5 Tips to Buy Semi-Automatic & Automatic Best Espresso Machines

Chai’ may be the more popular one, but coffee too is a strong emotion for a lot of people.

Some can’t start a day without it, and the others can’t imagine working without it.

It is like a power source that drives one through some long, lazy days.

One thing that’s common with both tea and coffee lovers, is that they develop a liking towards a particular taste.

And achieving that particular taste, or rather nailing it every time, demands the art of professionalism.

Something you can only ace with the best espresso machines.

So without any further ado, let’s discuss:

  • The benefits of owning a coffee machine
  • Semi Automatic VS Automatic Espresso Machine
  • Tips to buy the best cafe machine

The Benefits Of Owning A Best Espresso Machines

Healthier Coffee

A freshly brewed coffee helps release an extra amount of antioxidants into your cup.

Antioxidants are well known for clarifying skin, keeping heat diseases away, and also siding out a variety of cancer possibilities.

So rather than an instant coffee, go for a brewed one.

More Flavourful

Yes, instant coffee is convenience wrapped in a small packet. But freshly brewed coffee is a drink for the soul.

The aroma, the colour, the flavour, everything is so perfect that a true coffee connoisseur shall never pick a pack of ease over it.

Made straight from the coffee beans, a good espresso coffee machine can help one nail that perfect cup of coffee every time!

Money Saver!

Sure it would take a few months saving at first, but that’s just a one-time investment.

While it can cost you around 10k-30k to buy every single cup of coffee for every single day per month.

Buying a coffee machine can cut down your expenses by more than 50% per month.

Not just that, having a machine right at home, or your office space can save you a lot of time of going on a run everytime you need it.

Save your focus for other significant tasks, and leave the job of yielding a dark, flavoursome cup of your favourite drink to the coffeemaker!

Semi Automatic VS Automatic Espresso Machine

Espresso machine

Different models and types can be confusing.

You want one’s features, but the other’s design. And that too, within your budget range.

So here we are going to clear out some of the complexities based on the difference between a semi-automatic and a fully automatic best espresso machine.

To make your choice easier.

Semi-Automatic Fully-Automatic
You have to grind the coffee beans partially, before loading them in the machine. You can put in the coffee beans as they are, but it is preferred if they are lightly grinded.
You have to load the portafilter manually. No need for portafilter.
You can determine when the shot starts or stops. This way you have more control over the quantity and quality of the coffee. The machine automatically cuts off the water supply after a certain time so you can multitask without any problem.
More time-taking since you have to look-over each and every thing. Perfect for people with busy schedules.
You can grind both coffee and tea in it. Only for coffee making
More affordable. A bit on the costlier side.

You can also go for the super-automatic best espresso machine in India if you want to get rid of all tapping and grinding. Only, they are way costlier.

5 Tips To Buy The Best Espresso Machines

Figuring out the best type of coffee maker for you exactly, is about what features you should be looking forward to.

The question is how often, and how many people in your house drink coffee on an average?

So, if you’re buying a single-serve espresso coffee machine, it means you will have to go through the individual process of making each cup one after one.

However, it is a highly economic deal if you are the only one that drinks it, or if the other people rarely have it.

If you are a coffee-wakeup person, you might wanna grab something that’s not too complicated to use. Say a fully-automatic one.

Whether or not you have a busy schedule around the day, and how much time can you spare making your favourite cup of drink is also a deciding factor.

If you are a precise one, or someone very low on time, you can also pick out an automatic one that brews a pot at a specific time you decide.

Another important factor in closing upon the best Espresso machine reviews should be the type of coffee you like.

If you like to stick to lattes or cappuccinos exclusively, you should get a cappuccino or a drip coffee maker.

This can help you save big bucks.

You shouldn’t invest heavily in a machine that produces the types that you would never actually drink, or maybe enjoy drinking. Just because it can.

We all have a knack for getting all those extra features for just as low an amount of money as a regular machine would offer.

Well, coffee machines have a lot of models that come with various sets of functions.

Depending upon your individual needs, you can keep an eye out for them:

If you are concerned about the safety within your house, an auto shutoff feature can come in handy.

Many times, we are in a rush and tend to forget to switch off the appliances. This may cause overflow of the liquid, internal machinery issues, or a short circuit.

So stay free of all such worries with an auto shut-off feature coffee maker.

This can prove to be extremely beneficial for places like workspaces where a lot of coffee pots are to be brewed at the same time.

No one likes a cold cup of hot coffee, do they?

A warmer can effectively help keep your coffee pot warm for a longer period of time.

A rather popular choice among coffee enthusiasts, water filters ensure an apt amount of water is released in each boil.

This helps in achieving a great taste every time.

Although this is a higher end feature, one might consider investing in this.

Yes, a coffee machine is a great buy for regular coffee lovers and it can bring down the daily costs to a great level.

But if you don’t have that kind of money to invest in altogether, you might wanna look for a unit that fits your budget, and fills in your coffee needs too.

Make sure you consider both upfront and long-term costs of the model you are placing your bets on.


With this we come to the end of our amazing best coffee machine India pursuit.

Keeping all the above factors in mind while making your next buy shall help you choose the perfect one for you.

If you want an opinion on some of the great models you can choose from, check out our top 10 blogs from the K2 appliancehome page.

Our aim is to help you invest only in the best.

Happy shopping!

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