Top 10 Best Hand Blender in 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Do you eat food daily? You might be thinking what an obvious question is this? Of course, everyone eats their meals daily. But if I ask, do you cook and do all that chopping things? Many of us will be in dilemma and we will be getting different responses like sometimes, daily and many other. For most of us, the reason behind not cooking daily is that it requires a lot of hard work and is a very tiring job. What if I tell you an absolutely amazing solution to your problem and turn this tiring job into a fun task. Yes, the one innovative solution to your problem is a hand blender.

An electric hand blender is one of the most innovative inventions in the world of kitchen appliances. It not only save your time but also saves your efforts as well. A hand blender also known as immersion blender or stick blender is a portable and convenient way of getting your vegetable blend altogether. It is just a stick-like an appliance which has a motor inserted at the upper part and blending blade at the bottom. It is an absolute multi-function revolution in your electronic appliance space. As it can perform various activities for you and can provide you the luxurious experience while cooking. You can use a hand blender for:

  • Blending the paste
  • Chopping the vegetables
  • Whipping the smoothie cream
  • Preparing soup
  • Preparing sauces
  • And many more such delicious delicacies

Also, one major advantage in using an electric hand blender is that you don’t need to shift your food into any other pot or a jar as the hand mixer is compatible with each and every utensil. Thus, it saves your efforts and makes your cooking effortless. So, it is better to have a best hand blender in your kitchen as it will not take much time to turn into your best friend in your kitchen. But the problem that arises is, how would you know which is the most suitable hand blender online India for your cooking style? Don’t worry we will help you out, as we have a reviewed top 10 hand blender for you, that have the best specifications, features, hand blender price and will suit your cooking style. Also, they are the best hand blender brand in India 2023.

1. Philips Daily Collection HL1655/00 250-Watt Hand Blender (White)

Philips is one of the leading companies in providing better health technology. The company focuses on improving people’s health with their innovations and products. Philips uses deep technical knowledge and consumer insights for providing the best result to their customers.

  • Portable– Philips hand blender is light in weight and provides ease in carrying it wherever you want to. Also, the hand blender provides you the slim and easy grip for proper handling of the immersion blender.
  • Removable blades– Philips hand blender provide you the convenience of removing the blades that can help you in whisking of cream or any beverages. Thus, making your cooking much easier.
  • Easy to clean– Philips hand blender comes with stainless steel rod which makes it an efficient blender. Also, the hand blender is easy to clean and maintain as well. This is one of the best mixer blenders in India.
  • Easy to use– For controlling the speed and to switch the blender on/off there is a single trigger press. It is easy to hold and press. Thus, resulting in quick blending of the ingredients.
  • Long blending– The hand blender offers a long time blending. You can chop or blend your ingredients for around good 20 minutes non-stop. Isn’t it great?

The Philips hand blender is an astounding appliance for all their customers. As with blending large quantity ingredients, it also offers you to do the multi-tasking by just removing its blades. This rust proof blender can work as your right hand during the cooking task.  Also, this is a famous best hand blender online brand in India. The price of hand blender in India is also very reasonable.


  • Highly efficient blender
  • Portable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Handy and strong grip
  • Fine chopping and blending
  • Rust free appliance


  • None; as per our research

2. Inalsa Hand Blender Robot 2.5PS 200-Watt | With Low Noise DC Motor | Detachable Stem | Multipurpose Stainless Steel Blade ( White )

Inalsa is one of the reputed companies in the global kitchenware market. It has always been the first choice for the customers due to its amazing customer satisfying products and services. Being one of the fastest growing companies, Inalsa focuses on providing high quality innovative products and professional services to its customers.

  • Fine and sharp blending– The Inalsa electric hand blender online comes with super sharp versatile stainless steel blades. This results in high quality blending every time. These blades are suitable for preparing smoothies, shakes and many more. It allows you easy blending of hard ingredients as well.
  • Single button operation– For fast and convenient operations, the immersion blender comes with single button operation. You can operate the blender with just one press. This allows the customers to perform all the tasks with a single button.
  • Anti-splash technology– The Inalsa hand blender comes with the blades that provide anti-splash free facility to the customers. There are splash guard covers that keep the blade safe and covered. This prevents the direct contact of the vessel with the blades and ensures that there is no splashing and no liquid entering to the shaft.
  • Speedy preparation of food– With Inalsa hand blender online you can experience a speedy meal preparation. This blender is 200W powerful that eliminates any kind of blending delay. Thus, there is no holding back and you can enjoy your food in very less time.
  • Easy to use– The Inalsa electric hand blender constitutes of a detachable stem inserted in it. The hand blender comes with ergonomic handle and shock proof body. Thus, provides the customer convenient and comfortable blending.

With this ergonomic hand blender, you can simplify your hectic life. For instant mouth watering dishes make this Inalsa hand blender your best friend. It helps in reducing the preparation time and thus saves the efforts of chopping and whipping altogether. Also hand blender price is also very reasonable.


  • Speedy chopping
  • Anti-splash facility
  • One press operation
  • Powerful blending
  • Easy to maintain
  • Astonishing design


  • Blade portion is slightly thick

3. Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix 350-Watt Hand Blender

With a great market presence, Maharaja Whiteline is serving the households with a variety of kitchen appliances from more than 40 years. The company is an established leader in the global market of kitchen appliances. The company holds the title of 2nd most known brand in the vast country India due to the reliability and efficiency hold by their products. Thus, it manufactures best electric hand blender in India.

  • Hanging Loop– the Maharaja Whiteline stick blender focuses on the convenience of the customers. Thus, the product comes with a hanging loop that allows the customer to hang the blender in any corner of the kitchen. Hence, saves your space.
  • Ergonomic design– The blender offers ease in using the blender. As the blender comes with a convenient grip and provides ease of holding the blender while cooking.
  • Keen blades– For better blending of soft and hard products, the blender comes with sharp blades. Thus, you can enjoy smoothies and shakes at your home with the help of this hand blender.
  • Easy cleaning– The hand blender foot can be detached from the body. This detachable plastic foot provides extra convenience while cleaning. Thus proper cleaning is possible.
  • Anti-splash facility– The electric hand blender has curved edges which don’t allow the blender foot to touch the utensil while blending. This prevents the splashing of food and eliminates the wastage as well.

This Maharaja Whiteline hand blender consumes very less power and provides powerful blending of the ingredients. The hand blender price is pocket friendly. Its sharp blades can help you to grind blend the harder ingredients without any hassle. Now you can chop and mice your vegetables without much efforts and that too in a lesser time. This is the best electric hand blender online for you.


  • Super sharp blades
  • Powerful blending
  • Portable
  • Light weight
  • Comfortable handling
  • Comfortable handling


  • Gets slightly warm during blending

4. Bajaj HM 01 250-Watt Hand Mixer (Black)

Bajaj is one of the most renowned brand in India. With its wide range of appliances, Bajaj is captivating place in almost every house in India. Its products are popular for their durability and efficiency. Slowly and gradually, this brand has around 19 branch offices all over in India with the chain of more than 1000 distributors and 282 customer care centre. The brand has been in the list of top selling hand blender as well.

  • Speed control– For perfect blending results, the Bajaj hand blender provides you the 3 speed controls. You can manage the speed by low, medium and high as per your convenience. As different ingredients require different blending speed. This can be the best hand blender for baby food
  • Dough hook– The Bajaj hand blender comes with additional dough hooks. If you are making bread dough, pizza dough or have to mix the heavy batter, dough hook will help you out.
  • Beater attachment– The hand blender offers you beater attachment as well. If you are not preparing any dough, you can detach it and attach the beater attachment to it. Hence, you can whip a cream or normal mix the ingredients with the help of the beater attachment.
  • Light weight– The Bajaj blender is light in weight. You can keep it anywhere you want to as it is a portable appliance as well.
  • Safe operation– For better operations, the hand blender comes with a push switch facility. This provides to switch on/off at the time of cooking

The Bajaj hand mixer has a stylish design that makes it more attractive to use. With 3 speed selection you can dominate the hand blender as per your convenience. The price of hand blender is very economical.  Also, an eject button is there for changing or removing of dough or blending attachments. Thus this is the best commercial immersion blender.


  • Safe operation
  • Portable
  • 3 speed selection
  • 2 different attachments
  • Stylish design
  • Powerful blending


  • Problem can arise while changing the attachment

5. Orpat HHB-100E 250-Watt Hand Blender (White)

With wide national and international presence, Orpat is a well diversified company which deals in en-number of appliances throughout the world. Orpat is continuously involved in achieving the innovations for different products. Orpat believes in providing best electric blender for their customers.

  • Durable– The hand blender comes with evenly balanced power. It crushes meat chunks and ice in a flash. Thus, Orpat hand blender has long-term durability and could be used for years with less maintenance.
  • Easy to clean– All the parts of the Orpat hand blender are detachable. This helps in easy cleaning of the blender. Also you can remove the slip grips before washing in the dishwasher.
  • Stainless steel blade– The blades of the hand blender are super sharp and are made of stainless steel. The blades grind every little part perfectly. Thus, provides you best blending results.
  • Portable– the Orpat hand blender is light in weight and compact in size. Thus, you can carry it from anywhere to everywhere. Due to its small size the blender occupies less space in kitchen.
  • Comfort grip– For better operations, the hand blender comes with a comfort grip. It is easy to hold well with a comfortable grip during the blending process.

The Orpat hand blender blends anything and everything in seconds. With a strong grip, the blender is easily operated. This blender will surely add a modern look to your kitchen with its trendy design. Also, this lightweight hand blender saves your time, efforts and money altogether. This electric hand blender price is under 1000.


  • Compact
  • Stylish
  • Efficient
  • Portable
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to maintain


6. Inalsa Hand Blender Robot INOX 1000 Powerful 3 in 1 | Chopper / Whisker | Silent 800 Watt DC Motor | Variable Speed | 600 ml Multipurpose Jar |LED Light | 2 Yr. Warranty | (Silver/Black)

Inalsa is a renowned company in the kitchen appliance market. With the main focus on premium quality products and professional services, Inalsa has been one of the fastest growing appliance companies. Each and every product manufactured by this company comes under ISO quality systems. Best quality and innovation is the hallmark for this company.

  • Splash free blending– The Inalsa blender blades are covered and safe. As a result direct contact of the blades and vessel could not be possible. Thus, prevents the splashing and liquid entering from the shaft.
  • Multi-function blending– The blender offers variable functionality as you can go for a variable speed and the turbo function wherever you think mixing is difficult. With this feature you can make pizza dough, cookies, muffins and so many mouth watering dishes in just seconds.
  • Ergonomically designed– the hand blender comes with ergonomically design that is light in weight and allows you to control it strongly and powerfully. With full comfort and convenience, there is no holding back for any dish anymore.
  • High quality product– This Inalsa hand blender is fabricated with high quality stainless steel. It is easy to clean as well due to the supreme quality of the blender.
  • Extra accessories– with Inalsa hand blender, you get a powerful chopper, detachable stainless-steel blending wand, multi-purpose jar and a whisker. Therefore, you can enjoy the experience of smooth blend, puree, whisk and mix whatever you like to.

The Inalsa hand blender makes the cooking fun and easy with Inalsa hand blender. This light weight portable blender is used to do various function with a single appliance. Its sharp blades allow you to chop heavy ingredients with very ease.


  • Multi-functioning
  • Additional accessories
  • Premium quality
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to use
  • User friendly


  • None; as per our research

7. Boss B101 125-Watt Portable Blender, Grey

With the proper utility, innovation and durability, Boss is one of the most appreciated brands in the kitchen appliances world. The company focuses on the customer delight attribute more. The company is the first to introduce Hand Held Blenders to India in the year 1985.

  • Portable– As the name suggests, this Boss hand blender is a portable blender i.e. it is easy to carry and hold. This lightweight blender is compact in size as well. Thus, it can be fit into any corner of your kitchen.
  • Premium blending– The hand blender comes with three additional stainless steel blades. Every blade has a different function that makes the hand blender a multi-function appliance. The three blades are whisk blade, mince blade and beater blade. Also the blades are sharp enough to chop and cut everything into little particles.
  • Wall mounting stand– Wall mounting stand makes the blender easy to locate and fit. Thus, the hand blender comes with a wall-mounting stand and makes the blender easy to use. As the stick blender is light in weigh and compact I size, it can fit into a well structured wall-mounting stand.
  • Push button– The hand blender has a push button for switching on/off the blender. The button has 2 speed operations that allow you to control the speed according to your needs and convenience.
  • Less maintenance– Due to the ergonomic design of the blender, it is easy to hold that makes the operation easy. Also this simple design requires less maintenance that is easy to clean as well.

For your daily mixing and blending task, this Boss hand blender is one absolute solution for it. This is one of the best blender for smoothies in India. With the less power consumption, the blender completes its task in lesser time and in better way. Its compact design makes it compatible with any and every utensil.


  • Fine chopping
  • Multi-function appliance
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain
  • Ergonomic design
  • User friendly


  • After sometime you have to fit the blades

8. Usha 3732 300-Watt Hand Mixer with 2 Hooks (Black)

Usha is one of the most famed brand in India. With a vast range of electronics, the brand has a tie up with many of the big well established brands, such as Samsung and many more. The company has been awarded with several prestigious awards for excellent manufacturing of the products. Its hand blender also comes under the best electric blender in India. The hand blender price in India is under 1000.

  • Copper Motor– The Usha hand mixer comes with a unique type of motor i.e. copper motor. This copper motor allows the blender to run for a longer time period and that too with high performance.
  • Multiple-application– The blender allows multiple-application to the customers. The hand mixer has a 5 speed turbo setting for performing multiple applications with a single appliance. The five speed turbo setting allows the customer to adjust the speed of the hand mixer according to their convenience and need.
  • Additional hooks– The Company offers 2 additional hooks with the hand mixer. One is stainless steel hook for mixing the ingredients and the other one is stainless steel hook for kneading for cookies and cake batter.
  • Longer cord– it gets difficult to operate the hand mixer if the cord of the mixer is small. But after keeping in mind about this inconvenience, Usha offers a longer cord for flexible usage of the hand mixer.
  • Air vents– There are air vents situated inside the hand mixer. Air vents allows the proper passage for air to pass through. Thus, it prevents the unnecessary clogging of the batter and other mixture in the hand mixer.

This Usha hand mixer takes care of all your heavy cooking requirements such as mixing, whipping and kneading requirements. Thus, it offers smooth working of the hand mixer. Also, the handle is designed in such a way that the customer should get ease in holding the mixer even for long duration.


  • Proper mixing
  • Multiple-applications
  • Easy handling
  • User friendly controls
  • Stylish look
  • Copper motor for longer life


  • None; as per our research

9. Orpat HHB-100E WOB 250-Watt Hand Blender (White)

Orpat is one of the best group of companies situated in India with a vast market presence. The company manufactures premium level products with full quality inspection. The basic motto behind substantial level of production is achieving innovations for the products.

  • Compact size– The Orpat hand blender is light in weight and is compact in size. The blender occupies less space and can be controlled easily due to this feature. Also the blender is wall mounted i.e it can be hang on the wall as well.
  • Fine blending– The blender has stainless steel blades installed at the bottom of the hand blender. The blades are sharp enough to blend the hard ingredients very easily and perfectly. Thus, this is the best mixer blender in India.
  • Highly efficient– the blender comes with 6 speed function that can crush the vegetables in just few seconds. This blender consumes less power. Thus, saves you money and time altogether.
  • Stylish appearance– This stylish hand blender will be a beauty in your kitchen. As the hand blender has a contemporary style with ergonomic handle. The controls are situated at the curvy area of the hand blender making it easy and comfortable to operate.
  • Easy to clean– all the washable parts can easily detach from the motor, makes it easy to clean. Also you can wash it in the dishwasher as well but after removing the slip grips of the blender.

While performing all tasks restlessly and quickly, this Orpat hand blender allow the customers to enjoy the experience of fine chopping and blending. Also, the blender is highly efficient that helps you to save money on every electricity bill as price of hand blender is also within the limit. This blender is one of the best selling hand blender as well.


  • Highly efficient
  • Powerful blending
  • Astonishing design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comfy grip


10. Prestige PHB 5.0 200 Watt 2 Speed Hand Blender with Blending Jar

With the title of fastest growing company in the kitchen appliance market, Prestige has always been the number one choice of the customers for any kitchen requirement. This super brand focuses on putting a modern twist to old style appliances. Its wide range of products has become a helping hand for thousands of households from past many years. Also its hand blender range also comes in the list of best hand blender in India 2019.

  • Easy to handle– The amazing design of the hand blender makes it easy to handle while operating. This blender is easy to hold for a longer period of time. Thus, you can chop and blend your product effortlessly.
  • Additional jar– Keeping in mind about the inconvenience of finding the suitable utensil every time for blending, Prestige has offered a transparent blending jar with the hand blender. This helps the customer to see through and clearly keep on a check on their blending food. You can prepare lassi, juices and purees conveniently in this jar.
  • Single touch button– You can operate the blender with just a single push button. It helps in operating the blender quickly, efficiently and conveniently with just a single touch.
  • Splash free blending– The blender has a blade shield that keeps the blade covered and safe. Also, this shield prevents the direct contact of vessel with the blade. Thus, this results in splash-free blending to the customers. Also, this helps in the longer life of the product as well.
  • Highly efficient– The hand blender has a powerful motor installed in it with 2 speed setting. This ensures highly efficient and powerful operation of the blender.

This Prestige hand blender makes your kitchen work lighter and easier. With multi-functional operation, this hand blender makes it convenient for the customers to use. Now you can prepare any mouth watering dish in your home with this Prestige portable hand blender. This is one of the best blender for smoothies in India.


  • Easy to operate
  • Highly efficient
  • Splash free blending
  • Powerful blending
  • Single push button
  • Blade shield


Final Words

Taking a hand blender to your home is a very wise decision as it will simplify any cooking preparation or baking one. These are some of the best electronic hand blender which we think suit your requirements the most.

Let your hand blender be your best friend for a happy and healthy kitchen….

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