Best Espresso Coffee Maker Machine For Office

Repeat after me – There’s no such thing as ‘Too much coffee.’

Coffee or as we Indians lovingly call it ‘Kaapi’, is the sweetest thing in the world. We all enjoy an amazing cup of coffee that boosts our morning and makes us energetic enough to carry out the entire day with a smile.

The word is that ‘A cup of coffee has 6% of vitamin B5, 2% of B3 & B1 and 11% of vitamin B2.’ With that said, coffee becomes an essential component of our daily diet. 

But brewing that freshly grounded cup of heaven is a complicated process and let’s face it, who has the time to rush to a cafe every morning, right? So why not set up one’s own barista by bringing home a coffee espresso machine.

The best coffee machine India lets you brew your cup of Joe just the way you want it. So, beat the Monday morning blues or pull a night shift with the perfect cup of steaming hot beans of coffee with a coffee machine.

With that said, we’ve come up with the list of Top 10 coffee machine India. These coffee machines are sure to provide you with splendid, rich-tasting and nothing short of perfection coffee. 

Top 10 Best Espresso Coffee Maker Machine In India

Be it espresso shot with a cappuccino or the good old filter coffee, coffee is sure to lift your spirits and turn the day around. With multiple coffee maker machine brands in India, finding the best coffee machine that suits your taste can get intimidating. 

This is where K2 Appliances come into the picture. After spending numerous, teeth-gritting hours, we’ve listed the top-rated coffee makers that will save you from precious time and constant market trips. All you need to do is bring home one of the best coffee makers listed below and get started.

  1. E Smart Nescafe Coffee Maker
  2. Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker, Electric Titan
  3. Coffeeza Lattisso Coffee Making Machine Premium Cappuccino & Espresso Maker Machine with Milk Frother, Nespresso Capsule Pod Compatible
  4. Tecnora New Classico TCM 107 M Thermoblock Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker
  5. Morphy Richards Fresco Espresso Coffee Maker
  6. InstaCuppa French Press Coffee Maker with 4 Part Superior Filtration 600 ML, Stainless Steel
  7. Philips HD7431/20 Coffee Maker
  8. 3D Creations Coffee Machine
  9. Black + Decker BXCM1201IN Drip Coffee Maker
  10. Preethi Cafe Zest CM210 Coffee Maker

Here are the Best coffee maker machines with price

1. Nescafe Coffee Maker – E Smart

Nescafe Coffee Maker

Nescafe; the coffee of choice across the world since 1938, has now come with its coffee machine as well. This smart coffee maker by Nescafe comes with its measuring spoon and Bluetooth connectivity and is perfect for those who like their coffee hot or cold on-the-go. 

Easily controlled via an app, this best coffee maker machine in India takes only 60 to 90 seconds to prepare a cuppa. Given the thermal insulation, sturdy stainless steel interiors and leak-proof feature, you can enjoy your beverage on the go. 

The mug is pretty easy to clean as well. Simply turn ON the cleaning mode (on the app) to clean the mug. Or, since it is dishwasher safe, you can put it into the dishwasher and take a chill pill.

This lightweight and compact coffee machine can prepare a wide range of splendid coffee – be it cappuccino, espresso or a cool creamy iced coffee. Just select the option in the mobile app and get your preferred coffee any time.

Pros Cons
Smart, app-enabled hot and cold coffee maker Less capacity of 210 ml
100% leak & spill-proof mug
App and manual control
Bluetooth connectivity 
Dishwasher compatible
Frothing and heating features

2. Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker, Electric Titan

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker

Looking for a compact, stylish and handy coffee maker machine? Stop your search at Nespresso pixie espresso maker! 

This machine is made up of ABC plastic giving it an urban and modern look that you will fall in love with. Nespresso pixie espresso maker comes with one-touch buttons and two cup capacities delivering great shots of espresso and lungo. 

Given its small size, this machine would be perfect if your home or office lacks space.

This best coffee machine for office is fully automatic and comes with complimentary coffee capsules of 16 individually flavored pods with different aromas. Simply insert a coffee capsule and select the number of shots ranging from 1 to 3 ounces.

The presence of a 19 bar high-pressure pump offers a barista-style coffee, offering a burst of flavours and delicate aromas of each coffee capsules.  

All in all, this fully-programmed machine is the best choice for busy individuals who don’t have much time to prepare a barista-style espresso.

Pros Cons
Fast heat-up system Low capacity can be a downside for a large family or an office
Backlight indicators
Water level detection
Folding drip tray for larger cups
Convenient power cord storage
Auto power-off

3. Coffeeza Lattisso Coffee Making Machine Premium Cappuccino & Espresso Maker Machine with Milk Frother, Nespresso Capsule Pod Compatible

Coffeeza Lattisso Coffee Making Machine

Indulge yourself with cafe-style beverages at the touch of a button with Coffeeza lattisso machine. First of all, this machine is exquisite given its modern and beautiful design that is sure to complement the interiors of your kitchen. 

Though it can be off-budget for some, it is the best coffee machine in India with a milk frother. The attached milk frother gives you a creamy latte or cold froth. 

The dishwasher safe parts, drip tray and a grid help to maintain the cleanliness. This further makes the cleaning process easier. As the name implies, the auto turn-off feature automatically turns off the machine if it remains passive for more than 2 minutes. This feature also results in power consumption.

The presence of 19-bar Italian pressure helps to extract the perfect, rich flavour of your coffee every time, within no time (~30 seconds).

Please note that, in comparison to other Nespresso machines, this one is light on the pocket and decked with exceptional features.

Thanks to its versatility, the machine is counted among the top 10 coffee machines India. It can brew up to ten different kinds of coffee, including your favorites like espresso, cappuccino, latte, ristretto, lungo, cold coffee, etc. 

This machine offers exceptional convenience and consistency each time you prepare a cup of coffee.

One thing to consider however is that this machine works with a single cup at a time, making it a perfect home partner for bachelors. The modern gloss black finish is sure to add charm to your kitchen interiors pretty well.

Pros Cons
Versatility at its best High price
19-bar Italian pressure Lower capacity (2 cups)
Attached milk frother
Dishwasher safe parts, drip tray and a grid
Free 10 capsules box
Perfect for home or small office use
1-year warranty

4. Tecnora New Classico TCM 107 M Thermoblock Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker

Tecnora New Classico TCM 107 M Thermoblock Pump Espresso

Built with a precision thermoblock and Italian pump, Tecnora new Classico maintains the perfect taste while delivering the highest quality espresso coffee. 

This coffee machine for office comes with two pressurised portafilter baskets; one for a single espresso shot and one for a double espresso shot to get taste and aroma as you wish. 

Tecnora New Classico comes with two temperature modes, one for brewing coffee and one for preparing steam. So, the users can select whichever mode they prefer, sit back and let the machine do all the work. This coffee machine comes with a smart auto switch-off feature which guarantees safety by preventing overheating and turning the machine off consequently in a short time. 

The built-in Steamer spout with Panarello allows easy frothing of milk by giving out a steady gush of steam that adds to the already rich taste of coffee or soup.

This compact and lightweight model is the perfect coffee machine for the office. 

It is one of the best buys under this coffee machine price.

Key features:

Pros Cons
Space-saving design with a sleek finish Steam not powerful
Auto switch-off Produces noise and vibrates
1050-Watts thermoblock
Two espresso shots at a time
Built-in steamer spout with Panarello
Detachable water tan

5. Morphy Richards Fresco Espresso Coffee Maker

Morphy Richards Fresco Espresso Coffee Maker

The best part about Morphy Richards Fresco is that it comes with an affordable coffee machine price.

The machine is capable of making 4 cups of coffee in one go and also adds that delicious milk froth on top. This coffee machine comes with a removable drip tray that makes it easy for you to clean it.

In addition to that, you get other amazing features as well such as glass carafe, temperature indicator dial, heat resistant carafe and coffee strength collector.

With coffee strength adjustability feature, this coffee maker machine sets the flavour and strength that suits your taste buds.

The presence of a glass carafe makes pouring and collecting the coffee quite easily. The overheat protection ensures the product’s safety in case the temperature of the machine exceeds its limit. The stainless steel cup filter lets you enjoy the smoothest and most consistent coffee.

This machine is backed up with a warranty of two years by the manufacturer.

Pros Cons
4 cup coffee maker with milk frothing Small glass carafe
Temperature indicator dial Not so durable
Removable drip tray for easy cleaning
Turbo cappuccino nozzle
Stainless steel 2 cup filter
Glass carafe
Overheat protection for safety

6. InstaCuppa French Press Coffee Maker with 4 Part Superior Filtration 600 ML, Stainless Steel

InstaCuppa French Press Coffee Maker

No more waiting and refilling for the coffee! Brew your coffee with perfection in less than 5 minutes with InstaCuppa French press coffee maker – the best coffee maker machine in India. 

This machine consists of a 4-part filtration system that gets rid of grinds from the brew and delivers freshly brewed coffee in no time, without any electricity.

To operate the machine, all you need to do is add coarse grind coffee powder into the glass carafe, pour hot boiling water, wait for 3 to 4 minutes and press firmly. 

The borosilicate glass carafe of this espresso coffee maker has level markings to notify you of the quantity to ensure no wastage or shortage. The best thing? The glass is dishwasher safe whereas the stainless steel parts are resistant to rust.

The stylish look, compact size and lightweight feature make InstaCuppa coffee maker perfect for bachelors and nuclear families.

The heat-resistant handle allows comfortable and easy handling. The machine is backed with the manufacturer warranty of 1-year.

Pros Cons
French press with four filters Risk of over-brewing
6 cups capacity Close monitoring required
Stainless steel build
Non-slip handle
Levels marked on the carafe
Classic French design

7. Philips HD7431/20 Coffee Maker

Philips Coffee Maker

Philips is the most trusted brand when it comes to kitchen and home appliances. If you are planning to buy a coffee machine under the coffee machine price of INR 2,000, you must try Philips coffee maker. 

It is perfect for home, offices, coffee shops as well as other commercial places. This coffee machine is highly versatile as it has the ability to prepare coffee via different types of coffee blends. 

This stylish, ergonomic designed machine can serve up to 7 cups of freshly brewed coffee. It comes with an aroma twister that evenly mixes the coffee for an optimal taste and consistent aroma.

This best coffee machine in India comes with the drip-stop technology that ensures no drops of your heavenly cup of coffee is wasted. Furthermore, the dishwasher-safe parts make it easy to clean and maintain the machine. 

The machine is a lightweight and portable making it easy to carry around. Some of its other features include detachable filter holder, non-slip feet, power switch and much more. The detachable filter holder filters out unnecessary contaminants and can be removed to wipe out the coffee stains, dust, etc. 

The red light LED lights up when the coffee maker is switched ON. To add to the user’s convenience, this product is covered under the warranty of 2-years. With that said, enjoy coffee hassle-free with Philips HD7431/20 coffee maker.

Pros Cons
Easy to clean; Dishwasher safe parts  Makes a lot of noise while working
Slip-free design Longer brewing time of 10 minutes as compared to others
Water level indication for easy filling No re-heating option
LED power switc
Built-in washable filter
2-years product warranty

8. 3D Creations Coffee Machine

3D Creations Coffee Machine

If you are a budget constraint, look no further than 3D creations coffee maker machine. Unlike others, this coffee machine doesn’t run on electricity. It has to be placed on the gas stove to prepare coffee. But don’t worry, it doesn’t compromise with the taste of your coffee.

It can brew up to 6 cups at a time. The matt finish adds charm to its classic and elegant look. With this best espresso machine, you can make Italian Espresso, cappuccino, mocha and other anytime you like. 

You get a comfy handle and non-reactive interior which eliminates unwanted odours and tastes in the water.

The product comes with a manufacturer warranty of 1 year. 

Pros Cons
Comfy handle and non-reactive interior Works only on a gas stove
Coffee percolators No re-heating option
Brews 6 cups of coffee; 300ml
Has permanent filter basket
Durable Aluminium Material

9. Black + Decker BXCM1201IN Drip Coffee Maker

Black + Decker BXCM1201IN Drip Coffee Maker

Black + Decker drip coffee maker is stylish, decked with advanced features (digital display, keep warm, anti-slip feet etc.) and is a perfect coffee maker for large families and offices. 

The 1.5-litre transparent glass carafe can prepare 12 cups of coffee at a time, without much hassle. There is a digital display with 4 options that control the brewing process and a nylon filter seize the unwanted particles. 

As soon as the brewing is finished, the hot plate keeps the coffee warm (for 1.5 to 2 hours) until you switch it off completely.

The exquisite, durable and lightweight design makes it a perfect addition to your kitchen. Since this machine lacks a grinder, it would be required for you to use only grounded coffee powder. The presence of a drop stop mechanism ensures that there are no coffee spills.

The machine is both easy to handle and clean. The auto-shutoff feature shuts the machine off automatically in case you’ve forgotten about it in a hurry.

Overall, it is an affordable and cost-effective machine that you can buy for coffee machine price at INR 2,800.

Pros Cons
Automatic shut off; Energy efficient and convenient Difficult to clean
Anti-slip feet Coffee filter is not much effective
Large capacity of 12 cups
Electronic control with 4 functional options
Water level carafe
Nylon filter for better efficiency

10. Preethi Cafe Zest CM210 Coffee Maker

Preethi Cafe Zest CM210 Coffee Maker

Preethi Cafe is a reputed brand when it comes to kitchen appliances and so is its CM210 coffee maker. Preethi cafe zest drip coffee maker gives you aromatic coffee without much effort. 

It is a highly-efficient compact machine that is equipped with a powerful motor and delivers great coffee. 

The coffee machine takes care of your safety as it comes with ABS shockproof plastic body and is made up of heat-resistant high-grade plastic. Not only this, but it also comes with a Microline filter, Accurate temperature controller, Heating element and Thermal fuse that too at a coffee machine price of INR 2,385. 

The capacity of a 500 ml stainless steel jar serves a maximum of 3-4 cups of rich-in-taste coffee at a time. The stylish design and small size make it visually appealing and a perfect addition to your kitchen. 

The anti-drip technology prevents any coffee spills that ensures no wastage and also keeps the machine clean. 

Furthermore, the heat-sensitive thermal fuse controls the temperature when it exceeds beyond the standard, to make sure that the machine is safe to use.

All in all, it is a budget-friendly option for instant, rich and delicious coffee.

Pros Cons
Water level indicator Low capacity
Switch with power indicator Average built qualit
Shockproof ABS body
Anti-drip technology
Ergonomically designed chromed handle
Accurate temperature control

Final Talk

What goes best with a cup of coffee?

Another cup!

-Henry Rollins

With winter around the corner, the need for this ‘intellectual drink’ (as fondly called by Napoleon) is going to increase. The best coffee machine in India lets you enjoy a cup of coffee and also the cosy winter mornings.

Now that we have listed the top 10 espresso coffee machines, you can pick the one that best fits your requirements and meets your budget.

Moreover, with numerous espresso machine brands, models and features available, it is common for the buyers to feel intimidated. Visit K2 Appliances to check out the buying guide that gives you a complete insight into the factors that need to be kept in mind before buying a coffee maker. 

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