Top 10 Best Dishwashers in India 2020 | Complete Buying Guide

You may not believe but dishwashers are a major kitchen asset. A best dishwasher is not that much common in Indian households but slowly and gradually it’s making its own place. Seeing the popularity and comfort it provides, more and more households are going for it. It is, indeed, a wonderful addition to your kitchen that saves you from manual work. It saves your time, energy and doesn’t bother you with electricity bills. Indians use a lot of spices and oil while cooking leaving the vessels and utensils greasier and difficult to clean. In such a situation, dishwasher India become a life savior. They come with sensors and rack system which gives a clean and germ-free dishes every time.

Some of the Best Dishwasher in India 2020 are :

  • Bosch
  • IFB
  • Siemens
  • LG
  • Elica
  • Voltas
  • Kaff

We understand you might be a bit apprehensive about investing in a dishwasher. However, it’s one of the best gifts you could offer to your kitchen. To save your time, we are here to assist you to find the best dishwasher in India for your home. After researching the number of dishwashers, we have narrowed down the list to the top 10 best dishwashers in India. Take a look and figure out the most suitable dishwasher online for yourself with dishwasher price list .

1. Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SMS66GI01I, Silver Inox)

best dishwasher india

Get a germ-free, spot-less, and dry utensils at the tap of a button. BOSCH’s SMS66GI01I is India’s top-selling dishwasher. The model is fully automatic, can accommodate a load of utensils, stainless steel made with Polinox inner tub, has a glass care system and dosage assist basket. It promises to make your heavily soiled kadhais, plates, cookers and pans sparkling clean.

12-place setting The best dishwasher in India is suitable for joint families (7-8 members). The one-place setting comprises of a dinner plate, dessert plate, soup bowl, single glass, teacup with saucer, knife, spoons, and fork.

6 Wash Programs It is equipped with 6 wash programs i.e. Intensive Kadhai, Express sparkle, Half load, Extra dry, VarioEco, PreRinse. Intensive kadhai is perfect for Indian Utensils, Express Sparkle saves time, Half Load is suitable for fewer utensils; Extra dry is for drying efficiency, VarioEco is for optimized use of Water & Electricity and PreRinse fights tough stains.

Express Sparkle Get clean and hygienic dishes quickly. The best dishwasher cleans as well as dries the soiled dishes within 60 minutes.

Half-load Function With the half-load function, you can use the dishwasher even if the number of utensils is less.

Aqua Sensor The aqua sensor detects the level of soiling and adjusts the usage of water accordingly.

EcoSilence Drive The best dishwasher India consumes low power whilst giving you high-cleaning efficiency.

Exquisite Design The model is aesthetically designed, is safe to use and even comes with the child lock facility that prevents the accidental switching by the children.

Electronic Delay Timer The delay timer lets you pre-set the program and the desired start time. The display also shows the remaining time of the cleaning process.


  • Electronic delay timer
  • Safe and hygienic wash
  • Perfect for Indian utensils
  • Childproof control lock
  • Aqua sensor and load sensor
  • Half-load program
  • Low power consumption


  • Not suitable for non-stick and aluminum containers
  • Create 52 dB noise

BOSCH never fails to impress us and so is its products. The model offers uncompromising quality, great performance and perfection. The best dishwasher India for Indian homes comes with a 2-years product warranty.

2. Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher (DT8S, Silver)

dishwasher price in india

Voltas and Beko are two different brands that joined hands for providing the ideal solutions to consumers for their daily household needs. Voltas Beko 8-place tabletop dishwasher is a small package that is equipped with loads of features. The dishwasher price in India is quite a punch. Check out dishwasher price and features in detail.

Tabletop dishwasher It can fit neatly in a small corner of your kitchen. It is a lightweight and durable product. The compact design makes it easier to fit in any kind of kitchen.

6 Wash Programs The dishwasher online comes with 6-wash programs. You can easily clean any type of soiled utensil in no time. The motor operates silently and finishes the task effortlessly.

In-built Heater The in-built heater heats up the water quickly. It adjusts the temperature of the water according to the number of utensils. Moreover, hot water cleans the appliances in a better way.

Water Saver A single wash cycle utilizes only 8 liters of water. It is both water as well as energy-efficient.

User-friendly Experience The sturdy and compact design of the dishwasher is quite appealing. It can wash a wide range of dishes. At the same time, the easy electronic control with a push touchpad gives a perfect user-friendly experience.


  • Perfect for the nuclear family
  • Lightweight and durable
  • 9-place settings
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain and transport
  • 2 years comprehensive and 5 years only on motor


  • Wash cycles take longer time

The dishwasher online is ideal for a small family. Since it is a tabletop model, it is easy to install. You can even install it yourself. At the time, when bigger is better, Voltas Beko 8 Place has made the small attractive.

3. LG 14 Place Settings Dishwasher (DFB424FP, Platinum Silver)

utensils washing machine

Life’s Good with LG 14 place settings dishwasher. The model is ideal for a large family (7-8 members). With advanced futures such as True Steam, QuadWash, SmartThinQ App and Easy Rack Plus, this is one of the best dishwasher machines in India .

TrueSteam TrueSteam, made by boiling water, reaches the nook and corner of every dish making them sparkling clean. The water particles of steam reduce water spots.

QuadWash QuadWash is nothing but multi-motion spray arms and high-pressure jets that gives maximum coverage for cleaning the utensils. It leaves your utensils spotless and shiny.

SmartThinQ The model can be accessed by the SmartThinQ app that offers connectivity, comfort, and customization. A user can download new wash cycles that meet his/her needs—such as Pans, Casseroles, and Glassware.

14 Place Settings With the 14-place settings, clean any kind of utensil at one go. Save time and water both with the help of this setting.

Inverter Direct Drive Motor As compared to conventional motors, Inverter direct drive motor is energy-efficient, the dishwasher operates silently. It offers you reliable performance, high in its class.

Easy Height Adjustment A user can easily adjust the height of the upper rack to three different levels such that the taller utensils can be loaded on any rack.

Easy Loading & Maximum Flexibility The racking framework can be moved to deal with any kind of stain present on your dishes. They can be changed easily and quickly.

Dual Zone Wash The dual-zone wash your delicate dishes as well as heavy-duty pots accordingly.


  • 14 place setting Dishwasher
  • Machine clean reminder
  • Half load
  • Effective soaking
  • Smart ThinQ
  • Height Adjustable Upper Rack
  • 2 years comprehensive warranty and 10 Years warranty on Motor


  • A bit high maintenance cost

With a sleek and modern design, LG Dishwasher is sure to add charm to your kitchen. Built with innovative technology, it is sure to benefit you for a longer period of time.

4. Bosch 12 Place Setting Dishwasher (SMS40E32EU, White)

dishwasher in india

Known for its trustworthiness for more than 70 years, BOSCH’s product improves quality of life by designing innovative home appliances. A top-quality dishwasher, the top-selling dishwasher by the best dishwasher brand comes packed with numerous features that quickly wash away greasy and heavy soiled dishes with ease.

Load Sensor Load sensor saves both water and electricity. The rotary speed sensor detects the size of the load and depending on that, it uses the water required to give your utensils a perfect wash.

Half Load Option If you have fewer dishes to wash, you can go for the half load function and save water, electricity as well as your time.

Dosage Assist The tablets of the detergent are dissolved efficiently in a special tray for the uniform distribution and enhanced cleaning performance.

EcoSilence Drive The best dishwasher for Indian utensils has low power consumption and high cleaning efficiency. It has innovative magnet technology that works without friction for wear-free operation.

AquaStop This feature detects the leakage and at once stops the water flow, keeping your house clean and dry. The dishwasher comes with a lifetime warranty which means you can stay free of worries.

Advanced dishwashing technology BOSCH 12 place setting dishwasher is built with new technologies and offers easy-to-use features providing your utensils thorough cleaning.

Timer Display The dishwasher comes with time remaining indicator that let the users know the time remaining to get your dishes done.

LED Rinse Aid Refill Indicator The refill indicator indicates the user at the time of more water requirement to finish the rinsing cycle.

Child Lock The child lock in the BOSCH dishwasher locks the dishwasher to prevent the kids from using them or pressing buttons unnecessarily.


  • 12-place settings
  • 4 wash programs
  • Uses around 10 liters of water
  • Dosage assist basket
  • Active water hydraulic system
  • 3 cleaning temperatures
  • 10 years warranty against rust-through


  • None as per our research

BOSCH is giving legitimate quality and complete satisfaction with this product. The favorable and positive reviews make this dishwasher the best dishwasher machine in India.

5. Siemens 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SN256W01GI, White)

dishwasher india price

Siemens is a brand who is known to develop products offering innovative solutions for daily household chores. It is a reputable brand that won the heart of Indians with their efficient appliances. Siemens 12 Place Settings Dishwasher is a perfect combination of speed and efficiency.

6 Wash Programs & 12 Speed Settings It is a Speed Matic dishwasher that gives clean results in minimum time. You can select any from the given 6 wash programs according to your requirements.

Timer Free yourself from the boundations. A user can conveniently set the timer to wash the dishes in a dishwasher as per their ease.

Adjustable Upper Rack & Folding Plate Racks The adjustable upper rack and 2 folding plate racks with a cutlery basket let you use the maximum space as required.

HygienePlus The HygienePlus function keeps the temperature 70 degrees at the time of final rinse for ten minutes and thus, eliminating 99.99% of bacteria and germs.

Water & Energy Efficient The Siemens dishwasher saves water and electricity by washing utensils even if the load is less. In short, it uses water as well as electricity according to the number of utensils.

Additional Features This appliance comes with EcoSilence drive which makes the dishwasher to operate silently and Stainless steel/polinox interior inner tub which adds to the durability.


  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Energy efficient
  • Automatic detergent detection
  • Load sensor
  • EcoSilence Drive


  • Maintenance cost is high
  • No child-lock feature

6. IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher (12 Place Settings, Dark Silver)

ifb neptune vx

IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher is efficient, modern and exclusive. Equipped with advanced features, IFB Neptune is a user-friendly product that gives you glowing dishes. Let’s know about the features in detail.

Jet Washer Mode Jet washer mode can clean slighter greasy utensils such as mugs, plates, and teapots in just 18 minutes using its four-place settings capacity.

Half Load Mode The user can load either the upper rack or the lower rack or both depending on the kind of utensils.

Better Cleaning With Water Softening Device The dishwasher can soften hard water up to 60 DH such that the detergent dissolves perfectly in it. This cleans the dishes and utensils in a better way.

Adios Moisture Keep your utensils clean and fresh. Steam drying vaporizes all the moisture and hence, leaving the utensils dried out without leaving a fleck of moisture or detergent mark over them.

Leave No Space Easily put up your glasses, small cups, big pans, cutlery, and other dishes. Utilize every single space with the use of racks that can be folded and baskets that can be shifted. It also comes with an adjustable upper basket that can be shifted providing you enough space to fit in large utensils.

Quick Wash Wash lightly soiled bowls, spoons, cups, etc. with the quick wash option just in 40 minutes.

Super energy efficient The model has A++ energy efficiency that saves money on high electricity bills and also keeps the carbon footprint in check. It conserves water too as it uses only 9 liters of water each day.


  • 12 place settings capacity
  • Pre-wash temperature of 60 degrees and thorough-wash 70-degree temperature
  • Energy efficient
  • 2 wash arms
  • Steam drying feature
  • 2 years of product warranty
  • 8 wash programs


  • High maintenance cost
  • Not suitable for plastic utensils

The front-loading, free-standing and exquisitely designed dishwasher gives you the flexibility to wash just any type of kitchen utensil. It is the best dishwasher in India that comes under the price of 35,000.

7. Koryo 6 Place Settings Table Top Dishwasher (KDW636DS, Grey)

dishwasher in kitchen

Washing dishes after breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and all-day-long is a wearisome job. Koryo is a brand that comprehends the importance of time, cleanliness and technology in this 21st century. The best selling dishwasher makes your dishes spotless with its 6 different types of dishwashing features. Read on to know more. User-friendly First-time dishwasher user? No issues! The appliance is both convenient and easy to control. It comes with flexible power levels that let you change power levels. The buttons have direction marks to guide you and are helpful in smooth functioning.

6 Wash Program Types The dishwasher has 6 different wash programs i.e. Intensive, Normal, Glass, Eco, 90 min and Rapid. Just select a feature, according to your requirement, and get rid of all masalas, oil stains and greasy food residue.

Germ-free Korya Table Top Dishwasher kills 99.9% germs leaving no speck of dirt on your utensil.

A+ Class European Standard Efficiency The best dishwasher for Indian utensils consumes only 5 liters of water for cleaning in a day. Thus, saving precious water. The model is highly energy-efficient too and saves you from hefty bills.

Inbuilt Features Koryo 6-place settings best dishwasher in India 2020 is furnished with multiple advanced features such as modern design, great quality material, user-friendly technology, and pioneering operating system. The unique child lock feature, heater protection, salt indicator, refill indicator and rinse aid indicator make this dishwasher more desirable.


  • 6 Place Settings
  • 7 Wash Programs
  • Countertop design
  • Child lock
  • Rinse aid indicator
  • Lower Spray Arms
  • Rinse Aid Dispenser With Built-In Heater for Clean & Hygiene wash


  • After-sales service is not good

If you have a small family, then Koryo 6 place settings tabletop dishwasher is the ideal choice. Not only it is user-friendly but also pocket-friendly as it can be bough under the price of INR 20,000. Buy this best dishwasher for your kitchen today.

8. BPL 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (D812S27A, Silver, Inbuilt Heater)

dishwasher machine price

BPL believes in the best and so its dishwasher. Get this trailblazing dishwasher for your kitchen today that provides sheer convenience. If you are looking for an affordable dishwasher that is equipped with great features then your search ends at BPL 12-place settings dishwasher. Excited to know its features? Scroll further to read them.

8-wash Programs You can rely completely on BPL 12-place settings dishwasher to get your dishes germ-free and sparkling clean. It offers 8 different programs to choose from which is perfect for different types of utensils and cooking pots cleaning them efficiently.

12 Place Settings The best dishwasher in India 2020 comes with 12 place settings. It has adequate capacity to fit in all the vessels. You can even fold down the racks to place vessels of different sizes easily.

Half Load Wash The feature comes in handy when you have fewer utensils to wash. Only one section of the dishwasher is used in this setting thereby reducing the consumption of power and water.

LED Display LED Display lets you conveniently make use of different functions. Monitor the wash, keep track of the time remaining, keep a check on the detergent level and more with the LED display.

Additional Features The dishwasher is as silent as a mouse with a decibel level of less than 50 dB. With the Eco Champion technology, it limits the amount of water (uses only 10-liters of water) and power utilized.


  • Adjustable and foldable racks
  • Digital LED display
  • Saves water and electricity
  • Easy to use
  • Kills 99% of bacteria by heating the water up to 70 degrees


  • No delay timer
  • Not suitable for non-stick or aluminum utensils.

BPL has been offering top-notch quality products for 50 years that is trusted by the millions. At the dishwasher price in india of less than INR 30,000, BPL dishwasher is one of the best dishwashers in India offering the most efficient performance.

9. Kaff 14 Place Settings Dishwasher (KDW DELTA 60 – Dishwasher, Stainless Steel)

best dishwashers in india
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Kaff makes your kitchen experience a rewarding one. With the endless list of most-advanced appliances, Kaff 14-place settings dishwasher stands a class apart. A free-standing stainless steel dishwasher having an upper and lower spray arm with top spray, six washing programs and three-stage filtration systems support low energy consumption. Let’s discuss the features in detail.

8 Functions One of the best dishwasher machines in India comes with 8 distinctive functions i.e. on & off button, delay button, dry function, program button, half load functions, start, pause button, Indicator button, and child lock.

A++ Energy Efficiency A++ energy efficiency feature makes the dishwasher energy-efficient giving it durability. Hence, it gives the most value for money.

Three-stage Filtration System The three-stage filtration system support low energy consumption and ensures your soiled utensils come out sparkling clean.

Additional Features Kaff dishwasher is equipped with numerous features such as adjustable upper rack, upper and lower spray arms, easy push control, memory function, child lock function and water softener with prior indicator.


  • Good build quality
  • Three-stage filtration systems
  • Low energy consumption
  • Stainless steel finish
  • A++ energy efficiency
  • Easy push controls
  • Child lock
  • 2 years of comprehensive product warranty


  • A bit expensive as compared to other

It’s a great model for a joint family who needs a dishwasher with low energy consumption. With so many advanced features this appliance is one of the best dishwashers for Indian kitchens.

10. Faber 14 Place Settings Dishwasher (FFSD 8PR 14S, Silver, Inbuilt Heater)

utensil washing machine

Faber is one of the best dishwasher brands in India that is known to develop the ideal appliances for your kitchen. Faber 14-place settings are designed to seamlessly cater to your different kitchen needs. 3-D Wash 3D wash technology uses three spray arms that maximize water spray to the nook and corner of the dishwasher saving up to 15% of the time. It gives faster, quieter and exceptional cleaning.

A++ Energy Efficient With so much of energy-efficient features, the best selling dishwasher simplify your life while using low electricity consumption. It saves energy not only at the time of cleaning but also while drying.

Auto Wash The dishwasher automatically detects the amount of water and time needed for washing the dishes.

Dual Zone Wash The Dual Zone Wash feature gives targeted cleaning in the selected wash zone (upper or lower). You not only save time but also save energy.

Extra Drying Get the super clean, hygienic and dry dishes easily with the extra-drying feature. The option is suitable for faster and more thorough drying of your utensils.

Power Wash Degree Trust Faber 14 Place Settings Dishwasher and forget stains. Faber dishwashers can heat the water up to 69°C and hence clean your dishes minutely and efficiently.


  • Silent operation; Sound level of 44 decibels
  • 8-wash programs; Intensive, normal, eco, 90 minutes, glass, rapid, prewash and auto
  • 14-place setting
  • Child lock
  • Environment-friendly and saves water
  • Delay start
  • Multi-functional three-layer cutlery basket


  • None as per our research

The buyers and reviewers say that the dishwasher is a terrific machine to invest in. It is a perfect combination of quality, durability, and technology. The listed features and advantages make this Faber dishwasher the best dishwasher 2020 for Indian homes as well as the best dishwasher brand in India.

You will no more be confused now! With this simple guide, it will become super easy for you to understand all the features and specifications in detail. So, use this guide and pick the best dishwasher in India without facing any sort of hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Many times, your dishwasher does not drain, and you see water in the tub (bottom). Many reasons can cause this problem. Let’s check in detail:

Analyze the Dishwasher blockage

In your best dishwasher, there are Ultra and Fine filters on varied models. If there is a blockage then the time has come to clean it.

Ensure that no large object or paper is blocking the tub area. You should clear out the food leftovers regularly such as lettuce, noodles, etc. to avoid any hassle afterward. 

You should also check the drainage hose that is connected to the sink. Also, you should not think of reusing an old drain hose that may lead to blockage and kinking. 

The sink should not be clogged but it should be drained out. If a disposer is connected, you can use it to drain the water. Before you run the dishwasher, make sure you are done with a garbage disposer. 

Avoid using a drainage cleaner in the dishwasher. This helps you utilize the dishwasher price in India.

Make sure you are using the right detergent (too much or too little is not good).

You should check whether the drain hose comes with a drain loop or not. When you check the dishwasher price in India, you should check this feature on priority. The high drain loop should be attached to the sink or underside counter. You must keep the measurement of the height of the best dishwasher from the floor to its highest point of a drainage hose. It should go well with installation instructions. 

If a disposer has been installed recently, you should check the drain plug within the disposer. Read the drain plug removal instructions carefully. 

The dishwasher price in India is quite high so you should be aware of what to put, what not to put, and how to operate the dishwasher in India. Remember that the water temperature must not go higher as it may cause heavy damage to some utensils. 

You should check which utensil is dishwasher-safe and which is not. Most kitchen utensils come with a printed symbol if they are safe or not in the best dishwashers. Check it out here:

Wooden utensils must be avoided. The reason is they can develop cracks as well as bacteria. 

Silver cutlery or crystal glass might get tarnished in the dishwasher. For such items, it is better to go for hand washing. If you are confused about utensils, then you should read the user manual carefully. 

This may seem very simple at the initial level when you start using the best dishwasher India. Each model of the dishwasher has a detergent dispenser. The dispenser is different in every dishwasher in India. Remain careful in the selection of detergent, if you are not able to choose the right one then you can go for the one that is specially designed for the best dishwashers. Never rely on hand-washing dish detergent as it may lead to overloading with soapsuds. 

You can follow this simple process to add detergent and keep the best dishwasher in a good working condition . Keep enjoying yummy dishes by taking good care of this crucial household appliance. 

Note – when you are done with the washing cycle, use white vinegar to clean the bottom of the dishwasher properly. Run an empty cycle and it will clean. Don’t forget to wipe it when you are done with it. 

There might be a time when you are not able to start the dishwashers in India. It has sound or light but not starting. Here, you need to keep few things in mind, including:

Control lock feature of Dishwasher

Electronic models come with a child lock feature for the prevention of accidents. Ensure that the lock feature is turned off as per the user manual.
For better understanding, you can check our blog :

Mistake while using best dishwasher in India

Sometimes the door has not been latched properly like the countertop, insulation, or trim might be stopping it from closing. 

Delay start must not be turned on, if it is then your dishwasher won’t start instantly. Next, it must not be on sleep mode otherwise it may hamper the starting of the dishwashers. 

The dishwasher price in India is quite good so you fear any unnecessary sound. There are some normal sounds that one can hear from the dishwasher in India. The normal sound includes humming, grinding or clicking sound, motor-driven sound (in some models), drain pump, pause while draining, snapping sound when it is working, and more. Plus, the sounds of sloshing, swishing, and whining are also there. You must not feel worried about the working of the best dishwashers with such sounds.

Second is an abnormal sound that may include beeping, rattling, banging, booming, thumping, long grinding, and more. If such sounds are there, then you need to think of its repair before things deteriorate.

Delay start feature allows the users to set the dishwasher for the later working. Most models enable it around 1 to 8 hours.  

If you want to cancel this feature, then you need to press the delay start option until you find that delay indicator is off.  

If the delay start pad is not having an off selection feature, then you should use start or start reset feature according to the model. Most models allow you to press it and hold for 3 seconds in order to cancel the set cycle. For this, you can get all the details in the users manual as well. 

Brown or gray stains may build up in the dishwasher . This condition keeps reappearing even after cleaning. You can follow the below-mentioned steps.  

You can simply get rid of these stains by using citric acid with the help of these steps:  

Start by filling the detergent cup with 3 to 4 ounces of crystals of citric acid and close this cup.   

Now, you need to run the normal cycle of the dishwasher. Rinse the dishwasher completely and repeat the process. This time, you need to use the detergent in place of citric acid crystals.   

In case, your dishwasher has a severe build-up of stains, then you can go for a second treatment to get rid of the stains.   

This is a basic formula. If your stains are particularly created by some products such as orange, red or pink stains by tomato products, pasta sauce, etc. Second, green stains that are due to the wrong detergent or color pigments. For such things, you may need a specific treatment to maintain the cleaning of the dishwasher .  

Final Thoughts

Washing dishes is both a time-consuming and hard job that is harsh on your hands. Buying one of the best dishwashers in India will add magic and comfort to your home and lifestyle. It is highly recommended to do thorough research before going out to buy the best dishwasher for Indian utensils and get in-depth knowledge about all the latest dishwashers.

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