Air Purifier- “The Superhero For Delhiites”

The latest trend in our Delhi-Vote, Valentine and guess what! The third one is trending nowadays its ……… Virus.Want to know the name of the virus? Actually we all know it’s Coronavirus. The name which increases our heartbeat.

Delhi People, Its V3 ( Vote, Valentine and Virus)

What’s up Delhiites! Are you finding yourself stuck in the vicious circle of the virus? This word virus must have become your nightmare. Isn’t it? The national capital of India is quite busy buzzy these days. What say Delhi people!  Political parties are busy with their adventure campaigns…… I mean to say the voting schedule is on 8th February and our festival of love is on 14th February. So what’s the date of the arrival of the virus? No need to get scared as your savior is ready to save you from the deadly trap.

As you know, every horror story has a real-hero. Delhi people, it is the time to meet your real-hero i.e air purifier. The innovative gadget that has the superpower to kill contaminants, viruses, bacteria, and foul smell.

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Delhi Govt Subject To Advise On Coronavirus

  • The security steps have initiated by a  public health advisory in Delhi. They suggested the do’s and dont’s for the Delhi public. The Delhi government has arranged a 24*7 control room to solve the queries of the citizen related to the virus.
  • For better assistance, 24*7 control room is set up at the Directorate General of Health Services to address the problems linked with the virus.

Live Update Of Novel Coronavirus

  • As a precautionary measure for coronavirus, the government stated 5,123 people were under home surveillance.
  • The latest news says, two persons including a 2-year old boy, were hospitalized in Indore. The symptoms are found to be of coronavirus.

Delhi People! A Sigh Of Relief

According to the latest news, all the 8 people who were admitted to Dr. RML Hospital, Delhi, on Monday has been discharged. As their result for the test of coronavirus is negative. But 5 people are kept under observation.

Why an air purifier is playing the role of super-hero?

The superhero has superpowers. You must be wondered, what are the superpowers of an air purifier? My blogs speak out its worth in our lives and its main lead in our life.

The Bucket Full Of Air Purifier Importance

Assist in inhaling fresh air

Want to inhale fresh indoor air?  Get the best air purifier for home and get a sigh of relief. An air purifier aids you in trapping the unwanted airborne particles and viruses. It actually increases your life-span and purifies your home. This season of love spread happiness in your loved one life. Secure them from the devastating effect of the virus. 

Blessing for pregnant women

The most beautiful part of women’s life.Want to secure your newborn baby from the world of contaminants? Get the best air purifier for your place and explore its significance.

A perfect housekeeper

An air purifier works as a housekeeper and protects us from the air-borne allergens and bacteria. Get your housekeeper now. The era of viruses is on the endangered point. Confused? Your air purifier is at your service. 

Your’s Personal doctor 

Imagine you are having your personal doctor at your place. I am talking about Mr doctor-air purifier. Quite interesting! Get your innovative gadget today.

Final Word Of Mouth

Want to make a virus your family member? Of cause not. Then your housemate is waiting to be a part of your family. An air purifier has pulled up its socks, to fight for your lives. Get the best air purifier via K2 Appliances and avail a 10% cashback. Your superhero is ready with its super wings. Install an air purifier as a “precaution is better than cure”.

Delhi people a surprise factor is still to come. Any guesses? My blog will answer some frequently asked questions. Here I present.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s )

The word “corona” means the crown of spike proteins around the lipid envelope. The infection of CoV is common in humans and in animals. The symptom of this virus is the common cold, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome ( caused by MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome ( originate from SARS-CoV).
The advice suggested by the WHO says people should follow some hygiene measures. The measures include regular hand wash with soap, avoid touching eyes, mouth or nose and avoid consuming spoiled animal products. Maintain distance from a sick animal.
According to the research, there is no FDA sanctioned medication available for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus. People suffering from this virus must receive care ( rest, fever control and fluids). The main care should be given to vital organ functions.
You need to take some precautions
  • Wash your hands after regular interval of time with plenty of water
  • Use hand sanitizer
  • Stay home when you are not well
  • Cover your sneeze or cough with a tissue and throw that tissue
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • CDC asked people to get vaccinated in case of flu

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