Top 10 Best Water Heaters in India 2020

Surviving ruthless winter mornings can be awfully tough. Moreover, waking up early and bathing in freezing water during winters sounds like an impossible thing to do. Thanks to the V-Guard and Crompton who have made our lives more convenient by manufacturing the best water heaters. Invariably, more and more people are indulged in finding cost-effective and efficient geyser for bathroom or kitchen. Although they can explore limitless water heaters, choosing the best one is time-consuming.

We, at K2 Appliances, assist homeowners to pick the best geyser which suits their everyday requirements. Electric or solar water heating has clear advantages over the traditional way of heating water on cooktops. People might have been concerned about saving electricity bills by boiling water on their inductions or cooktops, but they usually end up wasting a lot of time and energy. Electric water heaters being one of the best water heaters designed to offer instant hot water for multiple purposes.

Before discussing the top 10 water heaters in India, let’s have a look at the most exciting advantages of using the water heaters.

Let’s Get Started.

Safety: Electric water heating is relatively safer than traditional fuel-based water heating procedures. They can help you avoid issues or hazards associated with the ignition process of water heating. Using fuel-based heating methods can make flammable vapours remain present in the indoor atmosphere. Therefore, the best electric water heaters can contribute to your everyday convenience.

Ease of Use: A water heater is simple to use – thanks to the advent of advanced technologies. Today, consumers can have access to the best selling water heater brands in India and choose according to their specifications. Most of them come with user manual mentioning easy-to-follow instructions. As a result, water heaters are the easiest and convenient way to heat water for both commercial and residential purpose.

Indoor Air Quality: Traditional water heating methods may involve the emission of combustion products, resulting in the polluted wind during the case of leakage or blockage. When it comes to the best water geysers in India, you do not have to worry about the degradation of indoor air quality.

Efficiency and Performance: Before buying the best water heater, efficiency and performance both are good-to-consider factors. Electric water heaters are more efficient as compared to fuel-fried geysers or water heaters. Unlike other water heaters, they ensure quick water heating regardless of outdoor temperature.

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1 Name of Best Water Heaters in India of 2020

Name of Best Water Heaters in India of 2020

1. V-Guard Pebble 15L Water Heater – 5 Star Rated Geyser in Ivory Color

01_V-Guard Pebble 15L Water Heater

Pebble water heaters range by V-Guard is one of the most preferred water heaters in India–embellished with stylish design and stunning colours .V-Guard Pebble 15L Water Heater features unique EPAC tank, Incoloy heating element, Whirlflow Technology, and high-pressure withstanding. In other words, this water heater is precisely designed to meet all water heating needs.

Anti-Corrosion Coating: V-Guard Pebble Water Heaterfeature rust-resistant outer covering made from ABS material. The inner layer of the tank is coated with thick anti-corrosive material(EPAC).

Energy Efficiency: V-Guard 15L Water Heater has 5-star BEE energy ratings, ensuring highly efficient performance every day – ideal for long-life usage.

Special Features: This water heater also features superior quality Incoloy heating element, effectively performing even in heating hard water. It comes with interchangeable front panels that are available in 6 colours.

Design: V-Guard Pebble 15L Water Heater is counted amongst the best water heaters in India. It is aesthetically designed to suit different bathroom settings and ensures customization of appearance to use for your kitchen or bathroom

Other Specifications: Pebble Water Heater functions on up to pressure of 8 kg/cm2. It is an ideal option for multi-floor buildings and commercial use. It weighs 7.7kg and comes with dimensions of 49.6x47x42.2 cm.


  • Engineered Polymer Anti Corrosive Technology used to design the inner part of the tank
  • Comes with interchangeable front panels
  • ABS outer body
  • Incoloy heating element for added durability
  • Works well in hard water conditions


  • No cons as of now

2. Crompton Amica ASWH-2015 15-Litre Storage Water Heater (Black and White)

best water heater in India

Encased in a sleek and shiny white silhouette is this storage water heater by Crompton that is the ultimate example of a modernized geyser. It comes with a standby cutoff option that helps in reducing the electricity bill.

>>>Attractive Features

  1.  8 Bar Pressure – Capable of sustaining high pressure, the electric water heater can fill up quickly with higher feed tap pressure.
  2.  Copper Heating Element – Offering great insulation properties, better heating conditions and even better corrosion resistance is the copper heating element of the Crompton heater.
  3.  Magnesium Anode – Ensuring longevity by barring corrosion for longer is the quality magnesium built anodes that shall protect your geyser.
  4.  Faster Water Heating – The Amica heater comes with a powerful heating element of about 1200 gm that supports faster heating.
  5.  Super Polymer Coating – Coated with super polymers that prevent the contamination of water, leaving room for only clean and hygienic water.

CG Power and Industrial Solutions, previously known as Crompton Greaves are a well-known, and well-established brand name in the appliance industry. Their products are long-lasting and are known to be of excellent quality.


  • Energy saver
  • High-quality steel tank
  • Great pressure resistance
  • Fast heating properties
  • Long-lasting
  • 2+5+3 years of warranty


  • Services can be slow

3. AOSmith Storage Green Series SDS-15 LTRWater Heater–Durable, Multicolored Geyser

03_AO Smith Storage Green Series SDS-15 LTR Water Heater

Designed with advanced technology, AO Smith Storage Green Series Water Heater ensures superior quality and maximum energy saving. Made by India’s reputed manufacturing brand, this smart appliance is surely one of the best water heaters in India. With a 5-star BEE energy rating, AO Smith 15L Water Heater can bring the smartness of advanced technologies to your everyday water heating routine.

5-Star Performance: designed to offer international level quality and performance, this 5-star 15L water heater comes with easy-to-change temperature settings, longer warranties, and interchangeable colour panels.

Blue Diamond Glass Lined Tank: Blue diamond technology is used in the best water heaters by AO Smith. It ensures increased durability of the inner tank. The Inner Body of the tanker offers maximum resistance against corrosion.

Glass-Coated Heating Element: Sediment build-up can contribute to the premature performance. Glass coated heating elements are used in the best geysers in India to ensures hassle-free functionality and quick water heating action.

Superior Quality: this 5-star water heater features a Titanium enamel glass-lined tank for added protection against corrosion and hard water conditions. 2mm thick inner steel is efficient enough to tolerate 8 bars pressure.

Anti-Corrosive Anode: American Micronic 15L Water Heater comes with anti-corrosive Magnesium Anode for added safety and great corrosion resistance.

Other Specifications: the best water heater comes with the best specifications. To justify that, this water heater comes with 42 mm PUF Insulation, three power modes, and weather-proof fire-retardant cable.


  • Blue Diamond Technology for added durability
  • BEE 5-star rating
  • High-quality glass coated heating element
  • Anode rod to ensure increased protection against corrosion
  • Safety valve to relieve pressure


  • A few customers have noticed installation and service-related issues
  • A bit expensive
  • Dim lights for indication

4. Bajaj New Shakti GL 25-Litre Vertical Storage Water Heater – White Geyser with 3-Star BEE Ratings

Bajaj New Shakti GL 25-Litre Vertical Storage Water Heater – White Geyser with 3-Star BEE Ratings

BajajElectricals has managed to gain great popularity for manufacturing the best water heaters in India. If you are concerned about factors like energy saving, durable performance, and quality, Bajaj New Shakti 25L Water Heater is the right choice for you. Witness the seamless functionality every day and get instant hot water for better bathing experience with Bajaj New Shakti Water Heater– one of the best water heaters in India.

Design: Bajaj New Shakti Water Heater features a superior quality plastic outer body with non-rustic and non-corrosive properties. The body ensures high durability.

Energy Efficient: high-performance water heater is rated with 3-star BEE energy efficiency which means it is a good-to-go home appliance.

Inner Tank: With the storage capacity of 25L, this smartly designed storage water heater is one of the best water heaters in India. It features a non-corrosive, glass-lined inner storage tank, ensuring added durability.

Superior Performance: Bajaj New Shakti GL Storage Water Heater keeps the heat intact inside the tank and gives you seamless heated water.

Anti-Corrosive Anode: American Micronic 15L Water Heater comes with anti-corrosive Magnesium Anode for added safety and great corrosion resistance.

Other Specifications: This 25L water heater features a tubular type heating element, safety valve, mild steel tank with glass-lined coating. The water heater has a net weight of 12.8kg and a gross weight of 14kg.


  • Non-corrosive inner PUFtank coating for added durability
  • High-quality heating element for prolonged use
  • 25L storage capacity
  • Non-rustic and non-corrosive water heater body
  • The longer heat retention period
  • Safe to use


  • Hard to monitor the temperature
  • Some consumers have complained about bad packaging and the absence of a few accessories

5. Bajaj New Shakti GL Storage Water Heater 15L – 4Star Geyser with PUF Insulation

Bajaj New Shakti GL Storage Water Heater 15L

Offering compact water heating solutions for your home, Bajaj Electricals is considered as one of the best water heater brands in India. Comes with sensational design and premium quality, Bajaj New Shakti 15L GL Storage Water Heater can be a suitable option for your kitchen or bathroom.

Convenient to Use: this water heater offers a better way to get refreshing hot water during freezing winter days. It is portable and quite comfortable to use. Bajaj’s storage water heaters are an ideal addition for your bathroom or kitchen.

Storage Capacity: Bajaj New Shakti Water Heater comes with 15L storage capacity and is perfect to use for any sized bathroom. Its stylish design can add a touch of charm to your kitchen or bathroom décor.

Durable Geyser: One of the best water heaters brands in India, Bajaj has designed its New Shakti range of the best water heaters to offer high durability. It features a non-rustic and non-corrosive tank body with glass-lined inner coating.

Safety: Bajaj’s GL storage water heaters come with multifunctional values to offer maximum safety. It also features fire-retardant cable, Incoloy heating element, and safety systems safeguard to prevent over-heating.

Energy Efficiency: This 3-star 15L storage water heater goes easy on your pocket with lower electricity cost and great energy saving. One of the best geysers in India, this home appliances also features PUF insulation and 2 years warranty.


  • Glass-lined inner tank coating
  • Saves electricity cost
  • PUF insulation for keeping the water hot for longer period
  • The non-rustic and non-corrosive outer body


  • The installation process can bother you
  • You need to buy accessories separately

6. Racold Pronto Neo 3L 3KW Instant Water Heater – White Geyser with Fastest Water Heating Power

Racold Pronto Neo 3L 3KW Instant Water Heater

Appealing and durable, the Pronto Neo Instant Water Heater can make your bathing experience hassle-free and soothing. Racold 3L White Geyserfeatures the fastest heating power element for instant hot water in the harsh winter days.

  • High-Pressure Resistance: Racold Pronto Neo Instant Water Heater can withstand high-pressure resistance capacity, making it an ideal option for multi-floor buildings and other high-pressure pump applications.
  • Safe to use: This Instant Water Heater can provide three safety levels to ensure protection against high temperature and pressure. It features cutout thermostat and safety valve for added protection.
  • PUF Insulation: One of the best water heaters in India, Racold Pronto Neo geyser features thick or high-density PUF for ensured temperature and heat retention inside. This geyser ensures improved energy efficiency and maximum electricity saving.
  • Special Features: 3L instant water heater with other attractive features like anti-syphon system, thermostat, and a cutout to ensure additional safety for the users.
  • Warranty: If you are searching for the best water heater in India, then opting for Racold Pronto Neo 3L Instant Water Heater can be a great option to consider. It comes with 2 years of warranty. And the heating element comes with 5 years of warranty.


  • Stylish Italian design
  • Three levels of safety against high-temperature and pressure
  • 5 years warranty on the heating element
  • High-power heating element for instant water heating
  • No backflow of water


  • A few consumers have noticed the missing of warranty card in the packaging

7. Crompton Solarium Neo 15-Litre Storage Water Heater with Installation Pipe(Ivory)

electric water heater

Visually bold and fantastic. Boasting a creamy white, silky appearance is the Solarium Neo by Crompton that not just looks the part but delivers on the functionality too. It comes equipped with triple-shield protection that makes it last better. Also, the 15 litres of storage capacity makes it ideal for a small to medium-sized family.

>>>Attractive Features:

  1. Incoloy Heating Element – Provides excellent corrosion resistance and strength at higher temperatures that make it last longer.
  2. Gyroscopic Technology – Helps in faster healing by maintaining a separation between the hot and cold water flow.
  3. Insitu PUF – Escalating the mechanical strength, the PUF increases the insulation properties of the geyser and eventually cuts down your cost on high electricity bills.
  4. Triple Shield Protection – The magnesium anode prevents corrosion, the enamel Incoloy extends the life of the electric water heater by 33% and the glass line coating further adds a protective layer to the tank solidifying its longevity claim.
  5. Smart Energy Management – Equipped with a standby cut off feature that enables it to manage the energy usage smarty without compromising its efficiency.

Undoubtedly one of the best water heaters in India by Crompton, the brand is a name to trust. Possessing niche expertise in the market since its foundation back in 1878, Crompton offers exceptional product quality at reasonable prices.


  • Precision sense to cut off the water when excessively hot
  • 10 bar pressure
  • 5 star rated for energy efficiency
  • Compact design
  • Rust-proof ABS body


  • Delays in services reported

8. Racold Eterno 2 25L 2KW Storage Water Heater – 5 Star Geyser in White and Metallic Violet Hues

Racold Eterno 2 25L 2KW Storage Water Heater

Shopping for the best water heater in India isn’t easy as it sounds. Modishly designed to take care of your good mornings, Rocold Eterno 25L Storage Water Heater is a sturdy appliance to buy.

Smart Bath Logic: this 5-star water heater is empowered by Smart Bath Logic to offer complete customization of your bathing needs. You can adjust the regulator to get the preferable mode of bathing. This contributes to 40% of electricity saving.

Energy Efficiency: When it comes to discovering the best geysers in India, we often consider energy efficiency in the first place. Racold Eterno 25L Water Heater is a 5-star storage water heater, ensuring the highest energy and electricity saving.

Prolonged use: The best quality water heater features a special deflector to encourage the slow mixing of hot and cold water in the inner tank. This feature also ensures the availably of hot water for a prolonged period.

Smart Guard: The heating element of this best quality water heater is equipped with a special anode. It employs an electrolytic process to protect the heating element against corrosion.

Sturdy Heating Element: Rocold Eterno Water Heater comes with a high-quality titanium coated heating element for enhanced protection and durable life span.

Other Specifications: This 25L water heater works on polymer protective coating technology. Its high-pressure resisting power makes it an ideal pick for multi-floor buildings. You will get 7 years of warranty on the tank and 3-years warranty on the heating element.


  • Smart Mix Technology
  • Smart Guard for Prolong life of the heating element
  • The intelligent Smart Bath Logic function
  • High-pressure resistance
  • 5-star energy efficiency


  • Doesn’t come with an LED light indicator
  • After-sale services by the brand can slightly bother you

9. Havells Monza EC 15L Storage Water Heater – Energy Efficient Geyser with 5 Star BEE Rating

Havells Monza EC 15L Storage Water Heater

The perfect addition to bathrooms and high-rise buildings, Havells Monza EC 15L Water Heater is counted amongst the best water heaters. Precisely manufactured to offer you a comfortable and relaxed bathing experience, Havells Monza EC is a must-have water heater.

High-Rated Water Heater: Havells 15L Water Heater is 5-star rated appliances to ensure high energy saving. Manufactured by one of the best water heater brands in India, it features high-density PUF insulation.

Incoloy Heating Element: The best quality water heater has a glass-coated Incoloy heating element, ensuring world-class performance. It also offers great resistance to carbonization and oxidation at high-temperature settings. Suitable to use for hard water conditions.

Durable Inner tank: Havells Monza 15L Storage Water Heater comes with a durable inner tank that is efficiently tested. The inner tank is coated with dry powder feroglass. It offers high resistance against corrosion.

Long-Lasting Performance: 15L Storage Water Heater features a single weld link tank that is made from thick cold rolled steel with superior quality. It is also equipped with heavy-duty Magnesium anode for added protection.

Other special features: This water heater comes with water tubes made to work on Whirl Flow Technology. Heating an indication lamp for easy monitoring of the heating level. This vertical storage water heater comes in multiple colour options.


  • Manual temperature control option
  • Heating indicator
  • Vertical installation type
  • 5-star rated storage water heater
  • CFC free PUF insulation
  • 5 years warranty on inner tank and 2 years warranty on the product


  • No remote controller
  • Only available in ivory and white colour
  • Installation can be a daunting task

10. Bajaj Majesty Duetto LPG 6L Water Heater (White) – A blend of Durability and Reliably

Bajaj Majesty Duetto LPG 6L Water Heater

Ensuring a secure way of relishing freezing winter mornings, Bajaj Majesty Duetto LPG 6L Water Heater is surely a good-to-buy home appliance. An ideal blend of durability and reliably, Bajaj is considered as one of the best water heater brand.

Multiple Safety Options: LPG 16L Water Heater by Bajaj features multiple safety options like anti-freeze device, child lock, flame-failure and more.

Overheat Protection: By shopping for one of the best water heaters in India, you do not need to worry about over-heating. The overheat protection feature of the water heater ensures added safety.

Advanced Combustion Technology: Equipped with advanced combustion technology, this water heater provides superior thermal efficiency and high performance.

Smart Guard: The heating element of this best quality water heater is equipped with a special anode. It employs an electrolytic process to protect the heating element against corrosion.

Special Features: This 6L water heater comes with dry heat protection, auto ignition, copper heat exchanger, 20-minute timer, inlet water flow sensor, and flame failure protection device.

Storage Capacity: Comes with 6L storage capacity, Bajaj Majesty Duetto LPG 6L Water Heater ensures convenience for all types of users.


  • 80 Degree Celsiusof maximum hot water temperature
  • Precoated steel body for durability
  • Overheat protection cut-off
  • Inlet water flow sensor
  • Multiple adjustable knobs for winter and summer, glass flow and water flow


  • No LED light indication
  • Mounting confusion can be bothering
  • Installation can be a daunting task

Final Thoughts

The best 10 water heaters listed above are an ideal combination of quality, efficiency, and reliability. We, at K2 Appliances, focus on featuring the top-rated home appliances to make your shopping process an easy go. We recommend you consider the above-mentioned top 10 water heaters in India and bring the splash of comfort to your everyday life. You can also have a look at our featured list of top 10 water heater brands in India to meet your requirements. Hope you have a happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Havells, Usha, Orient, Morphy Richards, Bajaj, Venus, A.O. Smith, Kenstar and Crompton are the best electric water heater brands in India since they offer quality, performance and durability. Their after-sales service has also been quite well so far.

Hard water contributes to dry skin and hair. The minerals present in hard water can even weaken the pH balance of your skin, making it dull. This is because hard water contains salts of calcium and magnesium.

This causes corrosion problems and forms rust inside the walls of the geyser. If your home receives hard water, look for a geyser with a corrosive resistant tank and glass coated copper Incoloy heating element for greater durability. You can also fix a water softener in the geyser to turn hard water into soft water.

Incoloy heating element is made up of nickel, chromium and iron. It works against high temperatures and corrosion effectively. This impacts the overall performance and durability of the geyser.

The life of the water heater depends on the quality as well as the amount of hot water required. On an average, depending upon the usage, capacity, build-quality and brand, the best water heater will last for at least 10-12 years.  Moreover, with proper servicing and maintenance, it may last for 15 years. However, it is suggested to replace the geysers after 10 years because of calcium deposits.

In case you have kept the geyser on accidentally (in the absence of water supply), the water heater switches off automatically as the coil temperatures reach a specific cut-off point.   When the heating element gets overheated, the thermal switch trips that cut off the electrical supply.

First of all, you should notice whether the heater is giving out enough hot water or losing out on it at regular intervals. If there is a steady flow of hot water, it shows that your geyser is working all well.  But, if the temperature fluctuates or water output accompanies sediments, it’s time to switch to the best water heater for home.  Some other signs of replacing the water heater include deterioration of the tank, leakage in tank and hot water getting rusty coloured.

As the name implies, gas geysers work on gas and electric geysers work on electricity. Though the gas geysers are cheaper than the electric ones, they are not that much safe to use. Consider the following pointers to get a better understanding.

  • Gas geysers are more energy-efficient. The overall energy efficiency of an electric geyser is less.
  • Electric geysers produce hot water in seconds.
  • Sometimes, gas geysers don’t work properly in rainy seasons.
  • The life span of the electric geyser is more than gas geysers since the heating burners of the gas geyser tend to damage often.
  • There is no risk of leakage with the electric geyser.
  • The best electric water heaters are environment friendly whereas gas geysers tend to release carbon monoxide.
  • Electric geysers are easy to install. Gas geysers take time as you have to install LPG cylinders & check for the ventilation space as well.

With that said, the best heater in India is the electric geysers.

EF or energy factor defines the overall efficiency of the water heater. Energy is measured by a star rating. The higher the star rating, the energy-efficient will be the water heater. Water heaters with higher EFs may cost more in the beginning but will save costs and energy in the long run. The water heaters come with an energy rating of up to 5 stars and therefore, it is an important factor to take into consideration.

The market is littered with thousands of options for water heaters. If you are looking to replace the old one or buy a new one, there are various important factors you need to consider such as:

  • The size of your family and usage
  • Type of water heaters – electric or gas
  • The material of the water tank – copper, stainless steel or thermoplastic
  • Anti-scale and anti-corrosive
  • Insulation and pressure
  • Heating element
  • Auto-off feature
  • Power consumption
  • Build and material
  • Durability and maintenance
  • After-sales service
  • warranty

For a detailed guide on how to buy the best water heater for home, stop by K2 Appliances.

It is not recommended to install a water heater on your own unless you are a professional. It’s better to seek help from an authorized service centre. Today, various manufacturers offer installation service when you purchase their product.

If your water is not supplying adequate hot water or producing lukewarm water, the most common reasons could be –

  • The inner tank is choked with sediments and scaling
  • The thermostat/heating element has burned out.

In case your geyser is left ON for a longer time, there are high chances of it getting overheated and getting burst that can result in major mishappening. However, some of the geysers, manufactured today, come with an auto cut-off feature that switches off the geyser automatically after some time. This saves energy and also avoid any chances of an accident.

Usually, the appliance consumes less electricity as compared to TVs, refrigerators or AC. On average, the geyser consumes about 60 units of electricity units per month when used for an hour in a day.

Normally, no sound is heard but a faint buzzing sound is heard that may be due to building up of limes in the tank. Check the heating element also for any fault.

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