Best 1 ton Split AC in India 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

Introduced and inducted in almost every household these days, the Air Conditioners have gone through several changes of physical forms and technical enhancements to bring out the most of technology.With the apartment style blueprint blooming in full fledge in accordance to the rise in demands of space and growing population in urban areas, the lack of windows have resulted in the need of A.C’s that can dispense water farther from their fixation point. This led to the widespread stipulation of split A.C’S in particular. So, if you’re thinking about replacing your old A.C or just looking for a good way to beat the heat this summer, our listing of best 1 ton split A.C might just resolve your dilemmas. Without any further ado…Let’s get going!

1. L.G 1-Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC with Dual Inverter Compressor– Q12YNZA

L.G 1-Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC with Dual Inverter Compressor– Q12YNZA amazon button

Made to suit red-hot conditions, this inverter AC will also help you save money by saving a lot of energy. Ideal for smaller spaces for areas up to 144 sq. ft.

  • Dual Inverter Compressor – Engineered with varied speed dual rotator motor, the dual inverter compressor saves more energy while providing high speed cooling range and quieter functioning.
  • 100% Copper with Ocean Black Protection – Maximizing the durability for the dust, sand and salt affected Indian regions are the ocean black protected indoor and outdoor units.
  • Active Energy Control – Efficiently limiting the power consumption from 40% to 80% of normal usage, the AC saves up to 57% of energy.
  • Automatic Low Refrigeration Detection – The L.G AC is designed to detect low refrigeration levels that can leave the room uncomfortable, hot and humid.
  • Hi-Grooved Copper – The incorporation of hi-grooved copper in the Inverter AC helps in better heat dissipation while strengthening the overall pipe structure to serve you for a longer period.

L.G has formulated AC’s that suit the Indian market quite appropriately. Not only are these ACs cost efficient but provide excellent functionality for a prolonged time, making it one of the best 1 ton split AC 5 star.


  • Excellent services
  • Efficient cooling
  • Long lasting
  • Silent operation
  • Sleek design


  • Not yet reported

2. Daikin 1-Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC with Power Chill – ATKL35TV

Daikin 1-Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC with Power Chill – ATKL35TV amazon button Another one in the best air conditioner 1 ton list is this blockbuster by Daikin. The inverter technology, the econo mode and durability makes it all worthy and compatible for a small family with moderate sized rooms.

  • Power Chill Operation – For immediate comfort in hot summer days, the power chill operation catalyzes the flow of cool air flow attaining the optimum temperature for you within seconds.
  • Econo Mode – This mode helps the Daikin AC limit the maximum power consumption and saving the energy.
  • Active Energy Control – Efficiently limiting the power consumption from 40% to 80% of normal usage, the AC saves up to 57% of energy.
  • Self-Diagnosis – The split AC auto detects the error and displays the related code on the remote screen. This can help you attain a quicker service check and solution for the particular problem.
  • Quite Operation – Get a sound sleep with low noise levels of the Daikin Split AC. It automatically optimizes the speed of airflow according to the low noise level for uninterrupted comfort.

Daikin, a well-known Japanese brand, an inventor of the variable refrigerant volume and an innovator in split system air conditioning market is a reliable one. Get hands-on a good air conditioning experience without second thoughts here. Pros

  • Great services
  • Good design
  • Noise-less functioning
  • Ambient cooling
  • Energy saving


  • Not yet reported

3. LG 1-Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC with Ocean Black Protection – Q12YNXA

LG 1-Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC with Ocean Black Protection – Q12YNXA amazon button

Another product listing from the brand L.G. Similar in most ways, this AC stands strong among the best 1 ton split AC with nominal pricing and effective functionality.

  • 100% Copper with Ocean Black Protection – Special Ocean Black protection provides great durability against sand, salt and other factors for a long service life.
  • Dual Inverter Compressor – The dual inverter compressor helps save more energy with a higher cooling range.
  • Low Refrigerant Detection – This allows the split AC to detect the refrigerant levels of the room automatically to avoid hot and humid climate inside.
  • Active Energy Control – Allowing and maximizing the energy savings up to 57%, this L.G AC efficiently limits power comsumption.
  • Himalaya Cool – This induced technology helps cooling the room rapidly as soon as you switch on the AC.

One of the most trusted and popular brands in India for appliances, L.G has been consistent in providing effective technology at justified prices making it a perfect fit for a large market base. Pros

  • Energy efficient
  • Rapid cooling
  • Low maintenance
  • Good pricing
  • Good services


  • Not yet reported

4. Samsung 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Alloy, AR12NV3HLTR, Star Flower White)

Samsung 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Alloy, AR12NV3HLTR, Star Flower White) amazon button A decades old name and no less in performance to its competitors. This AC has been doing the rounds for its good quality and functionality.

  • Fast Cooling – By running the fan with maximum speed in correspondence to the compressor, this Samsung AC ensures much faster cooling at this mode.
  • Energy Saver – The digital inverter 8-Pole maintains the desired temperature without the need of frequently turning off and on eventually saving energy.
  • Durafin Enhanced – Being made of much denser material and thicker in design with Durafin usage, the heat exchanger performance is magnified and prevents corrosion for longer.
  • Auto Temp Control – The auto change over system of the Inverter AC automatically selects the operating mode required to maintain the set temperature for comfort.
  • Stablizer Free Operation – Effectively handles a voltage range of 146 to 290V while the compressor protector protects it from being overloaded by fluctuating power supply.

Samsung has always been the talk of the town with its great innovation in the appliance and technology market. Providing such features for a nominal pricing makes it one of the top contenders in the race of best 1 ton split AC. Pros

  • Ambient cooling
  • Energy efficient
  • Good services
  • Durable built
  • Sleek design


  • Not yet reported

5. Carrier DuraFresh Neo-X Inverter with Flexicool (3 Star) CAI12OC5R39F0

Carrier DuraFresh Neo-X Inverter with Flexicool (3 Star) CAI12OC5R39F0 amazon button This AC is high on consumer ratings and energy savings. The powerful and durable design along with good performance helps it achieve a spot in best 1 ton AC 5 star.

  • Flexicool Hybrid Technology – The AC comes with four interchangeable modes in compliance to the weather outside namely, free running for very hot weather, 100% for hot, 75% for moderate warm and 50% for comfortable temperatures.
  • High Ambient Working – Equally effective at even 52 degrees, the AC quickly takes over the hot and humid air in your room within seconds.
  • Stabilizer Free Operation – With inbuilt stabilizing technology, the Octra Neo+ works efficiently between 150-280 V even at a temperature of 48 degrees.
  • Durable and Powerful Design – The sleek and innovative design boasts the power of fast indoor cooling.
  • 100% Copper Condenser – Incorporated with copper, the Carrier inverter AC promises years of service life and functioning.

Carrier, the first one to introduce the idea of AC into the world has always been a promising brand name in the Indian market. The services, 3 star rating that brings along energy saving makes it best air conditioner 1 ton. Pros

  • Excellent cooling
  • Durable
  • Good design
  • 10 years warranty
  • Energy saver


  • Not yet reported

With the end of this article for top-selling split ACs we hope all your doubts and queries have come to an end too. At, K2 appliances, we try and offer unbiased opinions and only the best products for our customers to choose from. You don’t have to worry about checking the reviews from different websites anymore, we do the most intrinsic research before uploading our articles and we assure you its authenticity. Happy shopping!

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