Difference Between Window AC And Split AC

As you read this, the temperature at my place has soared up to a scorching 45° C. Thanks to this magical saviour; Air conditioner, that has cooled down the atmosphere of my room and I am able to write this blog.

Given our climate and air quality, it has become extremely hard to pass the summers without an air conditioner. Humid summers or the extremely dry ones – Air conditioner has got your back.

However, with a plethora of options, with varying sizes, types and price, available in the market, it can get overwhelming for the buyer to comprehend which type is the right fit for what purpose.

Since an air conditioner is the most expensive purchase you will make, buying the right one is utmost important so that it doesn’t widen the hole in your pocket! 

So if you have decided that you can’t spend the summers in that noisy air cooler anymore, keep reading. 

Though there are many types of air conditioners available in the market, two main types of ACs are Window AC and Split AC.

Even till this day, the debate between split ac vs window ac doesn’t seem to end. People ponder over the fact whether it is good to buy a window ac or split ac. 

To be honest, it entirely depends on what you exactly want in your house. Many people prefer split AC as it complements the decor of our house and sucks less energy (I happen to have one), whereas others feel that the window AC is the best choice. 

In this blog, we will guide you on how to buy the right kind of AC based on certain factors by discussing the difference between window ac and split ac so that you can get the best bet.

Let’s start with the basics!

What is Split AC?

It is a wall-mounted ductless air conditioner that comes with two separate units – indoor and outdoor. The indoor unit is placed inside the room and outdoor unit installed outside the room based on convenient location. Both of the units are connected via copper air pipes that transfer air from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit. These ACs are usually used for large rooms since their cooling capacity is quite high. 


  • There is minimum air leakage in the split air conditioner.
  • They are easy to maintain. The AC comes with washable filters which can be occasionally removed, washed and then put back in place.
  • They are noiseless.
  • They have a low operational cost.


  • They are difficult to relocate.
  • Split ACs are costlier.

How Does Split AC Work?

In almost all best split ac brand in India, all major cooling components – compressor & condenser are fixed outside. The indoor unit takes room air inside and sends it to the outdoor unit for cooling. Both indoor and outdoor units are joined with a copper air tube which carries cool air.

What is Window AC?

Window air conditioners are designed to fit in a window. These air conditioners are a single unit and are most suitable for small rooms. Thanks to their portable size and ease of installation, they can be relocated. 


  • They are affordable and reasonably priced as compared to other air-conditioning systems.
  • Window ACs are easy to install and require low maintenance.


  • Since they have condensers within the main unit, they tend to be noisy when in use.
  • You get a minimum range of options to choose from.

How Does Window AC Work?

With the help of a fan, in the best window ac brand in India, the room temperature warms the air passing through the evaporator and the filter. Then, the warm air travels to heat exchangers coils and compressors. The cooling process progresses according to the temperature of the air conditioner. After that cold air is blown away via blowers in the room. Hot air is released from the backside of AC; the part outside the window.

The War: Split AC VS Window AC

Let us now know the basic difference between the two types of air conditioners.

Window AC Split AC
Product Units Single Unit Double unit: Indoor and Outdoor
Cooling Capacity Maximum capacity of 2 tons Capacity up to 3 tons
Airflow Control Less control over airflow More control over airflow
Space Requirement Requires more space The units can be mounted on either side of the same wall. This offers you some flexibility. 
Cooling Efficiency Less cooling efficiency Better as compared to window AC
Power Consumption Consumes more power as compared to split AC. Consumes less power
Cost Cheap as compared to split AC Expensive
Noise Levels Noisy due to fan and blower Low noise level
Installation Easy to install and takes less time Difficult to install and takes more time
Service Convenient A bit inconvenient
Product Variants Fewer options to choose from Myriad options to choose from
Suitable for Bedrooms Bedrooms and living rooms
Key Features Inverter functionality and Wi-Fi controlled smart AC Plenty of options to choose from when it comes to inverter functionality and smart AC

Well, both window and split AC is efficient when it comes to providing the best user experience. They are different in terms of their aesthetic, design and cost. Of course, they both come with their fair share of pros and cons, but it all comes down to the size of your room or where you want to install an air conditioner. 

Besides, you can consider the given points to decide between the window AC and split AC:

  1. If you are a budget constraint, the window AC is the ideal choice for you. 
  2. If you are worried about the after movie i.e. power consumption and electricity bills, it is recommended to go for split AC. Go for 5-star rated ACs as they will guarantee maximum savings in electricity.
  3. If you don’t want to meddle with the decor of your home, the split ac is the apt choice. 

Window AC VS Split AC: Which has Better Features?

It is a prime question in the minds of every buyer. The debate on window vs split AC is because both are based on different air conditioning technologies. Both of them have their negative and positive points so it is difficult to decide which is better Window AC or split AC

split ac vs window ac

1. Energy Efficiency

This is a measurement on which the cooling of an air conditioner is based. The Energy Efficiency Ratio offers per watt/unit of electricity according to electricity consumption.
BEE (The Bureau of Energy Efficiency) has made it essential for all the manufacturers of electronic appliances to rate their appliances for energy efficiency (along with device ratings). Here, no need to do window AC vs split AC as it all depends on manufacturers and ratings. 

The ratings are measured from 1 to 5 stars. Higher the ratings, the better is energy efficiency. Split AC vs Window AC power consumption varies as both are available in 5 star ratings. But, the number of split ACs models with 5 star ratings are more. If the energy efficiency ratio is a prime factor for you, then split AC is a more preferable choice for you.

2. Convenience and Comfort

People use air conditioners more at night time. When we check window AC vs split AC in terms of convenience and comfort then window air conditioner is uncomfortable as it makes noise while functioning. On the other hand, a split air conditioner does not make much noise as the condenser and compressor unit is placed outside the room. And, its evaporator unit within the room is not noisy. So, split AC offers more comfort than window one. 

3. Aesthetics: Which is Better Window AC or Split AC

Window AC vs split AC, this is the main term we check while buying an air conditioner. Apart from technical features, buyers also look towards interior decorations. The air conditioner has become an integral part of the decoration of your home. You also select the one that matches with the other furniture in the room. In this context, a window AC looks out of place and split AC avail of its advantage as it appears better than the window unit. You can explore the latest split air conditioner designs available in the market. If you are looking for a stylish look, then split AC should be preferred in your list. 

4. Space: Split AC vs Window AC Which is Best

Space is the most noticeable difference between window AC and split AC. If we do a window AC vs split AC comparison, then the window unit usually demands large space as the whole air conditioner is one unit. For its installation, either you need to adjust a wall or designate the entire window to accommodate it. And, it is a real challenge for the people living in apartments/flats to find enough space. However, for a split unit, you need to have space for two different units.

Technically, a split air conditioner takes more space than the window one. The reason is you require a dedicated space in order to place the outdoor unit. And, the advantage is you do not require a big opening for the wires and pipes to pass via the walls. 

5. Split AC vs Window AC Power Consumption

Star rating has a good role to play. If you buy an air conditioner with 5 star ratings then it consumes around 10% less power than a 4 star air conditioner. So, either you go for a window AC or split AC you can save 10% energy only with the difference of 1 star. 

The buyers who are looking for an AC for a small room or not so frequent usage, then a 3 star window AC of 1.5 ton can be your ideal choice. And, for a bigger room where you work or use it for 15 hours a day, then nothing is better than a 5 star split AC. It will be the best in both ways cooling and power consumption. So, split AC vs window AC power consumption is a matter of stars. 

Why does the Capacity of the Window or Split AC Matter A Lot?

An air conditioner size is a crucial factor that each buyer must take into consideration before they buy an AC. In terms of size, tonnage/capacity is the factor that may impact your decision. This factor revolves around different factors.

  • Size – you choose an air conditioner tonnage according to the room size.
  • People in the room – the more people in the room, the more heat is generated, so you require an air conditioner of more capacity.
  • Sun access in the room – if there is so much sun in the room, then you should go for heavy capacity. If you have a room with large windows, go for different ACs in a room.

In a Nutshell

I believe the blog will put an end to your dilemma of window vs split ac. More or less, both the ACs serve the purpose of cooling the room, purifying the air and getting rid of humidity and moisture from the air efficiently.

All you need to know is your requirements, keep the pros and cons in mind and buy the AC to save yourself from the physical blows of the summer season. 

If you are looking for the best and top-rated models, stop by K2 Appliances. The site is backed with every information a buyer needs.

So which type of air conditioner will you prefer for your home? Let us know in the comments section below.

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