An Untold Story of the Window AC

Long time back people used to spend their summer time by using some cool hacks. For them, there was no such existence of AC. Here, I’m focusing upon your great forefathers. They have lived their major part of life without an ac. 

I know you all would be thinking like life without an AC is impossible? But they actually lived their life and fought against their problem. They made changes in their lifestyle and came up with some great stuff. I remember some of the stories told by my granny and grandpa which their parents told them.

I’m sure you would be excited to listen to them, Isn’t it? Let me not keep you in suspense. Its time to reveal the stories in the chapters below.


Survival of life without an AC

Rewind yourselves back into old grandma stories where she tells you how they used to live without any technology. The most important one was the Window AC. She used to tell us how they spend their summer days under the scorching heat of the sun that too without any cooling effective source.

She said that houses in the olden era used to have higher ceilings. It allowed heat to rise so that they can enjoy some cooler space. Also, rooms were designed in such a way that the windows were placed in the opposite direction. This used to help in the cross-ventilation which gives a breezy cooling effect.

One more incident which I’m sure your granny must have told you. that when there used to be any kind of gathering of people at home. They use to chill in the surface of the terrace by pouring buckets of water. Since evaporation used to help in chilling the surface of the water. Then lay beds over there and used to spend time together in the night. Then she also told me how they use to enjoy buttermilk, lemonade, watermelons, mangoes, sherbets and what not to cool themselves. 

Believe me, listening to all these incidents gave me chills. we all know that we can’t imagine our day without an ac, Isn’t it? Let us move towards the next chapter of our story.


The best window AC bliss of our life

Time passed by and our era of Genzers and Millenials came into existence. Now, don’t you think your life without an Air Conditioner in summer days under the scorching heat of the sun would be impossible? All those who are able to connect with me say “yes” 

It is true we all know that we all are living in a country of globalization and can’t think of staying without an ac. It has actually become a basic amenity of our lives don’t you think?

When I told my granny that we can get rid of the scorching heat of the sun by enjoying some chilling air she was like is it true? And I was like yes daadi,apko “Thandi Thandi Hawa Milegi vo bhi apne room mein”. Now, I believe that the decision of buying a window ac by mum and dad was a great one. The best thing about it is that it is :

  • Inexpensive
  • easy to install and easy
  • to clean and maintain too.

Why not this summer’s you bring your best companion a window ac at your home. And enjoy the chilling and breezy air from it under the scorching heat of the sun at your home itself. Trust me! the decision of buying the Air Conditioner will be a savior for you this summer.

The closing session where the old and new era meets.

Finally, from the above two chapters, you must have got clear insights about how the Golden era was different from the newer one isn’t it? The techniques used by our forefathers to make your home airy was different as compared to today.

Don’t you believe now that modernization does bring many positive, time consuming and user-friendly technology in your lives? I believe yes it does. 

Winding up with my storybook I’m sure you must have enjoyed it a lot.

Some blissful moments:

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