10 Common mistake while using best dishwasher in India 2023

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It is awesome that you bought among the best dishwashers in India, but are you using it right? You must not be making the common mistakes if you really want to clean your dishes thoroughly.

Have a look at the 10 Common mistake while using best dishwasher in India

1. Pre-washing

Some people have this misconception that the dishwasher won’t clean the dishes that are extremely dirty. Due to this, they opt for the pre-washing of the dishes. If you do so, you are at a mistake as detergent works wonderfully if you leave some dirt. Rely on this magical appliance, it will offer the cleanest utensils as it makes the grossest and stickiest plates shine.

2. Loading of one or two pieces at a time

None of us wants to pile up dirty dishes in the sink. So, you explored the market of the best dishwashers in India and bought the right one. However, you prefer to load one or two pieces at a time to ensure the best results. If you are doing so, you are committing a big mistake as the dishwasher works the best with an efficient load. You can check its manual for load efficiency.

3. Overcrowding or overloading

In the above point, we mentioned that don’t keep the best dishwashers running with fewer dishes. It does not mean that we should overcrowd or overload the dishwasher. We should ensure that the water level is up to the mark and reaches every surface. If you find that there is no room for more utensils then keep them for the next round.

4. Overlooking to clean the filter

If you always feel lazy to clean the filter, then get ready for the bad results. If you are not cleaning the filters regularly then even the best dishwashers in India will start offering filthy dishes covered with food particles. You should clean the filter by soaking it in warm and soapy water. Keep it soaked for a few minutes and then you can clean it using an old toothbrush. Plug it in the dishwasher after a thorough rinse.

5. Putting good knives into the dishwasher

If you have good quality nice and you want to keep them good for longer, then do not commit this mistake of putting them into the best dishwasher. The high heat, abrasive detergent, and its jostling with dirty dishes and the blades of knives will become dull permanently. So, say no to putting the knives in the dishwasher.

6. Loading the things that are not dishwasher safe

It is fine to wash a few things that are not considered dishwasher safe. But don’t start putting everything from hairbrushes to hubcaps into the dishwasher. Make sure you never wash the things in a dishwasher including wooden spoons, aluminum or iron pans, knives, or plastic containers. Avoid all those things that are labeled dishwasher unsafe. By doing so, you can enhance the working years of your best dishwasher.

7. Use of the same cycle every time

Are you opting for a normal cycle all the time? You are committing a big mistake. You should choose a cycle depending on the toughness of stains. If there are dishes with stubborn stains, go for the heavy cycle (pans, pots, etc.). Glasswares are perfect to be washed with a delicate cycle. And, if dishes are not quite dirty, then a quick cycle is the best option to go with.

8. Letting the food dry on the plates

You need to remember that even the best dishwasher is a machine. It becomes too hard for the dishwasher to remove the stains if the food has dried on the plates. Believe it, spinach is considered to be the toughest fight. Next time, if you are in a hurry and not able to start a full cycle, at least trigger a rinse cycle. You will be happy later on.

9. Blocking of the spray

If you want to gain the best results from your dishwasher, make sure you do not block water jets. If you have put a big cookie sheet or platter around the spray arm, other dishes won’t get clean. For this, you will have to sort your dishes correctly and you will be able to wash the dishes with the right pairs.

10.Not checking the user manual

So, how many times have you checked the manual since you purchased your dishwasher? Not after the first day of the purchase. If you answer this, then you are making a blunder. It is just like driving a car without using brakes that will definitely result in an accident. You can avoid this accident while using your dishwasher by reading the given manual. It provides you information for everything including the best ways to load dishes, troubleshooting tips, handle things when something crashes, and more. Reading the manual beforehand can save you from many unwanted problems.

Final Words

Thus, these are the common mistakes that you may commit while using the best dishwashers. You can avoid all of them by taking simple measures. If you feel that we have missed some points, feel free to share them in the comment section. Stay tuned for more blogs on kitchen and home appliances. All our blogs are written after proper research on market trends and experts’ opinions.

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