Best tips to wash clothes in a fully automatic washing machine

So many different models.

So many different designs and specifics.

And then there’s frequent addition of new technologies.

It is bound to be confusing!

Even if you are familiar with the concept of fully automatic washing machine, things can go left everytime you see a new model.

But don’t worry! We have got you covered.

In this blog we shall discuss:

  • What is a fully automatic washer?
  • Various types of fully automatic washers
  • How to use each type specifically

What is a Fully Automatic Washing Machine?

As the name suggests, the machine is completely automatic.

That means, unlike the semi-automatic washing machines, you need not put in much labour with this one.

Just sit back and enjoy your tea.

Or invest your time in other home-tasks, because a fully automatic machine can handle it all on its own.

All you need to do is, put in your dirty laundry in the machine.

Add some washing powder.

And press a few buttons.

That’s it!

A fresh and fragrant lot of laundry will be out in minutes.

But here comes the confusing part.

Basically, there are two types of fully automatic washers.

  • Top loading
  • Front loading

Both of them have a different way of loading the laundry in.

Not abiding by those instructions might actually harm your washer in one way or the other.

Eventually making it shrink its service life or efficiency on a whole.

So, without any further ado, let’s start discussing the ways to use these specific types of washers.

Step #1 – Add Detergent

Beware – There are a lot of detergent powders available in the market that are specifically designed only for top-loading machines.

Do not mix the top-loading power with the front loading powder.

This may cause a potential harm to the efficiency of your washing machine.

So, once you have chosen the right detergent, take a scoop or two scoops of it (as per your load density) and put it into the powder dispenser.

If your machine model doesn’t have a specific dispenser, you can put it in the drum itself.

Step #2 –  Add Laundry

Put in your dirty clothes while making sure you leave enough room for the drum to move.

Overloading the machine can result in unclean laundry, unremoved hard stains, or detergent soared clothes.

For best results, just check if you can easily fit a hand in the drum after throwing in all your laundry.

Step #3 – Select the Cycle

Each fabric type is different, and so is its washing procedure.

With the latest technology making it easier, all you need to do is press the button that best defines the material of your laundry.

For example, there is a delicate cycle for all your delicate clothes and undergarments.

There is a jeans wash, for rougher fabrics like denim.

And there is a fuzzy mode, where there is a mixture of different materials of clothes.

So read the labels and pick the right one simply.

Step #4 – Unload As Soon As Possible

When the cycle is complete, and you hear your fully automatic washing machine calling you with a beep, make sure you unload the clean laundry soon.

Not doing so may result in loss of freshness and a stale smell coming out of the clothes because of low air inflow inside the tub.

Easy, isn’t it?

That was all about the Best top loading washing machines.

Now, let’s quickly jump on to the specifics of the front loading type.

Note: The front-loading types can be a bit trickier since they offer a lot more functionalities.

So many buttons on the top can be confusing.

But let’s make it simple for you.

How to Use a Front Loading Washing Machine?

Step #1 – Fill in Correctly

As we discussed above, there are some detergent powders and liquids designed just for a specific type of washer model.

Hence, the first step would be to select the perfect power.

Then decide on the dosage as per the quantity of your clothes.

The dosage may also depend upon some other factors like, the hardness of water in your area, the amount of stains on the clothes, etc.

Once you have poured in the optimum amount of washing powder/liquid, open the detergent drawer of the washing machine and pour it in.

Step #2 – Load it Up

Open the tub door and put the dirty laundry in.

Don’t overfill the machine to avoid obstructing the proper movement of the tub.

You can do the same test to know if you have reached the maximum loading limit by placing your palm in the drum to see if it moves easily.

If it doesn’t, take some of the clothes out positively.

Step #3 – Choose the Right Temperature

All the garments have a fabric care label on the inner back.

Check those labels out and sort the clothes that require the same washing temperature for an optimum wash.

If not, you can always choose to pour in cold water as it seldom harms most fabrics.

Step #4 – Select the Cycle

On the basis of the type of fabric or their label instructions, choose the cycle on the machine.

Fabrics like cotton are more durable. Hence, they are more fit for a faster cycle.

For delicate ones like silk, choose a slower cycle.

Step #5 – Get, Set , Go!

Close the door properly and press the start button.

Most automatic models don’t work until the door is closed properly.

It may also give you a sign of some sort to tell you the door is not properly closed.

Step #6 – Unload 

For a fresher experience, pull out the clothes off the washer as soon as the cycle ends.

If you are busy, you can also leave the door open once you turn off the machine and carry on with the drying process later.

That was all about the Best Front loading washing machine.


In this blog we discussed how you can get the best wash, every single time, with your automatic washing machine.

It is to be noted that choosing a good washing powder is as crucial for the wash as a good machine.

So make sure you follow all these simple instructions and work out your dirty laundry perfectly.

For more tips and information on kitchen and home appliances, refer to our home page.

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