettle in India.

Exterior Heat

If you have small children in your house, this section must concern you.

The safety features of a nicely produced kettle go a long way, but no appliance is ever completely immune to failure.

If the thought of burns and heat concern you, make sure you study well about the material of the kettle and how it gets when heated.

Is it safe to touch? Does it come with a safe-to-touch handle, etc?


Kettles are not really that loud of an appliance.

But to the over-sensitive ones, even the faintest of noise can be a problem area.

Some of the kettles by best electric kettle brands in India even produce a beeping noise to indicate that the water is done.

So if all these things bother you, make sure you go through the specifications and read the customer reviews to see if anyone reported the issue.


Kettles are sure to find that little corner in the back of your kitchen for themselves. They are fast, efficient and precise. They are highly portable and help you stay on the roll.

This blog has informed you in the best way about all the precautions and advantages of the best electric kettle in India.

If you wish to know the best specific models and their features in detail, you can read more from our electric kettle section.

Guess what, you can also avail of an additional 10% cashback on all the purchases made via K2’s platform.

Shop Smart, Shop with K2!

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