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Good food is a good mood!

Rice, the staple food of Asia, is consumed in large quantities, especially in India. For us, rice fits perfectly with almost every meal. In fact, our food is incomplete without a bowl of boiled/fried/jeera wale rice.

But making a variety of rice is an art in itself. Basmati, Indrayani, brown, wild, arborio, etc. – it requires a lot of skills, patience and attention.

A few minutes of overdoing your rice, it turns into a mush and a few minutes too short, you find yourself chewing on tiny bullets.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, we have an appliance called RICE COOKER that not only eases cooking for us but also saves time. The best rice & pasta cookers are not only limited to preparing that perfect plate of rice but also cook other dishes like pasta, oatmeal, boiled eggs, momos, modaks, boil vegetables, porridge, etc.

P.S: Even Shinchan knows how to prepare rice with a rice cooker when his mom is not at home. If he can, you definitely can!

But why should I use an electric cooker or a pasta cooker when I am ok with the traditional pressure cooker?

A kitchen maker requires the right and efficient set of appliances to ensure the food is cooked well.

Traditional pressure cookers take too much time to cook rice whereas the best electric rice cooker is an ideal option to deliver perfect rice in a decent amount of time. Also, it doesn’t affect the nutritional value of the food.

The best part about this appliance is that it eliminates the guesswork and avoids wet, mushy, burnt or undercooked rice. It even allows you to cook while travelling.

Best Electric Rice Cooker Advantages

  • It cooks perfect rice every time.
  • Electric cookers are easy to use and come with an auto cut off feature that gives you the freedom from keeping a count of the number of whistles the pressure cooker gives off.
  • It switches from the ‘cooking’ mode to ‘keep warm’ mode on its own once the food is cooked.
  • With the best electric cooker, you get to cook a perfect al dente pasta (firm to the tooth).
  • Food doesn’t over boil and saves you from the mess otherwise made on a stovetop.
  • It weighs and costs less than a pressure cooker and also doesn’t take up much counter space.
  • It cooks perfect, delicious and steaming hot rice with just a push of a button.

Best Electric Rice Cooker Disadvantages 

A rice cooker is a perfect, versatile appliance with just a few downsides (which you can ignore).

  • Some varieties of rice such as brown rice may not turn out perfectly cooked in a few variants of rice & pasta cookers.
  • Some models are big, taking more than dedicated space in the kitchen.

That’s it! Nonetheless, an electric cooker is a safe and convenient appliance to use.

5 Best Electric Rice & Pasta Cookers in India : Reviews and Buying Guide

With the advent of technology and cut-throat competition to be the best, many electric cookers have entered the market to make our life easier and simpler. However, the more, the more confusing to choose from.

Today, various manufacturers are claiming to be the best brand induction cooker only to leave the buyer overwhelmed. That is why we have curated a list of some of the best electric cooker as well as best pasta cooker along with their detailed review to assist you to choose the best model that would fit your needs.

So, without wasting any more time further, check out the best electric rice cooker by the best brand induction cooker that would save you from the hassle of comparing hundreds of models available in the market.

1. Prestige PRWO 1.8-2 700-Watts Delight Electric Rice Cooker with 2 Aluminium Cooking Pans

Prestige is a reliable and trustworthy brand that is known to offer quality, performance and innovation to its consumers.

The prestige delight electric rice cooker comes decked up with great features and that is why it has grabbed #1 position in our list of the best electric rice cooker. The cooker not only cooks rice but other meals as well such as porridge, idlis, steam veggies, stew and soup.

The rice cooker can cook rice up to 1 kg. It is easy to carry given the double-wall body and convenient cool-touch handles. The body is sturdy and durable. The automatic controls enable the rice cooker to switch to a keep-warm mode once the rice is ready without using much electricity.

The portability and convenience of the cooker are levelled up as it has a detachable power cable.

So if you are having an impromptu party or a get-together, this best electric cooker can help you prepare exquisite dinner in no time. Buy this finest tool and complement your kitchen well.


  • Keep warm mode
  • Detachable power cable
  • Stainless steel close fit lid with a steam vent for the steam to escape
  • Cool to touch handles
  • Comes with aluminium cooking pans, measuring cup and rice scoop.


  • Some users say that every time some rice sticks to the bottom.
  • Sometimes, water starts coming out.

2. Panasonic SR-WA18 E 4.4-Litre Automatic Rice Cooker (White)

Panasonic has built a good reputation in the market over the years and gained trust with their efficient appliances. Panasonic SR-WA18 E is one of them.

Though with a capacity of 1.8 Litres, it appears to be a small electric cooker in the first place, it is convenient and best-suited for a nuclear family. The material used is durable and high quality.

The bridge-type handle adds comfort and is made up of strong heat-resistant plastic that lets the user carry it without the fear of burning fingers or hands. The cooker is lightweight and has an elegant design that is sure to blend with your kitchen environment.

The body of this rice cooker is made of ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) and premium quality CRCA, food-grade material that adds to its durability.

It is a highly energy-efficient rice & pasta cooker that is also eco friendly. It comes with features like auto cooking and auto-cut and is one of the best selling products across India.


  • Convenient lid and handles
  • Energy-efficient; Consumes less amount of power
  • Made of ROHS compliant material
  • High-quality anodized cooking pan
  • Auto cut off
  • Warranty of 2 years


  • Doesn’t have an auto keep warm feature

3. Panasonic SR-Y18FHS 660-Watt Automatic Electric Cooker

As per our extensive research, when it comes to rice cookers, Panasonic is the most talked-about and one of the best electric cooker brands. Panasonic SR-Y18FHS is an example of why.

Panasonic SR Y18FHS rice cooker features an auto-cooking option that lets you carry on with other kitchen chores while your rice gets prepared. The rice cooker is praised for its quick delivery time and retaining the nutritive value of the food with fewer efforts.

The keep-warm feature keeps your food warm for up to 4 hours after it has been cooked. This best electric cooker is integrated with a clear steaming basket that is suitable for making boiled veggies or steamed fish.

Panasonic electric cookers have a non-stick cooking pan, which prevents the food from sticking to the bottom and getting burnt. It also features a scoop and lid holder to keep the scoop and the lid in the place respectively.

With the capacity of 1.8 litres and power consumption of 660W, this rice cooker is both energy-efficient and ideal for a nuclear family.

Another best part about this best electric rice cooker is that it is easy to clean. The non-stick cooking pan can be removed and cleaned easily since it doesn’t allow food to stick to its base. This guarantees easy maintenance.


  • Convenient bridge handle
  • Anchor coated non-stick cooking pan
  • Auto cooking/Scoop holder
  • Elegant design and available in Metallic Silver/Burgundy colour
  • 4 hours keep warm function
  • Durable polycarbonate and a clear steaming basket


4. Bajaj RCX 5 1.8-Litre Rice Cooker

Bajaj is a well-known brand in India that has been ruling the Indian market for decades. This best brand induction cooker is known for providing excellent electric cookers and after-sale services.

This model has a capacity of 1.8 litres which is adequate for a family with 4 to 6 members. The best electric cooker comes in white colour and stylish design makes it exclusively presentable.

This pick has cool-touch and sturdy handles and hence, you can easily lift the cooker without any hesitation. It even comes with a stainless steel lid bearing steam vents.

Given the detachable power cord system, you can remove the power cord when not in use or whenever you place the cooker on the dining table. It doesn’t allow any residue or sticky mushy rice at its bottom.

Bajaj RCX 5 1.8-Litre Rice Cooker has a decent customer rating of 3.7/5 stars and is one of the budget-friendly options for most of the consumers.

Since it has the power consumption of only 550 watts, using this product won’t affect your electricity bills that much. The auto shut off feature assures your rice doesn’t get overcooked. The presence of a cooking indicator makes it easy to adjust settings.

This best electric cooker comes with a corrosion-resistant bowl that traps the essential nutrients, thus keeping your food healthy. The manufacturers offer a warranty of 2 years on this rice cooker which covers any kind of manufacturing defects.


  • Value for money product
  • Aluminium cooking bowl with anodized finish
  • Easy to clean
  • Detachable power cord
  • Cool to touch handles


5. Butterfly Wave 1.2-Litre Multi-Cooker

Butterfly Wave 1.2 L Multicooker is a brilliant electric cooker for this price. It is the best electric cooker that has captured a great market share in very little time.

This multi-cooker has more than 2000 positive customer reviews on Amazon. Read on to see why:

The stylish-looking design comes all packed with excellent features like ergonomically designed handles, automatic cut-off and concealed element.

The concealed heating element makes it easy to kick out the corrosion, adding to its durability. Unlike other cookers, the handle is designed in a way that it offers an easy and strong grip to hold it conveniently.

This best pasta cooker has a 360-degree swivel power base that lets you plug the rice cooker in the desired direction according to the position of the handle.

The egg boiler can boil a maximum of 6 eggs simultaneously. With the transparent crystal lid, you can take a sneak peek to monitor whether the cooking is being done properly or not.

There is an illuminated power indicator that notifies as soon as the appliance is switched ON.

The manufacturer offers 12 months of warranty on this butterfly Wave Multi-cooker, adding much to the relief for the consumers.


  • Lightweight; Easy to carry
  • Excellent design
  • Energy-efficient
  • Automatic cut-off
  • Keep warm feature
  • Budget-friendly


Best Electric Rice Cooker – Buying Guide 

An electric rice cooker lets you enjoy a hassle-free cooking experience. Above all, it saves your precious time and offers a higher level of safety.

However, with the launch of new models every now and then, it can get confusing for the users who are looking to buy a small electric cooker or upgrade the old one.

Below, we have discussed some of the key features to assist you in selecting the right rice cooker for you.

Best Electric Rice Cooker – Key Features

1. Capacity:

The first and the most significant feature to look for while buying a rice cooker is its capacity. The decision of choosing the right capacity depends upon the size of your family. If you have a family of 7-8 members, a cooker with 6 litres would be sufficient.

2. Easy to Operate:

Nonetheless, an electric cooker is easy to operate. It is designed with single-touch operations. All you need to do is take care of the amount of rice and water and let the cooker take care of the rest. Other than this, your electric cooker:

  • Should be easy to clean (Anodized aluminium and Teflon coated bowls are more user-friendly).
  • Should be easy to store and carry along with a removable cord.
  • Should have large handles for easier lifting.

3. Power Consumption:

The energy efficiency of the cooker is calculated based on its electricity consumption. In general, the best electric cooker consumes only 60-70% energy to cook rice. For better consumption, the best range is 700-750 watts. If you wish for faster productivity, 1000-1200 Watts is the best.

4. Types of Lids:

Some rice cookers come with a see-through lid whereas some come with close-fit stainless steel lid. Picking between the two is a personal preference. The glass lid makes it easy to monitor the cooking process and there is no need to open the lid every now and then which causes the steam to escape and slow down the cooking.

5. Automatic Keep Warm Feature:

Almost all the best electric cookers come with the automatic keep-warm option. It helps the cooker to keep the food warm and fresh for a maximum of 10 hours while you juggle with other dishes. Please note that with every model, the time to keep the food warm varies.

6. Automatic Shut Off Feature:

This feature is also present in most of the rice cookers. The sensor senses whether the rice is cooked or not. Once the rice is prepared, the automatic shut off function stops the cooking. It keeps the food warm until the appliance is switched OFF.

7. Non-Stick & Removable Pot:

It is advisable to go for the best pasta cooker that comes with a removable pot. Why? Because it becomes easier to clean the rice cooker thoroughly. Apart from this, the non-stick pot ensures that no food sticks to the bottom of the pot.

8. Best Brand Induction Cooker:

Brand matters! It is better to look out for cookers from a reputable brand. Buying from a familiar and honourable brand ensures quality and durability.

9. Additional Accessories:

Some extra accessories your rice cooker should include are, spatula for rice serving, measuring cup, inner non-stick pot, glass lid and steamer tray or basket. Please see that the accessories will vary depending on the model you select. It is better to have a few spare parts for easy convenience.

10. Warranty:

Check the warranty of the cooker before you take a final call. Generally, the best electric cooker brands offer a warranty of up to 5 years. The longer the warranty, the more peace of mind.

It is recommended to purchase the electric cooker from a reputable brand even if it means shelling out a few extra bucks.

These are some of the essential factors that will be of much help for you to seal the best deal. Keep it in mind that you know thy needs and consider the best deal accordingly.

The pointers are sure to save your money and pick a quality product with ease.

Final Words

We believe everyone, who was under the impression that a rice cooker is limited to preparing only rice, has now got a reality check. Many users have claimed that this product has made their life easier and a lot simpler.

The listed top 5 best electric rice cookers are ruling the market. They offer quality, versatility and durability. If you are still sceptical, you can skim through the buying guide to choose the one that meets your needs the most.

Got any more questions related to the best pasta cooker or electric cooker? K2 Appliances can help you out. Get in touch with us right away!

Electric Rice Cooker – Frequently Asked Questions

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