Best OTG Oven for a Taste of Heaven – Expert Buying Guide 2020

Bored with the routine dal-roti-sabzi? Have your children started bringing their lunch tiffins back home unfinished?

It might not be their fault completely.

According to the reports of PubMed Central, sticking to the same diet every day not just promotes boredom, but increases the risk of nutritional deficiencies.

Our body needs a vast variety of fruits, pulses, and staples all together to get through the day to day hustles.

You know what can help? Shopping for the top 10 oven toaster grill in India.

Neither too costly, nor so difficult to operate. Oven toasters are your perfect partners in crime to produce delicious food with nutrition at home.

Let’s Explore a Little More about this Super Appliance.

The topics we are going to cover are:

  • How OTG’s can turn you into Supermoms?
  • Is owning an OTG really worth it?
  • Tips to buy that perfectly suiting OTG

How OTG can turn you into a Supermom?

The device comes with a lot of understated benefits.

We all know the main ones, namely, grilling, baking, toasting, roasting, etc.

But knowing what all it can help you make, will amaze you.

The best OTG oven does not just help you cook faster but also keeps your electricity bills in check by saving energy.

It is also found that it usually utilizes much less oil, ghee or butter in prepping food (especially while using a non-stick baking tray).

They usually come with a cooking timer, that allows you to be in full control of what you are doing. Hence the end-product is delivered with precision.

Not just Indian delicacies, OTGs can be used to cook a lot of Mexican and Italian meals in a jiffy. For example, pizzas, lasagnas, nachos, etc.

best otg oven

A lot of top 10 oven toaster grills in India come with attachments like rotisserie rod set, wire rack, crumb tray, and tongs.

The rotisserie forks can be used to drill paneer tikka, roast chicken or prepare kebabs effortlessly.

With integrated stay-on technology, they help to maintain the warm temperature of food for a long time without compromising its freshness and flavor.

It has a keep-warm functionality that helps to keep the food warm for a long time without compromising its flavor and freshness.

Is owning an OTG really worth it?

Usually known as a ‘Baker’s Delight’, OTGs bake (pun intended) the world a better place for food enthusiasts.

As said by the famous Masterchef India 2016 contestant and food blogger, Pooja Khanna, ‘OTG is ideal for professional bakers or people who are looking for a dedicated appliance to bake, grill and toast’.

They do come with a vast set of advantages and are great budget buys.

  • They are portable. The best OTG ovens can be moved easily and are very lightweight.
  • They are cheaper and let you get rid of extra expenses that follow buying a number of different appliances for the same nature of work.
  • They consume less electricity and let you blow off the LPG expenses altogether.
  • Metal vessels can be used in OTGs. So there is no need to buy special equipment or vessels to accompany it.

Tips to Buy that Perfectly Suiting OTG

Now that you are aware of all the advantages and benefits that entail owning an OTG, it’s of utmost importance that you get acquainted with these expert tips.

These will help you choose the perfect one for you.


This is one of the most important features that should grab your attention. 

Directly proportional to your family size and its food habits, you must choose one of the top 10 oven toaster grills in India that caters to that need.

For a normal-sized Indian family, one with a capacity of 20-40 L should work great.

Power Consumption Rate

The bigger the size, the more energy it consumes. However, in general, an OTG consumes much less energy than a microwave oven.

Tip: If you like to prepare a lot of baked items, you should consider buying one with a higher power wattage.


You can choose between an Analog or Digital control system as per your preferences and usage.

Analogs come for a smaller price whereas digital ones are more accurate and easy to control.


If you are a vegetarian, this section shouldn’t really bother you. And you can save money by going for the best OTG oven that comes for a smaller price without the rotisserie function.

However, if you need this function, go for the automatic one.

Keep Warm Function

A lot of top OTGs come with this function. As discussed above, this function helps keep your food fresh and warm for a longer time.

It also ensures that the feel to re-heat food doesn’t arise that often.

Auto-Shut Off Function

Lazy one? Save yourself from multiple trips to the kitchen and back by opting for an OTG that comes with an auto-shutoff function.

This function shuts off the oven whenever the food is done, automatically.

Additional Attachments

Ask for additional attachments such as skewer, detachable crumb tray, and baking pan. 

A majority of devices come with that anyway. But make sure you check for it.

Price and Warranty

The price varies with a lot of factors like the size, capacity, power wattage, etc. 

However, the best oven toaster griller price varies from 7k-15k.

Make sure you check the appliance for an extended warranty card. Also, go through the reviews before rushing into buying a particular model.

(You can always check our top 10 blog with all the features and pros/cons of the best models listed as per the expert reviews).


OTGs are a great buy for any home. It lets you add variety to life which wouldn’t otherwise be possible barehandedly.

You can prepare a number of dishes from different cuisines all over the world in a matter of minutes. And that too, without the usage of expensive LPG!

Make sure you keep the above-explained tips in mind. These will definitely guide you to get a great value for the money you are about to invest.

For a greater buying opportunity, buy through K2’s Amazon links, and get an additional 10% cashback on all the appliances.

Shop Smart, Shop with K2!

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